Vilano Tuono 2.0 Review – Popular on Amazon

If you love outdoor sports and cycling is your passion, you have reached the right destination. We are introducing Vilano Tuono 2.0. This article is Vilano Tuono 2.0 review – popular on Amazon. It is a perfect pick for all the riders looking out for a new bicycle. 

This cycle is an affordable way to stay fit and enjoy the serenity of your neighbourhood. You can buy it as a gift for your child or buy it for yourself to start a new passion. In this article, we will discuss its specifications and tell you if it is worth your money.

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What is Vilano Tuono 2.0?

Vilano Tuono is a road bike launched for newbie riders who want to start their cycling journey, but it has some really fine features to offer. This bike proves that price does not always determine the value of any product. It is priced at $499, but it is available at high discounts on various online platforms like Amazon at high discounts. You can get it for $249. The price range is debatable considering its important features like disc brakes. If you are an entry-level rider, this bike will prove to be a cheap and enthralling choice for you. Continue reading to know more about the in-depth Vilano Tuono 2.0 review – popular on Amazon.

vilano tuono
vilano tuono

Suppose you are wondering whether this is the right choice for you. You must understand that this bike is a beginner’s ride, and you can use it to travel from your home to your workplace or a peaceful ride with your partner. If you want a bike for such activities, this can be a perfect option. The cycle doesn’t have very High features, and you need to keep your expectations practical to have a fun ride.

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To get an in-depth Vilano Tuono 2.0 review– popular on Amazon, read this specification:

Aluminium Frame

The frame is lightweight and durable. It is meant for the rough concrete roads of the city. The aluminium is double-butted and attached to a headset to endure any pressure that comes during an accident.

Lightweight 6061 frames

The tubing Integrated into the bike is very thin. Even though the frame is termed as ‘Aero,’ it lacks most of the features it should possess as an aero bike. It only cuts off some wind resistance that ensures a better riding experience. The bike’s geometry suggests it to be a perfect pick for new riders and outdoor enthusiasts because it allows high comfort and great vision on your path.

Shimano features


The cycle is for beginners who don’t have to go on races and acquire high speed while riding. The Shimano 21-speed drivetrain suits the requirement. The machinery consists of a 3*7 drivetrain which ensures a comfortable ride. To keep all gears at your service, they have installed a 21 high-range gear set. This will help you while climbing any steep slope and ride faster at plain surfaces.


The cycle consists of Shimano parts and gears, a well-known brand whose high-performance capability. This makes it a trustworthy ride. When looking at the bike’s features, you need to consider that it’s built according to beginners, so you can’t find professional components. If you take good care of derailleurs and maintain them regularly, this bike will stay with you for a long time. The handlebars have SIS shifters that are use for gears to operate.


disc brake
disc brake

Vilano has disc brakes which is a great feature considering its price. This is the reason for all the hype and a large number of sales made. Some people may prefer Caliper brakes, but if we are honest, you can not deny that disc brakes are more trustworthy and powerful while riding on city roads, steep slopes, and especially unpleasant climatic conditions.


The paintwork on the cycle is extraordinary and catchy. A highlight of the bike is that  the details are done with turquoise colour on black . The grey colour on the bike pops up the graphics to make your bike stand out. The rim has enticing graphics with blue and grey colours. The tires are 700c and are extremely thin.

Highlights and points for improvement

An affordable bike like the Vilano Tuono 2.0 has some drawbacks. But that doesn’t mean it comes with a lack of prominence.

Starting with the good stuff, this is usually among the rare road bikes fitted with disc brakes. It comes with a sturdy frame with double-butted aluminium, which can be a good balance between weight and strength. Let’s not overheat the look, which can satisfy even the most demanding passengers out there.

One of the best things about this Vilano model is derailleurs. The rear derailleur could be Shimano Tourney, and the front could be a generic Shimano derailleur. Altus or Acera may be the best option, but that can also increase the value of touch.

Or they may be more efficient if you keep them clean and use them for entertainment purposes.

 Review by customers

We did a comprehensive analysis of all the reviews present on open platforms. Vilano has received a 4.1 stars rating on Amazon. 59% of the customers gave it five stars which is above mediocre rating for any product. People highly appreciated the packaging of the parcel and the way they took good care of it. The bike has comparatively comfortable seats. Vilano is a bike for smooth rides and integrates great features like disc brakes, 21 wide-range gear sets, and a faster acceleration system. Some people have recommended it to their family and friends because they love it.


To our dismay, we came across some negative feedback too. People were disgruntled because they couldn’t assemble the bike themselves. Some complained that the tires were too small for them. Williard posted a review to mention that his brakes pulsate on the first day. We would suggest you to also read feedbacks of Vilano Tuono 2.0 review.


This is a beginner’s bike, so this might be your perfect partner if you are looking for a new adventure. Its good looks and design will capture your attention. The aluminium frame and disc brakes will provide you the safety you need as a newbie. This might not help you win any professional race but can give you a healthier lifestyle and a companion to take to your workplace.

So, This was our Vilano Tuono 2.0 review. Please share your experience with us; we love hearing from our readers.

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