Trek Domane SL5 – Is It Worth the Hype?

The awareness against global warming by environmentalists, the recommendation of doctors for a physical workout by cutting off the use of automated vehicles, and the enthusiasm for adventurous sports has reversed the effect of the automobile industry and also changed the the downfall of the bicycle industry into a billion-dollar industry. When picking up the best bicycle for both adventure and daily-based usage, people often try to purchase two different bikes, which is not economically agreeable. But recently Trek Bike’s new heavy-duty bicycle has grabbed people’s attention; The Trek Domane SL5. The company says, “The SL 5 is all about smooth riding, speed, and versatility.”

trek domane sl5

In my opinion, the shock absorber less design does not make the ride smooth and comfortable. The design is astonishing in the way it adjusts your posture, and the seat is very soft and suitable for your buttocks materials which try to cover for the absorbers but to a shallow extent.

trek domane sl5

The handle design is ideal for speed lovers and downhill riders but uncomfortable and spondylitis inducer for those without this problem or those who recovered the disease.

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The Construction Of Trek Domane SL5 

The alloy used for the inside portion of the wheel section is light-weighted to decrease the bike’s overall weight, which is a mistake as thin materials are low-weight sustainable. As a countermeasure for this problem, the company used a high-quality, more weight
sustainable material. This material adds up the cost to the bike. The wheels used are thin for speed purposes. So, if someone wants to ride the bicycle on a rough and less-thin tire-loving terrain, then the investment in this bike is a total waste.

The Body

The body (Frame) of the SL 5 is made up of a lightweight OCLV carbon frame that promises rigidity and shear strength for the rider. But, as mentioned earlier, the use of fancy and carbon-using materials is overpriced. Of course, a bike should have an excellent braking mechanism for emergency and wishful braking.

trek domane sl5

A disc-braking system provides the cycle for both emergency and smooth
braking. The company states that these brakes are suitable for all weather. Well, it depends upon the rider and the speed and the control over the bike that decides the braking. Although the braking system in the motorcycle above someone’s Expectations. But, the disc brake mechanism often requires maintenance and damaging the disc is a piece of cake. The bike is with the latest SHIMANO 105 drivetrain for hassle-free ride and speed.

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Gear Shifting

The gear shifting is good in this bike, aside from other features. According to the rider, the drive train features 11-speed gears for optimum and efficient speed. The material used for the bags and gear changer is premium and almost intact.

trek domane sl5 gear

The chain used in the bike is also from SHIMANO (CN-HG601 11sp). It is worth mentioning as one of the reliable components in the whole cycle. The chain can keep up with the force required to move the bike and the constant and fast gear shift without getting off the gear or getting torn.

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Disadvantages Of Trek Domane sl5

The company also provides some “APPLE” like services, “Sold separately.” For example, after the purchase, the owner gets the bike. The bike includes a seat, brakes, tires, and frame. No mudguard, no fastener for water bottle or other accessories needed to be installed or given in the helmet

Someone buying their first-ever bike or someone who might have a bike before but wants to upgrade still can’t afford the bike. As mentioned earlier, the use of fancy carbon-made materials increases the price point (Manufacturing of material, transportation, installing in the desired product, and maintenance). The cheapest carbon fiber comes for a price point of $21.5/kg or Rs800-900/kg.

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As a resident of India, the new government laws charge GST for almost every item in the market. Being an international company, the bike will charge for shipment as well. To sum up, the 2019 model costs as much as Rs1,85,799(other charges exclusive). Even a bike enthusiast with love for nature wouldn’t pay for such a bike with no value for money and a poorly used and designed bike for their adrenaline rush.

Well, the affordability and urge to ride a motorcycle at speed or purchase the bike just for collection vary from person to person on how wealthy they are or how much they have saved for something they adore. But, still, the bike is no value for money, and the accessories you have to the accessories separately.In my opinion, as an Indian, this bike is only affordable to wealthy people. As a rich people in India do prefer to invest or travel via luxurious cars, the sale of the cycle is limited to film stars or bike enthusiasts with money to waste.

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