Tommaso Monza Review | What’s Behind This Bestseller?

The Tommaso Monza review shows it is a road bike produced by a well-known Italian company. It’s a road bike made of aluminum with a carbon fork. The bestseller is its high-quality components providing superior performance at an affordable price. The goal is to make bikes that improve their riding and training. 

The bike has a complete Shimano Tiagra component groupset and is lightweight. Tommaso Monza Review comes in two color options: black and blue.

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Tommaso Monza Review : Specifications

The Tommaso Monza review explains it isn’t a cheap bike, but it’s also not unreasonably priced. For about $1000, you may acquire excellent components that will serve you well and will be able to sustain you as a road rider for a long time. Read this article to buy the best mountain bikes under $1000

tommaso monza review

  • Frame: Tommaso 6061 SLA Aluminum Compact Road frame
  • Fork: Tommaso HCT Carbon Fiber Fork
  • Shifters: Shimano Tiagra 4700
  • Front Derailleur: Shimano Tiagra 4700 2-speed
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tiagra 4700 10-speed
  • Cassette: Shimano Tiagra 4700 11-32T
  • Crankset: Shimano Tiagra 4700 50/34T
  • Brakes: Shimano Tiagra Brake Calipers
  • Wheels: Tommaso Corsa TC-40, 40mm rim
  • Tires: Kenda K191 700x25c
  • Saddle: WTB Volt – Tommaso Logo
  • Pedals: Composite Flat


The frameset is kept basic by Tommaso Monza Review and has many characteristics with the brand’s other aluminum road cycles. That isn’t to suggest the Tommaso Monza Review isn’t well-equipped. The aluminum frame and carbon fork are a winning combination, combining durability and efficiency in an incredibly lightweight package.


The frame and fork are very similar to some other Tommaso road bikes, and the frame is made of 6061 durable alloys, has good racing geometry, and performs well on the road. The brand offers two colors, black and blue, so there is no choice, but both colors look good. The fork on the Tommaso Monza review uses carbon fibers, and it is the only part made of carbon on the bike. It reduces the weight and improves performance by transferring more power to the front wheel.

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Great Tiagra Components

In Tommaso Monza Review, Shimano Tiagra’s components are particularly noticeable. The derailleurs, drivetrain, brakes, and brake levers and shifters, are all Tiagra components on the Monza.

Shimano Tiagra derailleurs are a trustworthy option that provides a smooth shifting experience for the rider. Furthermore, Tiagra offers far more value for your money than some other bike companies.

great tiagra components

The rear powertrain comprises a 2-speed crankset and a 10-speed cassette. On every terrain, the 20 gears provide more than enough speed. Furthermore, it is an improvement over some of the less expensive Tommaso versions with a 38 combination, reducing weight. As a result, you’re receiving something extra for your money.

The brakes also include the Tiagra package, so you can rely on them even while descending quickly. On Tommaso Monza, the brakes are brake calipers, so there are some weight savings.

On top of that, for this money, Tiagra is much more than you would get from some other bike brands. The drivetrain combines a 2-speed crankset and a 10-speed cassette in the back. The 20 gears offer more than enough speed on any terrain. Moreover, it is an improvement compared to cheaper Tommaso models with a 3×8 combination since it saves additional weight. Therefore, that’s another thing that you are getting for your money.

To save more weight, the company uses brake calipers on Tommaso Monza Review. The brakes are also a part of the Tiagra package so lay your trust on them even when descending hard. 

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These components truly add up to the value of a motorcycle within Monza’s price range.

While the Shimano groupset is a defining factor, the wheels and rims of the bike are Tommaso’s own. The wheels fitted on this bike are wide and aerodynamic, ensuring that resistance from wind does not impact the biker’s performance and experience. Compared to other Tommaso bikes, the Monza’s rubber has greater puncture protection, a feature necessary for a road bike that must deal with small potholes and gravel. This bike is light and swift, and it slices through the air. 

Tommaso Monza Review built the wheelset in-house to keep prices low, as they do with all of their aluminum road cycles. The wheels and tires are a step above the less expensive Tommaso versions.

More Features

Tommaso Monza Review explains that the bike is for ease- for long, leisurely rides. It also promotes touring and exploration. 

The bike promotes comfort and best in competition. When wondering why Monza is a bestseller, it is important to keep this point in mind. Sure, it has all the specifications a sturdy and trustworthy bike should have, but that only suggests that the manufacturers have kept a close eye on the bike’s purpose on whether the bike delivers on its promise of comfort. This bike does not have the newly challenging but all the more cushioning features someone new to the biking world needs. 


 While many users have complained about its seat lacking any softness, reminiscent of a racing bike, its lightweight frame and versatility in size, color, and frame support make it a go-to bike. What is behind this bestseller is a commitment to deliver an optimum bicycle experience within a reasonable budget, making Tommaso Monza Review a fan favorite.


Compared to the Claris-equipped bikes in Tommaso’s aluminum road line, Shimano Tiagra reduces weight. The lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fork already contribute to the Tommaso’s low weight, at 22.3 pounds in Small.



Compared to earlier Tommaso models, the Monza has enhanced rubber, with Kenda’s K191 being more tailored to the road bike market. Although minor differences, the brand claims a 90 percent boost in puncture resistance. However, it is unclear where that statistic comes from. The 25c tires are grippy and dependable, but if you plan to ride more aggressively, you may want to upgrade to something higher rated.

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Tommaso Monza Review uses lightweight Tommaso Corsa TC-40 rims. There are 20 spokes on the front wheel and 24 on the back wheel on these 40mm aluminum rims. The intention of these is to make the bike both aerodynamic and sturdy.


Apart from being more aerodynamic than the TC-30, it also looks better, giving you a more professional appearance when riding. A bike rim tape is a protective cloth, nylon, or PVC tape which is wound around the bike rim to protect the inner tube from getting damaged by the spokes of the bicycle or spoke holes.


The WTB Volt saddle is another remarkable component of the Monza Road bike. The metal frame, low weight, and intelligent cushioning distinguish this saddle. The bike offers harness outside pieces that use thick, durable foam for strength. At the same time, the central section has a “channel” that provides comfort even on extended rides.


There aren’t many road bikes for $1,000 than the Tommaso Monza Review. The Monza combines Italian design, a carbon fork, and a complete Tiagra groupset in one cycle. It’s safe to assume that things don’t get much better than this.

When you purchase a Tommaso bike, you may choose a “Ready to Ride Build,” which means the cycle will be virtually completely completed. All you have to do now is attach the front wheel and handlebar and have a ride. 

As a result, if you’re searching for a mid-range road bike that will help you join the ranks of serious road riders, the Tommaso Monza is the bike for you. We couldn’t think of any negative aspects, so all we can say is enjoy it when you get it!

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