Thousand Helmet – Heritage and Chapter Series

Thousand Helmet has a more convoluted backstory than you might think at first. We all have pals who refuse to wear helmets because they believe they make them look ridiculous, and one of Gloria’s friends was one of them. Gloria determined that something needed to change after the death of a friend in a cycling-related accident. She formed Thousand Helmets with the help of her pals, a firm that creates helmets that people genuinely want to wear.

It only shows that Jack Kerouac’s trips inspired many people! She first financed Thousand on Kickstarter in 2015, and they received $229,000, much exceeding their modest $20,000 target. 

Helmets with a Thousand Years of History

The Thousand Heritage is a more affordable and straightforward model certified for cycling and skateboarding. Simple design, good ventilation, comfort-oriented features like the one-handed magnetic clasp, and 12 various colors distinguish these helmets.

thousand helmets creator gloria hwang
thousand helmets creator gloria hwang

Heritage helmets are ideal for bike commuters who desire a helmet with plenty of safety features while also looking stylish. This helmet stands out because of its vintage-inspired design, modern functions, and vibrant colors.

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Thousand Chapters Helmet series

Thousand Chapter is the more advanced, newest, and more expensive model. Chapter helmets use MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology, which protects your head from rotational impact, among other enhancements.

thousand chapter mips helmet sizes
thousand chapter mips helmet sizes

These helmets also include an upgraded design and ventilation system, as well as a built-in 50-lumen magnetic tail light that makes you more visible at all times. The Thousand Chapter helmet is available in three different colors.

Appearance of a Thousand Helmet

There are 15 various designs from 12 Heritage versions and 3 Chapter models.

Thousand Helmet offers a basic appearance suitable for urban commuters who don’t want to look “dorky” by wearing a helmet.

The detailed yet minimalistic design is the first thing you’ll notice. Mine is a pure matte black hue with a white edge stripe. I chose the Carbon black from the Heritage line to complement my State Bicycle Co, also matte black. The coating is rubberized, and the overall appearance is satisfactory.

thousand helmet appearance
thousand helmet appearance

The vegan leather straps on all of the Thousand Heritage helmets are brown. I looked at the other models, and these straps look great on everyone. This slight hipster aesthetic works well with a variety of outfits. The only drawback is that wearing these helmets while seriously riding road or mountain bikes might be amusing. The cooling tubes on the top and rear of thousands of helmets are something that most similar “eggshell” helmets lack.

The Chapter model has a very similar design to the Heritage series. The helmet’s main shape is the same, but the straps, vents, and visors are different.

The Chapter features large vents that run the length of the helmet, nylon straps with magnetic buckles, and premium-finish add-on visors that enhance the look. Overall, regardless of your particular style, both look great.

Poplock’s Secret & Functionality

The central concept behind this helmet is that even if you’re not a lover of helmets, you may wear one discreetly. On both the Heritage and Chapter models, there’s a small hatch with magnets on the bottom right side of the helmet.

thousand logo
thousand logo

Were you aware of it? Probably not, as it resembles the Thousand logo (which it also is). It is held in place by a rubber band that you may remove to allow you to pass your bike lock through the helmet. The rationale for this is simple: you can leave it firmly linked to your bike, making it difficult to steal.

If your helmet is stolen, Thousand claims they will replace it. You also do not need to register for any of the programs. You will, however, need to submit a claim to them. In any case, I hope your helmet does not go missing!

The strap mechanism on every Thousand Helmet appeared to be overly simple, but it performed admirably in tests.

thsd helmet strap and poplock
thsd helmet strap and poplock

The strapping method is a well-designed and well-thought-out magnetic buckle in both Thousand versions. It’s simple to attach and detach, but it still does the job in essential situations. At first, I was suspicious and worried that there might be some safety concerns.

The buckle, however, did not open during my helmet-on-head tests. My experiments involved tugging from various angles and creating forces by simulating a crash. Even though the buckle worked, the magnet should be a little bit stronger for added security.


As important as your bike is, your safety should be one of your top priorities too. And its not just about wearing some helmet. Your safety equipment should have some quality. So this was our article about one of the best cycling safety gear providers, Thousand Helmet. Ride on, stay safe!

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