The Pro’s Closet Bikes Review – Is It Worth It?

Nick Martin, a professional mountain bike racer struggling to make ends meet, founded The Pro’s Closet Bikes around ten years ago. To accompany his income, he began selling his unwanted cycling gear on eBay and assisting his friends in selling their bikes and equipment. He got the concept for The Pro’s Closet from there. It’s a startup that wants to revolutionize the way riders purchase and sell bikes, allowing them to upgrade their garage more frequently than ever before.

 Pro’s Closet Bikes sells certified pre-owned bikes that experienced technicians have thoroughly tested to ensure that all things for sale on the internet are in excellent condition and ready to be used and abused.the pros closet

 The majority of the bikes brought in by The Pro’s Closet Bikes come from riders, but they also accept bikes from the new retail sector. For example, online businesses can unload unsold items on The Pro’s Closet. Cyclists can also take advantage of an 18-month Guaranteed Buyback scheme, which allows them to switch bikes every year.

There is a process to follow when selling a bike to The Pro’s Closet. It’s more cost-effective to go that path once they’ve fallen below a particular margin than to sell at a loss to the end customer one by one. That means some of The Pro’s Closets bikes are genuinely brand new, and the Pro’s Closet, on the other hand, has standards. There is no maximum age limit, and they frequently accept old bikes for retro customers or to display at their on-site museum, but they will deny bikes that do not meet their requirements for whatever reason. Many payment alternatives, including cash, trade-in credit, or “trade-up” credit at specific retailers.

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Procedure For Buying And Selling In The Pro’s Closet Bikes

 If you want The Pro’s Closet to purchase your bike, make sure it fits the following requirements:

  • The bicycle must be older than five years.
  • The minimum MSRP for the bicycle had to be $1,500.
  • Only the best performance road, gravel, and mountain bikes are of performance bikes
  • You must replace damaged frames, wheels, and other components.
  • Suspension on a bicycle must be less than five years old and in good operating order.replace bike parts

Now that you’ve double-checked that your bike fulfills these basic specifications, you can proceed to the Sell/Trade area and fill out the necessary information. You will get a quote after The Pro’s Closet considers it. You can get it in a variety of ways for quotation:

  •  Cash
  •  Store Credit
  •  Trade-Off

Choose your preferred option, and you’re ready to go! You can spend the cash however you like, but the shop credit option allows you to buy bikes and gear directly from their store. Using the trade-off option, you can buy a bike from one of The Pro’s Closet’s partners, such as the Competitive Cyclist.

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Certified Pre-Owned Guaranteed Buyback

The Pro’s Closet’s Certified Pre-Owned Guaranteed Buyback program is designed to encourage you to ride more bikes and change your bike more frequently. Essentially, every bike listed for sale on the website is a Certified Pre-owned model. That means the bicycle has been thoroughly examined by qualified technicians who examined its condition, quality, and integrity.

buyback guarantee

You have a variety of options when it comes to reselling your bike, including shop credit or cash. Professional’s endorsement of the pros gives The Pro’s Closet confidence that the bikes they’re selling are in excellent condition and have plenty of kilometers left in them. Finally, the Pro’s Closet gives a Buyback Guarantee on any bike you purchase from them. This means you can return the bike to Pro’s Closet and try something new and better within 18 months of purchase. Until those 18 months are up, the price of your bike is updated monthly.

Any performance upgrades or downgrades you make to your bike will undoubtedly be considered. However, if you wish to participate in the certified buyback program, you must meet the following requirements: The bike should be in excellent condition, free of damage or structural flaws. You can’t alter it because you must retain the original paint and decals.

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How Does Bike Inspection Take Place?

Pro’s Closets  Bikes skilled technicians go over a 141-point inspection checklist to ensure that the bike is in good working order, including the overall structure and components. They also ensure that the bike’s original visual value and shape have been preserved. You may rest confident that all bike parts have been through professional inspection


We inspected even elements that we couldn’t see, such as brake fluids, derailleurs, wheels, and cables. Anything that is missing or worn out gets replaced right away! After a thorough assessment, the professionals assign a score to the bike ranging from 7 to 10. A score of 7 indicates adequate performance, while a score of 10 indicates exceptional performance. To make things easier, they present these evaluations on a graphic chart. The Pro’s Closet Bikes does not use bikes with scores ranging from 1-6 since they believe in the highest quality and performance, and they also do not deal in bikes older than five years.

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The Pro’s Closet Bikes Collection

Pro’s Closet is the largest online marketplace for pre-owned bicycles for sale and purchase.

They have an incredible bike offer; as of right now, they have over 575 bikes on their site, divided into the following categories:mountain gravel bikes

  • Electric Bikes
  • Track Bikes
  • Triathlon Bikes/TT Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Gravel Bikes
  • Cyclocross Bikes

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These bikes are in two categories: cheap and expensive, with the cheapest being $1000 and the most costly being $12000. There are bikes for everyone in this category, so both novices and pros can acquire the bike they want. The bikes are worth it.