Tacx NEO Review – Read This Before Buying!

One of the alarming concerns of this current world is “health problems” because of the sophisticated lifestyle we all are trying to live. More and more people are becoming health-conscious.  But they have a restriction to keep up with their fitness for several reasons. Among which the most common are time, free space around, and money. There is a solution to it, i.e., indoor trainers and specifically smart trainers. There are many reasons why people prefer smart trainers over basic indoor trainers (or we can also say interactive trainers and non-interactive trainers, respectively). Such as for more entertainment, more features, better performance, and experience, etc. This article will be a Tacx Neo review.

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Tacx Neo Smart Trainer

A smart trainer allows us to convert our outside bicycle to an indoor training bicycle by mounting the cycle onto it, and hence it let us work out in the comfort of our home. Tacx NEO Smart Trainer does the same for us. One of the interactive trainers uses electronics to vary the trainer’s resistance in real-time and provides power data. One of the best specifications of this trainer is that we can use it even when it is not plugged in, though while using it in this way, we get robbed of many other features.

tacx neo

Once we plug it in, we get to use all of its remarkable features by connecting it wirelessly to the IOS and Android apps available for smartphones and tablets. This enables erg mode, which automatically adjusts resistance to match our chosen cadence. Some people, though, don’t like the erg mode as it takes away the ability of people to focus on hitting smooth power goals. 

Tacx NEO Smart trainer once used to be the best smart turbo trainer one could buy and came with a price tag ‘the best turbo trainer money can buy. But now, other smart trainers have also come to the market and become competitors of Tacx NEO like Wahoo, CycleOps, and Elite.

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These smart trainers provide almost the same features as the Tacx. Such as all are direct-drive, have smart turbos, make less noise, etc. But at a lower price which gives a decent competition for Tacx. Wahoo Kickr, the top model of Wahoo trainers, offers a tremendous road feel. It is very easy to assemble and has similar power, simulated gradient, weight, and noise to the Tacx trainer.

tacx neo review

In addition, it also provides a cassette which Tacx lacks. When it comes to their prices, Wahoo kickr costs around USD 1199.99, and Tacx costs USD 1399.99, making Wahoo kickr a better option for the buyers as it also comes with a cassette. The same goes with Elite Direto XR, which comes for USD 949. 

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Tacx Neo Review ‘Is Tacx Smart Trainer Worth Its Price?’

Tacx NEO Smart Trainer is compatible with most bikes, makes very little noise (quiet operation). It doesn’t require calibration unlike other smart trainers (excellent feature), has a road surface simulation (cobbles, gravel, ice, etc.). And downhill drive simulation, can be used with or without power (though without energy we can’t use some features). It provides erg mode, comes with a neat surface riser block. It has a glowing light underneath to indicate how hard we are actually working and overall gives an excellent road feel. Everything about Tacx NEO is impressive, making it an excellent choice for the buyers, but it gets a setback in its price.

tacx neo

People opt for indoor trainers because they don’t have time and free space to go for training outside. And some can’t afford to go to the gym regularly. Tacx indeed is compatible and portable, but it is pretty pricey. And people who are comfortable paying extra will only go for it.


When a product comes to the market, it focuses on what most people want. When Tacx was a new brand, it had a quite monopoly in the market. People used to buy it as they didn’t have other options to consider. And it also didn’t consider bringing reform at its price for people’s convenience. But now, the scenario has changed.tacx neo cons


Tacx has many other rivalries that give it intense competition. Tacx NEO Smart Trainers are like ancient relics which are still people’s favorite but only to the people who have extra bucks to spend. When there are more and more rival companies day to day in the market and also at more friendly prices for the customers.  It will lose its market value over time if it doesn’t add more worth to its product or bring reform at its price. Making it inexpensive to a more significant section of people.

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Writing this Tacx neo review we realized that money plays a crucial role when it comes to buying things. People tend to sacrifice a few additional features to purchase something at a lower price (except for the rich). This preposition goes with almost every commodity in the market whose buyers are mostly middle-class people. For them to buy anything at a higher price requires a strong reason for it. 

After the above discourse, you can deduce that Tacx NEO Smart Trainers are high-end. To flourish in the market and capture more buyers, it needs to reform its price or the product to make it worthy enough.