Strida Foldable Bicycle Review | Buyer’s Guide

Strida Foldable Bicycle is a triangular A-frame foldable cycle with one of the most distinctive designs of the foldable bikes we’ve reviewed. It’s easy to move when folded. The LT has a Kevlar belt drive, braking systems, and a gel pressure-relieving seat, saddle, and mudguard.

Honest Strida Bicycle Review

Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 9 inches. The weight is 22 pounds, and the wheel size is 16 inches. Strida bike price is more affordable than most bikes in the market. This is a complete Strida bike review.

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Folding Mechanism

The Strida cannot modify the seat positioning, making it harder to set up. The bike weighs 22 pounds, which is quite lightweight for a foldable bicycle. This allows easy transportation. The frame seems pretty solid.

There are also extremely few exposed cords, which does not make this a particularly attractive bike, but it does help jazz it up. The oil-free Kevlar belt drive chain of the Strida folding bike is a step above your normal chain, and I believe it surpasses the rest of the bikes on the market.

folding mechanism

The Strida Bike is differentiated by its ability to fold. While other foldable bikes, such as the Brompton, strive for the shortest folded package possible. Strida works differently. It’s all about how efficiently and simply you can fold and unfold the bike and how convenient it is to maneuver the folded item. Unlike other foldable bikes, you don’t have to lift them when it’s folded. This is a substantial benefit for people. Moreover, the folded box is somewhat long and has a compact footprint, making it much easier to store in a range of places. You can even hang it on the wall, and it works perfectly fine.

The Strida folding method can be split into two sections. It offers a frame flattened into a stick-like container with the two tires corner in the first step. The Strida Foldable bicycle can be driven in front or behind you. This rapid fold takes only 1 second and is suitable for a quick trip to the store or riding a train.

Test Ride

Another advantage of this bike is its excellent disc braking, which is way more effective than a more pricey foldable bike. Additionally, the Strida folding mechanism allows it to quickly transform into a stick-like shape that may be easily stored. I’d say it’s more portable than every bike on the market now, which is quite an accomplishment.


A further feature of the stick-like fold is tight holding the Strida in a highly vertical direction in a populated area. This means you’re less likely to strike your neighbors in the shins. It’s a more appropriate bike to ride into stores and businesses.

One thing to keep in mind when unfolding the frame is not to overstretch it. This is fairly simple to do and leads to a broken ball joint. This can be the upper headpiece race’s equivalent. It is accustomed to the unfolding process.


There’s also a chance that other people will unknowingly cause any of this damage. Suppose they need to relocate your bicycle to get their luggage on a train. It’s something to be cautious of, and if you know you’re impeding it, be glad to help individuals recover their bags.

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The Strida Ride and Handling

The Strida’s shape and ride are unique. The majority of the bikes make a major sporty spectrum! On the sportier end of the spectrum, a road bike has a quick, responsive movement and a lower, extending riding stance. A classic European city bike with an elevated touring bike feels stable at the other end of the spectrum. The Strida foldable bicycle combines these features uniquely and nicely. Read this article to learn how To lube a bike chain The Ultimate Guide for Beginners.

Thanks to its grippy tires, low turning angle, nearly no trail, and tight high-pressure tires, the bike has a quick and responsive feel. It’s thrilling to ride because of this, particularly while speeding through tight spaces in a busy city. In this regard, the bike has a dynamic feel about it. Click here to learn how to fix bike tires with a complete guide. 

the strida ride

The extremely high riding stance is undeniably athletic. Because of the vertical position and the short frame, the front wheel bears significantly more weight than usual. Due to weak aerodynamics and only two gearing, operating extremely fast is impossible, notably in a headwind. It’s also tough to apply an amount of energy to the pedals from this angle. This is considerably worse if you rise while cycling, and I cannot ride while standing. Strida foldable bicycle also makes it difficult for me to bunny hop.

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Specifications of the Strida

The Strida review has an extremely high standard for a foldable bike. The specifications are constant throughout the modern Strida line, except for mono gears.


A belt drive is present on all Strides. This is a great folding bike since it is simple and minimal. The belt loosened on earlier models, but the Gateway pulleys on the latest systems operate well.

The variable speed Schlumpf Speed-Drive is standard on the Strida MAS. This is an open-loop transmission with a shifting rod. It runs along the center of a circular bottom bracket spindle placed within the chain wheel.


The base gear is a linear drive, while the top equipment, with a ratio of 1.65, provides a 65% boost in the final industry. Press a button on the bottom bracket’s end with your foot to shift gears. The lack of a cable is a noticeable gear changer.

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Electrical brake systems are, on the whole, effective. However, it includes the drum brakes seen on early Strida models. This is a significant upgrade over the piston brakes featured on many folding bikes. 

Strida foldable bicycle has brakes are efficient, well-modulated, and function in dry and wet conditions. They’re also quite simple to keep clean. Click here to know how to assemble cycles easily.

Strida Luggage and Child Carrying

The Strida MAS includes a small plastic shelf that can be useless. Its primary purpose appears to be to help the bike stand upright when packed. Several people point out that this rack is not a safe place to carry a child.

strida luggage and child carrying

Because the Strida’shas a unique shape. It offers a temporary child seat that may be put immediately in front of the seat. Between the ages of 2 and 9, you can carry children in this manner. As far as I’m aware, Strida’s capacity to carry a baby in this way does not affect the bike’s ability to fold. The folding procedure is intact, and the folding volume is also unrelated. Initially, a simple seat was made out of closed-cell foam and guarded with duct tape. It has a small changeable seat and sticks to the Strida’s frame, effectively in front of the seat.


Is it good to buy a foldable cycle?

A review of the Strida folding bike resulted in the following image. A folding bicycle is perfect for commuting. Foldable bikes, unlike regular bicycles, can be used in combination with other methods of travel. You can go to the station, take your luggage on the train, get over, and then ride to your place again. You can always take it around if your commute isn't too far.


Strida Foldable Bicycle is one of the most popular cycles. Most other folders stand in stark contrast to the close fold/unfold. The folding packet, which resembles a stick, is very easy to roll next to you, into a busy mall, on trains, etc. The ride isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy it’s dynamic and amazing. Long rides, excellent quality, or off-road use are not advised. However, it isn’t the purpose of a bike like this. This is my first choice if you want a good bike for zipping around downtown.

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