9 Best Step Through Bikes For Seniors | Top Picks

Have you been looking for the best way to help your older protectors by engaging them in daily exercises? Step through bikes for seniors is your solution for getting all the exercise required and satisfying your hobbies. Investing in a dual-action exercise bike can help people overcome the negative vibes they face in their life and feel fresh and fit every day.

All this increasing population and health risks due to our occupational disorders (aka being glued to a chair the whole day) have resulted in people taking up more athletic hobbies. One of them is cycling or biking. Biking is also great for a full-body workout and if you want to enjoy a sunset on a nearby hill without having to hike up and down the mountain.

Biking is also recommended for daily exercises for the elderly to keep their muscles and joints working and going. The frame or design of the modern-day bikes is a little too difficult for the elderly to get on, let alone drive. That is why step through bikes for seniors is the best solution here. The design of step-through bikes is perfect as there is no crossbar, and it’s also easier to mount. An ideal balance between step-over and low-frame bikes also helps with your posture. Usually recommended to those with mobility issues. 

Top 9 Step Through Bikes For Seniors

Please keep reading till the end to discover the best easy step through bikes.

Sixthreezero EvRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Bicycle

Sixthreezero is a brand with not only high-quality bikes but also thoughtful and a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from. Some of the critical features of this bike include a lightweight body so that it’s easy to carry around a tight spot. It has a spring saddle to absorb shock and comfort. Gear changing and tire changing are not at all complicated.

sixthreezero EvRYjourney women’s step-through hybrid bicycle

Other features that might close the deal include the foam saddle size, matching fender and rear rack, Shimano Index Revo Shifter 7-Speed, and low pedal placement with front and rear V-brake. This low pedal placement allows the bike to be close to the ground but gives enough leg extension for easy riding. 

Buy: Sixthreezero EvRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Bicycle

Sixthree Zero BodyEase

As the name suggests- BodyEase is one of the best steps through bikes for seniors in the market. The manufacturers focused on comfort the most while designing its low pedal placement, it helps extend the legs, and hence no pressure on the knees also makes it easy to step on bicycle. 

sixthree zero bodyEase

Some key features of this bike include- adjustable suspension, a plush dual-spring saddle for optimum back and hip support, a lightweight aluminum step-through frame, front Shimano friction Revo Shifter and it can carry upto 300 lbs. 

Buy: Sixthree zero BodyEase

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

Although the name has the word women, any gender can use it. It’s 2023; we are not labeling anything with a specific gender or sex. Schwinn discovers women’s hybrid bike is an adventurous option with 21 gears and easy twist-shift. Its lightweight body and aluminum frame make it easy and suitable for all kinds of rough terrains. 

schwinn discover women’s hybrid bike

It is claimed to be smooth on your joints and back because of its perfect length of step through and suspension fork. Perfectly suitable for off-road rides. 

Buy: Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

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Schwinn Wayfarer Bike

Schwinn wayfarer bike is a city cruising bike slightly different from all the bikes mentioned in this article. It falls on the heavier options for old bikes, as the body is steel. 

schwinn wayfarer bike

Usually runs smoothly on flat terrain and is perfect for city sightseeing with dual shock absorption. 

Buy: Schwinn Wayfarer Bike

Pure City Classic Step-through Bicycle

Pure City Classic step-through bicycle is a classic with a clean design with unique features like 3-speed or 8-speed options. It is a little gear bicycle, but that’s okay because its internal gear system gives it a wide range of speed for all terrains. 

pure city classic step-through bicycle

Its key features include- fenders, rear rack, alloy brakes, ergonomic design for joint comfort, adjustable handlebars, and pedal-free shifting. Read this article to find the best single-speed bikes.  

Buy: Pure City Classic Step-through Bicycle

CAYA Bikes For Adults

CAYA Bike is a lightweight mountain bike. The design is black and impressive, with a hybrid low step through bike for seniors and low pedal placement. This bike caters to old mountaineering elders who need leg extension ease for mobility issues. 

CAYA bikes for adults

Some features include- 26 inches wheel, triple wall alloy rims, a dual disc brake system, and a front shocker. Available dimensions are- 135.9 x 22.9 x 69.9 and weights around 40 pounds. 

Buy: CAYA Bikes for Adults

Trek Domane AL 2 Road Bike

Trek Domane AL 2 road bike is a customizable, solid, simple bike for seniors. Being one of the few options for customizable bikes in the market, it has a slight advantage among buyers. You don’t have to worry about the pedal placement if you are too short of reaching the ground or if your arms are too short, and they’ve got you covered. 

trek domane AL 2 road bike

This bike is a perfect choice for those people who want to start their competitive road racing.

Buy: Trek Domane AL 2 Road Bike

Step Through Bikes For Seniors: Giant Escape 3

Giant Escape 3 bike does complete justice to its name as it has significant advantages. Just perfect for older bikers- it is easier to maneuver, lift, carry or lock up. giant escape 3

It has all the good features, like being lightweight, a metal alloy frame, a wide range of gears, good control, and stability due to wheels.   

Buy: Giant Escape 3

Electra Townie Path 9D EQ

Perfect bike if you wish to ride for pleasure but also have back and joint problems. One key feature in the design is its extremely low step-through, which is curved even further for those who have issues while you step in bike. 

electra townie path 9D EQ

It is also pocket friendly with a price of $849.99, so definitely check it out.

Buy: Electra Townie Path 9D EQ


Is step through bikes heavy?

Yes, compared to standard bikes, a step through bike is heavier. It is made that way to make it sturdy because the bike's frame is a step-through, so there is no crossbar to support the bike's structure; hence they use heavy material to manufacture.

What is a step-through bike?

A step-through bike has a lower middle frame, primarily to cater to older bikers and support their backs and joints.

Why step-through bikes are preferred for seniors?

A step through bike has a lower middle frame, making it easier to mount and dismount from the bike. It also has a lower padel placement to help with the leg extension, putting less pressure on their joints. In ancient times, step-through bikes were made for women to get on with dresses and skirts comfortably, but now there are unlimited unisex models on the market.

What are things to look at while purchasing a step-through bike?

Things to look for while purchasing a step-through bike- Suspension, step-through height, saddle length, padel placement, and weight.


I hope this article helped you discover the best step through bikes for seniors. It’s a given that strength, health issues, and athletic abilities differ in each individual, and it stands true for all age groups. Have you heard about the grandpa who started learning how to run on tracks at 80 and succeeded beautifully? In the end, age is just a number, so you can find your perfect bike at your convenience.