Santa Cruz Chameleon Review – Is It Worth It?

The name “Chameleon” suits it impeccably as it can change in multitudinous ways to blend in with its terrain. The Chameleon is a blank oil, ready to go in whatever direction your imagination takes it. Creativity in wheel size, gearing, and element choice make it the perfect poet for freethinkers and freedom campaigners likewise. Chameleon is made for riders who like to carve their ideal bike and aren’t hysterical to experiment. Whatever the rainfall, still long the lift, wherever you are going, the Chameleon is so endlessly customizable and malleable that the only constraint is your mind and provocation. This article will be a Santa Cruz Chameleon review.

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Santa Cruz Chameleon

Santa Cruz Chameleon is a decoration hardtail mountain bike available with a carbon or aluminum frame. This bike is compatible with 27.5 ″ and 29 ″ bus and comes with malleable drop-outs. This means that you can indeed set it up as a single-speed carriage. Santa Cruz Chameleon is suitable for newcomers, suckers, and hardcore riders likewise. Santa Cruz didn’t make Chameleon with a specific sort of cyclist in mind. Instead, they met the requirements of a wide range of cyclists with different riding styles and preferences. The bus is perfect for speed and distance, as they roll better and help you maintain inflow, but Chameleon isn’t suitable for smashing gemstone auditoriums as it’s a hardtail. It’s better to stick to dirt when riding it. The wide tires give you excellent traction and the possibility to run low pressures provides an abundance of comfort.

santa cruz

One of the reasons why so numerous riders love Santa Cruz is the figure of the bikes they make. They’ve always had clever results to give their suckers progressive shapes that come more with every new replication. Santa Cruz Chameleon is an unprecedentedly delightful bike. It’s also one of the most malleable hardtail bikes out there, making it a safe choice for riders who are still trying to find their favorite MTB style.

While all of those bikes are essentially different and supply an exceptional riding experience, they’re all characterized by some standard features:

  • Aluminium or Carbon C Frame and Fork.
  • 27.5+ or 29″ Wheels and Tires.
  • 120mm or 130mm Front Travel.
  • Adjustable Drop-outs.
  • 1x Drivetrains.

These models are also available in four color schemes — Blue, Orange, Citation, and Black. The first two are for aluminum bikes, whereas the other two can be seen with aluminum and carbon frames.

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Chameleon D & D (Aluminium Only)

Santa Cruz Chameleon D and D are the most affordable models you can get. Both of them bring just$ which is enough reasonable price for the factors and performance you get.

chameleon d

These bikes are only available with aluminum frames with RockShox Recon RL spoons. The 29 ″ model has 120 mm of the trip, and the 27.5 ″ model has 130 mm. It’s an excellent choice for freshman and intermediate riders who want recognizable quality at a low price.

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Chameleon R & R (Aluminium And Carbon)

Chameleon R and R are peculiar shapes in that they’re available both on aluminum and carbon frames. These shapes come with SRAM’s NX Eagle drivetrain, which is slightly advance than the SX Eagle and offers 12 pets.

chameleon r

The thickets are SRAM Level T or Guide T. The ultimate bones are planted on the more precious carbon interpretation costs $ 300 further than the aluminum one. The most significant difference is that this shaft in price will get you a 150 mm Race Face Affect dropper seat post. Which will come in handy if you ride more aggressively.

Chameleon S & S (Carbon Only)

Chameleon S & S is where performance builds begin. These models are erected around Santa Cruz’s carbon frames combined with a Fox 34 Performance frontal suspense that offers 120 mm or 130 mm of the trip. The thickets have entered an upgrade as well, so these shapes come equipped with SRAM Guide T thickets and regulators, coupled with Avid Centreline 180 mm rotors. Chameleon S and S models roll on Race Face AR buses wrapped in the same Maxxis tires plant on the other models. These advancements make Santa Cruz Chameleon S and S great choices for results- acquainted riders who don’t want to stretch their budget too much.

chameleon s

One of the reasons why so numerous riders love Santa Cruz is the figure of the bikes they make. They’ve always had clever results to give their suckers progressive shapes that come more with every new replication. Indeed though 29 ″ and27.5 Chameleon builds should be completely different, they’ve much enough the exact figure. One of the ways Santa Cruz did this is by giving 29 ″ models 120 mm of the trip and 130 mm to27.5 models. Both performances are available in four sizes, and the map looks the same no matter the frame material or the wheel size.

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All Chameleon models, except the D, build, come with a dropper post as well. This becomes very handy when you need to get in an aggressive descending position and storm the hill. Therefore, we’d say Santa Cruz may be a good climber and a superb descender, so you’ll expect a well-rounded performance on most of your rides. Chameleon is excellent for bike packing, trail riding, cross-country exploration, having fun, testing new tracks, spiking up the adrenaline, and a lot more. If you want one bike that will assume the roles of several completely different two-wheelers, Santa Cruz Chameleon is your best bet.