Salsa Journeyman Review | An In-Depth Breakdown of The Bikes

Salsa Journeyman is a series of reasonable, all-street, and professional bikes that are expected for passage level or halfway rough terrain cycling devotees. So we bring a detailed Salsa Journeyman review for you to decide on your travel partner wisely!

This series is portrayed by its rich selection of fabricates and wheel sizes. In particular, every one of the five forms is accessible with either 650B or 700C wheels. Besides, a few models include level bars, while others accompany the more well-known rock drop bars.

Salsa Journeyman’s huge selling point is its cost, and it accommodates the cash. The most costly models cost $1,500, though you can ride the least expensive for around $700.

Assuming you need a practical and gorgeous all-street aluminium bicycle with a carbon fork that you can utilize here and there on streets or for voyaging, you’ll find our outline of the Salsa Journeyman series review intriguing!

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Overview of Salsa Journeyman Models

How about we investigate every one of the accessible Salsa Journeyman constructs and together attempt to sort out which one meets your requirements the best!

Salsa Journeyman Flat Bar Sora Review

Price: $899

The bicycle is prepared for touring, driving, adventuring, and rock crushing requirements. Want to wander farther off in an unexpected direction? Trade out the 700c wheels for a bunch of 650b bands, which permit you to fit tires up to 2.2-inch wide that are geared up for any eventuality. Arranging a bike-packing trip? Toss on front and back racks, and remember to exploit the mounts for a top-tube sack or utilize the fork-crown light mount if you’re an evening worker.salsa flat bar sora 700


The Journeyman comes in three form choices, each presented with either 700c or 650b wheels. The bicycle can take either size, so you can generally trade to the next in the distance regardless of which wheel size you get.

Assuming you need a somewhat better quality choice, the Journeyman Sora ($1,099) sits at the highest point of the reach and highlights, typically, Shimano Sora 9-speed parts. Notwithstanding the form seen here, Salsa offers a level Bar Claris choice with 650b wheels for $899.

This bicycle is geared up for-whatever edge can fit a huge load of sacks, mounts, and other experience devices. Front and back bumper mounts mean you can drive without splattering mud on your suit or skirt. The fork-crown mount allows you to join a super durable light set, which is great assuming you’ll be burning the midnight oil or pub-crawling into the evening.

Assuming packing light isn’t your thing, this bicycle gives you choices to bring the kitchen sink. There are mounts for front and back racks, just as mounts for a top-tube pack. Moreover, there are mounts on the fork for Salsa’s Anything Cages, which can pull light sacks or extra-huge water bottles.

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Salsa Journeyman Claris Review

Price: $849 – $949

In case you are a fanatic of drop bars instead of level bars, the least expensive Journeyman model you can get accompanies Claris parts.

salsa claris


It’s accessible with 700C or 650B wheels, so you can pick whichever suits you best. If you intend to do a blend of street and rough terrain rides, I suggest 700C wheels. Nonetheless, in case you wish to adhere to rock and soil, you can’t turn out badly with 650B.

Salsa Cycles’ site records both 2019 and 2020 models. However, REI sells just 2019 models right now. In any case, these are essentially something similar.

The main contrast is the various hubs and tires. The 2019 models have Novatec hubs and Teravail tires, while the 2020 models have Formula hub points and WTB tires.

As far as width, Salsa Journeyman Claris 700 has 37mm tires, and the 650B tires are 2.1″ wide.

Assuming you need to ride in the drops, investigate cleared and unpaved streets, and set aside a ton of cash, go with Salsa Journeyman Claris 700 or 650.

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Journeyman Apex 1

Price $1,499

Assuming you need the most elite from Salsa Journeyman, you should agree to nothing, not exactly the Apex 1 model. This emphasis costs around $1,500 and gets you the mid-range SRAM Apex 1 groupset.

The SRAM Apex 1×11 group set is reasonable for rough terrain riding. However, because of a 40T crankset, you can also ride Salsa Journeyman Apex 1 on cleared streets.

journeyman apex 1 650c


Contrasted with the less expensive Sora model, you likewise get further developed TRP Spyre-C level mount circle brakes with 160mm rotors. They offer considerably slowing down power and more perfection when attempting to dial back in a controlled way.

Notwithstanding, it’s quite significant that Salsa has still not made the 2020 adaptation of this bicycle. Just 2019 variants are present on the authority site and accessible on REI.

Understudy Apex 1 has an aluminium outline, and a luxurious carbon fork crisscrossed with a plentitude of mounts. You can outfit it with front and back racks, bumpers, lights, water bottle confines, and different kinds of enclosures.

Assuming you need to ride significant distances, travel for weeks or months on end, or even enter some rock occasions and races, you should be content with your Salsa Journeyman Apex 1.

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Now that you’ve read the complete Salsa Journeyman review, you must have a better understanding of the company, and its model ranges and pricing.

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