Rear Rack Bike Bag Used As Carriers | Top 5 Picks

Are you tired of carrying things in polybags or backpacks hanging from your bike’s handle? Not only is it annoying to ride your bike, but it also doesn’t look good. That is why we brought you the best rear rack bike bag. The best hitch-mounted bike rack comes in varieties. Some of them offer more features, and some of them offer more capacity.

Most bikes with rear racks provide structure to the braking system, but you can directly strap your things to the rear rack, but the object’s size plays a crucial role in deciding whether the strap will be able to hold it or not. Small loose items or big baskets, none of these things will fit in the belt; that is when you would need a bike rack bag. Investing in a good bike rack will help you in the long run as these bags are also heavy-duty and weatherproof. 

Please keep reading till the end to find out how to find the perfect rear rack bike bag for your bike. Read this article if you want to find the best lowrider bikes for easy traveling. 

5 Best Rear Rack Bike Bags Used As Carriers

Below is the list of the best rear bike bag. Talking of convenience, bike phone mounts are a blessing to those who want to navigate while driving; or those who want to play their favorite music while driving.

Schwinn Mounted Bicycle Bag

Schwinn Bicycle bag is a rear mount bag bike accessory manufactured by Pacific Cycle Inc. It is a black bag made of polyester material. This bike bag has amazing features, like being light and sturdy at the same time. It offers extra storage with side pockets and is easy to mount on the rack. Let’s see what its other features are:

schwinn mounted bicycle bag

  • Easy to mount with the velcro strap attached.
  • Made of polyester material
  • Extra pockets for more storage and carrying small and loose items
  • Has reflective straps for extra safety
  • Specially tailored for the rear rack of your bicycle. 
  • It fits all bikes; in other words, it is available in one size
  • Available in just one color option- black. 
  • Dimensions are 12.2 inches in length, 7.48 inches in breadth, and 7.01 inches in height. 
  • It has a solid rectangular shape
  • It has adjustable straps
  • Weights only 0.34 kg
  • Has good quality zipper
  • The pockets are cargo style which means more space as cargo pockets are usually big and spacious.

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Mosiso Bike Rack Bag

MOSISO rear rack bike bag is a trunk pannier bicycle bag. This is the bag for you if your style is durable and stylish. This bag can easily convert into a shoulder bag too. You must consider a waterproof bag like this if you are one of those who don’t check the weather before leaving. Let’s see the features of this bag:

mosiso bike rack bag

  • It has big compartments for storage with a 12L capacity.
  • Contains six additional pockets for other purposes.
  • The dimensions of this bag are 15.1* 6.39* 6.39 inches. 
  • Made with polyester material 
  • It is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the bag being soaked in the rain, or if something gets splashed on the bag, your belongings are completely safe. 
  • Contains hook and loop straps to attach to the rear rack easily, making it stable while riding on a bumpy road. 
  • It has four mounting straps to ensure the bag does not move even if you are riding on rough terrain.
  • This book is flexible and versatile, with shoulder straps varying from 36.2 to 59.6 inches, so you can carry it close to your shoulder while riding and can comfortably walk around if you don’t want to leave the bag on the bike. 
  • Comes with a year-long warranty.

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JXFUKAL Rear Bike Rack Bag 

JXFUKAL bicycle rear rack bag is a trunk pannier carrier bag in different sizes. If you want a sturdy and multiple sizes rack bag for your multiple bikes or maybe for your family and friends. A one-stop solution for a professional biker. It is also waterproof and adjustable; let’s see what the features are:

JXFUKAL rear bike rack bag

  • It comes with a rain cover.
  • A waterproof bag for the unexpected weather change.
  • Available in capacities like 7L, 9L, 10L, and 12L.
  • It is made of materials like polyester and PU leather, which makes it waterproof, durable, and extremely easy to clean.
  • You have an extra zippered pocket on the top and an adjustable elastic cord to keep all your belonging safe even when the bag is not full, so nothing moves around. 
  • The dimensions of the 7L capacity are 11.81* 6.69* 4.72 inches.
  • It contains reflective strips that glow in the dark and make it a little bit safer to navigate through compartments in a hurry.
  • Contains two strong velcro straps for easy mounting on the bike. 
  • It has a foam layer inside the bag to hold fragile items.
  • Because of the elastic cord, you can squish it into a flat bag when not in use. 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty, and in color black with white details.

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West Biking Bike Rear Seat Bag – Bicycle Trunk Pannier Bag

West Biking rear rack bike bag is a sporty bag that is extremely strong. It is also a trunk Pannier-type bag for your mountain bike rack and has double water resistance. You can carry around this bag on your shoulders too while hiking. Let’s dive into the features:

west biking rear rack bike bag

  • It has an 8.6L capacity.
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality zipper with double water resistance so that water cannot seep through the zippers too.
  • It is a versatile bag that can be converted into a shoulder bag or a handbag at your convenience. 
  • It comes with a rain cover. 
  • Dimensions are 15* 6.7* 6.7 Inches.
  • Has mesh pockets inside the bag and elastic cords to organize your belonging better
  • Made of material like Pu coated oxford fabric which is waterproof and durable. It is designed with EVA material and is easy to clean. 
  • It contains reflective straps that glow in the dark and a separate water bottle bag with a shrink to secure your bottle.
  • Easy to mount with three velcro straps and stay in place. 
  • Available in black color to match any bike’s aesthetic
  • 90 days return policy.

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Number-one Bicycle Rear Rack Bag

Number-one bike bag carrier is a multifunctional Pannier Trunk style bag for the bike rear rack. Another waterproof option with the ability to convert into a shoulder bag as well. 

number one bicycle rear rack bag

  • It has a capacity of 8L.
  • Waterproof and hence weatherproof as well.
  • The design has a clean black and leek finish. 
  • Contains three additional zippers for extra storage. 
  • It includes four velcro straps for easy mounting and stability
  • Made with material like 600D oxford fabric that makes it durable and lightweight.
  • Waterproof zippers too
  • Reflective straps for safety
  • It converted into a shoulder bag as well. 

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What is a pannier bike bag?

It is a carry bag for bicycles. It is usually attached to your rear rack or side of the bike.

Why should I attach a rear rack to my bike?

For a few bikes, it is compulsory to have a rear rack because of the gears, but for some bikes, you would require it for carrying things. If you don't want to carry stuff on your bike, you are also fine without a rare rack.

Is it possible to convert my backpack into a pannier?

Yes, you can convert your backpack into a pannier with the help of a backpack pannier hook kit.

How much can I carry on my rear rack of a bike?

Usually, a rear bike rack can handle up to 20 -50 pounds. But it can vary according to your bike.


I hope this article gave enough options for rear rack bike bags so you can commute easily and in style. Rear bike bags go on your bike’s rear rack where the gears or gear wires are attached, so be careful to choose the right one for your bike. There are different bike bags like frame bags, saddle bike bags, rack trunks, and handlebar packs but don’t get it confused. 

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