Review of Rad Power Bikes’ RadRover 5: An Electric Fat Bike

Electrified bicycles, sometimes known as “E-bikes,” have advanced fast in recent years. Electrical components are more tightly integrated, weights are decreasing, performance is increasing, and costs are decreasing. To be sure, they’re all awesome things. The integration is becoming so smooth that it’s becoming difficult to discern if a bicycle is an e-bike at all. The RadRover 5 from Rad Power Bikes, on the other hand, leaves no mistake as to what it is.

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The RadRover 5 is a vast, exciting machine that challenges your assumptions about what an electric bicycle can be and do. Does it display some new advanced design? New technologies? Not really, no. But tons of attitude? That, it has in abundance. Now let’s talk about its specifications in detail.

Tech and Design of RadRover 5

The RadRover 5 is a heavy bike, which is appropriate given its mission: to be a force of nature when ridden. The 69-pound bike’s sloping hardtail frame is made of 6061 aluminum and has an RST suspension fork with preload and, more importantly, motion lockout. Front and rear 180mm mechanical disc brakes slow things down and provide plenty of power, but proper setup is essential. Because the bike is practically matte black, the 4-inch wide 26-inch tires are Kenda Juggernauts with puncture-resistant liners and a fluorescent stripe on the sidewalls, which helps with nighttime visibility.


A Shimano SL-TX50-7R rear derailleur shares space with the 750-watt Bafang motor in the back hub, and a simple but handy LCD panel mounted on the handlebars shows speed trip meter, battery status, and motor output in watts. If you want a challenging exercise using only pedal force, five degrees of assist, and a no-assist option (level zero), keep the e-bike system online and tracks distance.

radrover 5 features
radrover 5 features

The RadRover 5 includes a twist grip on the inside of the right handlebar, similar to a motorbike, instead of a thumb throttle. Because the grip is progressive (much like a motorcycle throttle), you may exactly add any amount of power to the engine over what the preset assist level adds to your pedaling at power levels four and below. Of course, Level 5 (“Power” in the LCD) is the maximum.


A tiny control pod and a bike bell exist on the left bar to turn on the power, alter assist levels, and toggle display settings. An LED headlight and rear LED taillight with a brake light fit into the bike’s optional back rack. The headlight should be brighter, and the light pattern is square, so perhaps a rethink is in need. When the rider turns the bike on, the rear brake light illuminates, which is a feature that I believe every cycle should have. It may also be programmed to blink when you press the brakes but still go solid.

radrover 5 display
radrover 5 display


The engine and electrics are powered by a 7.7-pound 48V, 14 Ah (672 Wh) battery with Samsung 35E cells, which Rad claims will last 800 charging cycles and provide between 25 and 45 miles of range depending on use. The battery is modular and fits in a carrier that usually holds a water bottle. One can instantly lock or unlock it with a key and switched out. The cost of additional batteries to prolong your ride is $545.


Riding Experience

The Rad Rover 5 isn’t a featherweight marvel. It’s enormous, hefty, and constructed like Mike Tyson in his heyday, weighing in at 69 pounds.

bafang 750 watt fat bike hub motor
bafang 750 watt fat bike hub motor

The Bafang 750-watt hub motor in the RadRover 5 is almost quiet, releasing just a faint hum. When it combines with the Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur, controlled by a push-button shifter on the right handlebar, achieving 20 miles per hour on the flat is a breeze, as is climbing a golden hill. Twenty nits on a bike this size with these thick, wide tires seems a lot faster than 20 nits on a standard bicycle, a sense heightened by the tire noise as the massive machine thumps down the road.

Stability and Resistance

This big bruiser is just unflappable, unstoppable, and a genuine hoot to ride. Anyone will appreciate its stability while riding it. It has an attitude of “I can travel anywhere. Up/down/over just about anything.” You may test it on any alternative surface you can find, including muddy forest trails, deep grass fields, a BMX track, muddy forest trails, gravel byways, and even snow. The RadRover 5 will blast through. The front fork absorbing bumps, the broad fenders repelling debris flung off by the tires. And the powerful motor clawing its way up hills or down bike lanes.

Rolling resistance drops when the tires inflate to their maximum pressure of 20psi (yes, that’s it), and the front fork gets locked out. This gives the five a more urban cruiser attitude with a dash of Hummer thrown in for good measure. Another surprising benefit of the wide tires is that since they’re so vast and the fenders are so good, blasting through deep puddles effectively plows a significant channel of space around the pedals, keeping your feet (mostly) dry. Outstanding.

Review of Rad Power Bikes’ RadRover 5: An Electric Fat Bike

The RadRover 5 is a tonne of fun to drive. Dropping off curbs, railing through mud, and even getting some airtime at a local riding park featuring jumps and drop-offs are all part of RadRover 5’s leveling challenges. Sure, it’d fly over the jumps like a bullet. And it’d be great to attempt to get some air beneath the massive wheels and tires. The Rad Power Bike 5 comes with a rear rack and a stylish Fremont bike bag. This enhances its commuting and errand-running capabilities.

radrover bikes come with fremont bags
radrover bikes come with fremont bags

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The RadRover 5 is among the most genuinely entertaining bikes anyone will ever ride in years. The RadRover 5 is unstoppable on the road – practically any sort of road. It’s simple to use and comprehend. It also has an adorable twist-grip throttle, which delivers maximum power anytime it’s required. The RadRover 5’s seat and bars are adjustable, and anyone more than 5 feet will have no problem riding it. Rad Power Bikes also provides a variety of accessories to customize your bike to your requirements, whether you’re commuting or doing delivery work. You may feel skeptical about how a fat bike would operate, but after riding it, you’ll become a believer.

Pros of RadRover 5

  1. The go-anywhere fat tire design honestly does go everywhere.
  2. Built-in brake light
  3. Inspires confidence when riding.
  4. Apocalypse ready
  5. Powerful engine, excellent battery range

Cons of RadRover 5

  1. Big and hefty.
  2. Headlight might be a lot better and brighter.
  3. If you run out of battery, pedaling is an honest effort, but it’s still achievable.