Priority Continuum Onyx Review – Is This Bike Worth It?

The Priority Continuum Onyx is a low-maintenance bicycle that may be used all year to get around the city. It’s a commuter with a lot of options at a fair price. This article will be a Priority Continuum Onyx Review. 

Commuter bikes have been endorsed by Wired, Gizmodo, Digital Trends, The Manual, Popular Mechanics, and even Playboy. Priority Continuum Onyx is one of them. Anyone who has tried it can’t get enough of how much joy, quiet, comfort, and utility it provides.

Based on widely accepted specifications, the Continuum Onyx is the ultimate city bike. It has a dynamo hub, hydraulic disc brakes, and full-length fenders and is low-maintenance. It’s also suitable for rides with lights at night.

Let’s look at it more closely to see why so many people are impressed.

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Essential Specifications – Priority Continuum Onyx Review

It just doesn’t have many competitors, so it’s tough to compare Priority Continuum Onyx to other options on the market and discuss the value for money. In this Priority Continuum Onyx Review we will discuss the essential specifications of the product. 

This is a game-changing machine that ditches conventional cycling drivetrains in favour of a stepless gear hub with a Gates carbon belt.essential specifications

The Priority Continuum Onyx is a versatile two-wheeler that shines when ridden through congested metropolitan streets and wide boulevards. It’s a bicycle designed to get you from point A to point B safely, dependably, and at any time.

This machine is extremely adaptable and well-built, so you may use it after your journey. Do you need a reliable partner to help you push yourself on the weekend and get in a good workout? Continuum Onyx will perform admirably.

Let’s take a closer look at the features to see why that is.

Aluminium Frame And Geometry

The Continuum Onyx has a fairly conventional 6061 aluminium frame and fork that can be found on most bicycles in this price range.

The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium is well-known. It’s light and firm, which is exactly what you need when trying to improve the efficiency of a bicycle. Being cost-effective is merely a bonus.frame and geometry

Priority’s iconic matte black frame and fork are finished with reflective decals that boost visibility from all sides.

Another advantage of this frameset is the abundance of eyelets for mounting fenders, racks, and bottle cages. Two water bottles fit inside, allowing you to stay hydrated on extended rides.

A drawback is that Continuum Onyx is not a lightweight bike. With 31 lbs. under its belt, it’s a heavyweight champion, but a champion nonetheless.

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Gates Carbon Belt & Enviolo CVT Drivetrain

The enviolo Trekking CVT drivetrain is the most notable component of the Priority Continuum Onyx. This is a stepless powertrain that has a seal inside the rear hub. It has a gear range of 380 per cent, which is equivalent to a typical 7-speed transmission.

Onyx is a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) powertrain, which means there are no gear steps like a typical drivetrain with derailleurs. Instead, you control the resistance with a grip shifter on the handlebar until you find the right pedalling effort.priority continuum onyx

In this Priority Continuum Onyx Review we’ll discuss that apart from being sealed and maintenance-free, the most amazing feature of this powertrain is the ability to change “gears” while entirely stopped. You don’t have to pedal to change down, which is convenient when you’ve come to a complete stop in high gear.

For a completely maintenance-free ride, the enviolo drivetrain is combined with a Gates Carbon belt. You may forget about the cleaning and lubricating the chain on a regular basis, as well as smearing grease all over your jeans. There isn’t anything like that with this configuration.

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Brand-Name Components Of The Highest Quality

Priority did not cut shortcuts with the other components on Continuum Onyx, which we appreciate. The braking system consists of a pair of Tektro dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes that perform admirably. They’re silky smooth, quiet, and more than capable. In addition, they, like the drivetrain, require minimal maintenance.priority bicycles

The WTB Slick 700C x 32mm tyres with a puncture-resistant layer and reflective sides are on the Continuum Onyx. While these tyres aren’t very narrow, the lack of aggressive tread limits them to asphalt and the rare foray down a hard-packed gravel road.

Accessories For Any Weather

The accessories are a plus for urban commuters who cycle all year and aren’t afraid of night journeys.

Fenders, a front dynamo hub, and dynamo-power lights are with this city bike. The 400-lumen headlight is bright enough to illuminate the road ahead of you. The system also supports USB charging, allowing you to charge a power bank while keeping your smartphone’s battery charged.features priority

This bike comes in three frame sizes and only has a classic step-over frame. The bike accommodates riders of various heights, according to the easy Continuum Onyx sizing chart provided by Priority.

  •   Small 17″: 27″ – 29″ Inseam
  •   Medium 19″: 30″ – 32″ Inseam
  •   Large 21″: 32″ – 35″ Inseam

Priority does not provide frame size recommendations depending on a rider’s height, but the inseam measurements should suffice.

Important Points

  •   Instead of a standard chain, belt drive bikes use a carbon belt similar to the one seen in autos. Belt drive bikes have the advantage of requiring relatively little maintenance. A carbon belt does not require cleaning or lubrication, and it is also much quieter than a typical chain.
  •   Priority Continuum Onyx isn’t completely maintenance-free, but it does require substantially less on a daily basis. There’s no need to clean or oil the chain, and there are no derailleurs to adjust. All you have to do is occasionally pump the tyres and replace the brake pads.
  •   The Priority Continuum Onyx is excellent for city dwellers who commute all year round. It boasts an enviolo rear hub drivetrain that is entirely sealed and waterproof, as well as a Gates carbon belt. Onyx also has hydraulic disc brakes and excellent lights, making it ready for any situation.

Other Models Include

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Concluding this Priority Continuum Onyx Review, this product will be valued as much as gold to the proper type of rider. This is a flexible bike that excels at city riding and commuting while also being up for extended weekend rides.

Priority appears to have done their homework and considered everything a city rider could want, including sealed stepless shifting, a carbon belt, lights, fenders, decent tyres, and hydraulic brakes, all wrapped together in a stylish package.

This is one of the greatest selections on the market if you need an urban commuter that provides a lot of value but requires minimal effort in return. A low-maintenance yet dependable, elegant, and comfortable two-wheeler that will appeal to all.