Priority Bikes Review – Time Chalcedony, a Belt Drive Bike

The Priority Time Chalcedony is a reasonable bike that feels snug heading through the city. It will be a reasonably sensible job cutting through traffic, and it will not be out of place paired with an open bike lock. Read the Priority bikes review to know more!

If you wish to drive less or get some mild exercise while cruising, it is a good companion. It is not simply a cruiser. The time chalcedony may be an all-around bike. It might be suitable for a daily commute, and if you feel like pushing yourself a small amount on the ride home, it is a trustworthy companion.

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Features Of Priority Bikes 

Highlighting some of the features in this Priority Bikes Review:

Display features – Priority Bikes Review

Talking regarding the build of this bike, it is best, to begin with, the acquainted: each the frame and therefore the fork use 6061 T6 metallic element. The metallic component may be an acquainted material common at this value purpose. It’s lightweight, however stiff, and easy to figure with from a producing point of view. The welds on the Priority bike are not quite the works of art you may realize on a Cannondale CAAD frame. However, there are no apparent corners cut here.

Starting with the frame is bright because it is the only common feature on the Priority time chalcedony. The remainder of the verbal description sheet reads like additional of a list than associate degree actual bike. The Onyx can carry up to 130kg but is still light enough for children to ride. A high-tensile steel frame makes sure it’ll last.

priority bikes review frame with basket

Our Priority bikes review does not miss the bikes’ belt drive system. This bike takes minimum maintenance and no oiling, which is a significant benefit for parents who don’t want to deal with fixing bikes all the time. It can carry up to 130 kilograms while remaining lightweight enough for youngsters to ride. It’s built to last with a high-tensile steel frame. On the other hand, belt drives are exclusively suitable for flat surfaces like concrete.

priority bikes belt drive system review

“It makes a lot of sense to design a high-quality belt drive bike,” says Anders Nilsson, the founder and CEO of Priority Continuum. “A belt drive transmission is far smoother and quieter than a chain drive transmission. This bike is perfect for cycling in the city or mountain biking on various terrain.”

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Technical Features – Priority Bikes Review

  • Bicycle: Onyx
  • Type: hybrid bicycle
  • Colors: Blue, Orange, Pink, White
  •  Price range: $99.99 – $159.99
  •  Age range: 10 – 14 years old (and up)

Jumping to the alternative finish of the spectrum, the foremost distinctive side of this bike is the NuVinci N380 CVT drivetrain. It is not necessary to grasp each refinement, and you get roughly identical gear that varies from a standard 7-speed chain-driven bike but not distinct gears.

nuvinci n380 cvt drivetrain

Shifting happens with a footing shift, and there’s a sleek progression from straightforward to challenging. Stop anyplace it feels snug. The ride may be a carbon belt rather than a chain, and every one of the shifting parts sleeps in the rear hub. The system is silent and needs no proper maintenance; it suits a travel bike well.

Tektro hydraulic disc system with 160mm rotors front and rear takes care of braking, and fenders return as commonplace. The quality configuration includes WTB 32mm wide slick tires with reflective sidewalls. Keep a watch in the winter, and you may additionally see the choice to settle on adorned snow tires.

tektro hydraulic disc brake

Another massive headline feature is the integrated bike lights. The mixing means less chance of thievery, and a generator front hub means that never has to recollect to charge the lights.

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Priority Bikes Review – The Ride

Bikes have chains and gears with distinct steps. The method we tend to ride a motorbike encompasses a ton to try with how that system operates. Nobody pays a lot of attention till you’re taking it away. The belt drive and CVT gears Priority use on the time chalcedony can amend the method you ride a motorbike.

A typical chain-driven bike with gears does not respond well if you alter gears at a stop then attempt to ride up a hill once you begin pedaling. The NuVinci system is entirely different and does not have to be compelled to be moving to vary gears. Coast to a stop at a lightweight, and if you wish more effortless pedaling to urge going once more, twist the grip whereas stopped. Begin riding, and therefore the gears can amend with solely a slight delay and no whiney.


Along identical lines, the method I handle ever-changing gears for hills encompasses a ton to try with the steps between gears. Suppose I am within the middle of a short, steep hill. In that case, I’ll usually pedal a small amount more durable and not have trouble shifting once the top of Capitol Hill is shut to avoid the inevitable ‘clunk.’ Once you have a system while not steps, the equation may be a bit completely different. There is nothing to be compelled to contemplate if its value is ever-changing gears once a bit of adjustment dial in more accessible, or harder, pedaling.

priority bikes gears

On the Priority Time Chalcedony, you ne’er need to pre-plan gears for a stop lightweight. It additionally is wise to be perpetually adjusting however rugged the gears are. Everything is quiet and sleek, and you would like each bike to ride like this. The constant lights area unit is a nice feature too, and it’s precisely the reasonable bike that invitations exploit the automotive reception.

You may configure this bike to ride in any weather, including the most extreme situations. From your clothes to your feet, a fender and chain guard keep everything on the front side of the bike clean and dry. The suitable wheels cannot skid on slick surfaces when you let go of the brakes. The wide tires with a flat profile increase traction and keep you steady on the road.

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Is it Worth Buying Priority Bikes?

Pricing issues are a matter of comparison. It’s doable to urge different hybrid bikes within the same value vary with a spotlight on entirely different options. It is also achievable to seek out cheaper bikes; however, this can be it if you wish one thing with this distinctive mixture of possibilities. With the Priority time chalcedony, there’s no real purpose of contrast on the market, and there is merely nothing else out there that is quite identical.

priority continuum onyx belt drive bike

The inbuilt lights, enclosed fenders, and distinctive drivetrain build an ideal commuter or town bike. Everything is well created and backed by good company. If you were ever to have a problem, Priority is there to assist. Given what is on provide, the value is downright cheap. The gear varies nicely for a spread of parcels of land and hills. Priority Bicycles provides terrific client service, and users had few complaints regarding the bike.


Our Priority bikes review ends here. We can conclude that if you’re looking for a sporty bicycle that can handle both off-road rides and city commutes, the Onyx or Time Chalcedony are for you. These belt-drive bikes are sturdy enough to take on rugged terrain but offer simplicity and control with only two gears. No matter the mode of transportation, these models provide power with a 250W motor.

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