Populo Sport V3 Electric Bicycle | Complete Review

If you are looking for an affordable and lightweight electric bike, then Populo Sport V3 is perfect for you. It’s a single-speed electric bike with three tints and four frame sizes, fueled by a 250-watt drive system for a top pedal-assist rate of 200 mph and with no clutch mode. Read this article to find various types of clipless pedals.

It’s fast and effective, thanks to an incredibly simple system that makes for easier handling and maybe low cost than electric bicycles. They also offer rear derailleurs and more complex equipment.

populo sport v3

The Sport V3’s base weight of 37.2 pounds is significantly less than other electric bicycles, making it fairly easy to take indoors, into lifts, and into bike racks, even with the power pack set off.

Populo Sport V3 Review

V3 electric reviews show regular entry-level electric bicycles from a great company. It features a range of frills and equipment to keep the cost low. Thankfully, they offer twisted rings for adding shelves and a jug hanger; neither suspension; nor slim tires can feel stiff; caliper brake pads are appropriate but much better and last longer.

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The Populo Sport V3 is the new wave of this brand and the second bike I’ve tested from Populo. The V3 is the same as the earlier models, although it has a shorter rechargeable battery pack.


The Sport is Populo’s most economical bike, starting at $999. Like the Scout, this version shows that urban travel is possible. However, the Sport is an extremely simple pedal aid variant. They come up with the most necessary elements torn away, which partially explains its cheaper cost. The Sport is a single-speed bike with a 250-watt fixed hub motor, a detachable battery, and easy use. Read this article to explore cycles under 1000$

Compared to most of the other road bicycles I’ve ridden, which may weigh up to 60 pounds, the Sport seems incredibly light. The aluminum-alloy body is durable and light at 37.2 pounds, allowing the bike easy to pick up and move around. It’s also reasonably fun to set up without mechanical assistance.


The Sport is available in various frame sizes, including 18 inches, 22 inches, 22.5 inches, and 24 inches. It also comes in three shades: black, white, and polish. I tried the Polish shade, which claimed to be shiny aluminum. From an artistic sensibility, I like this hue. I believe it stands out beautifully in low-light conditions. The metal surface will most likely represent headlights effectively. The White color would be rather obvious in the evening as well. These two hues may be an amazing addition for those who want to ride at night.


You can also add some dazzling portable LED lights to make yourself more apparent. Aside from the various frame shapes and dimensions, there are no other alternatives or attachments available for the Sport.

A 250-watt hemispheric gearing hub motor drives the Sport to a top piston speed of 20 mph, while Populo Sport V3 asserts it delivers roughly 40-newton meters of force. This machine may be small, but when I turned the pedaling support to the top rack, level nine, I felt it offered a nice punch.

This bike shows that it is possible to drift around flat-ish urban streets. It does require some work to get the Activity rolling from a standstill, especially because it takes a moment or so of cycling to get the motors to turn on because it utilizes a tempo sensor instead of just a thrust sensor.

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The ability of this battery is noticeably smaller than that of most of the other electric bicycles I’ve tested (36 volts 12 ampere-hours typical sized), but this makes perfect sense considering the $999 expense. Also, the notion that this is a “bare essential” type of installation. Populo Sport V3 states that the bike has a range of up to 30 mph top speed, which seems highly plausible to the effective 250-watt motor, seamless, efficient tire, and solid body. Of course, this would reflect on the rider’s body weight and biking settings.


What I consider fascinating about this cell is that it has a significantly lower service – 8.7 ah relative to the earlier version’s 10.4ah – and the power pack also lacks the designed USB charger. Although a USB charger is a little convenient, it is essential to me because my gadgets often run short on power. I enjoy utilizing the Populo e-bike battery packs as backup battery banks. Click here to learn in-depth knowledge every biker should have about all types of bike wheels size.

The excellent thing is that the Sport can operate as a suitable city commuter bike because the power pack is still changeable. Sure, it has one speed, but some people do love that, and It won’t be a problem, especially as the landscape is flat. However, charging in this manner is not possible also with the new Scout edition.


I suppose I’ve grown pampered and conditioned to still riding disc brakes, so perhaps it’s just a drastic difference. The Populo Sport V3 brake pads are caliper brakes, and the power density is a little lackluster. These, like most caliper braking, require considerable pressure to force the bike to a dead standstill. They offer good tactical energy because of the thinner tires and are frequently applied on road bikes to drop weight and be sporty.


When I try to stop the bike at a respectable distance by gripping the brakes as tightly as I can, riders with less hand strength or those pedaling in the winter may find stopping tough. This may be hampered by the lack of customizable reach on the caliper brakes. The brake pads do their job. Also, with a starting price of $999, it’s natural that Populo will have to cut costs somewhere, and it appears that the brakes are among them.

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To begin, the single-speed shifting felt exactly right for me. Regarding the tempo, 18 mph seems to be a perfect balance, and riding felt easy. While the Sport lacks a derailleur, it’s worth engaging the gearing and ring. The chainring lacks a cover. Although this provides a smooth surface, my jeans will most likely not be as clean after a bit of riding.


A lack of a chain shield or guide further increases the possibility of a network derailment, albeit this is strange given that the track is linear and only runs through one cog. Because the engine is only 250 watts and there is no derailleur.



A relatively affordable, decently attractive, and surprisingly zippy single-speed electric bike comes in five scales and scope and four tints. An e-bike for as little as a grand? The Populo Sport V3 and v3 electric customer reviews that it pushes the envelope by combining a single-speed bike with an eight-level hydraulic disc brakes motor.

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