Norco Bike Review – Should You Get One?

In this article, “Norco Bike Review,” we will talk about Norco Bikes and its worth buying? So, continue to read to know more.

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Norco Bikes

Norco’s headquarter manufacturing is in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Norco has been since 1964. It currently has quite 100 models, including road, cyclotrons, gravel, mountain, urban, kids, and BMX bikes in its line. The company is additionally one of Canada’s largest distributors of bicycles and accessories to independent bicycle retailers. Norco 2020 and model names could also be equivalent.

The bikes are significantly different. TakCarbon or aluminium, 29″ or 27.5″ wheels – the Sight is obtainable in multiple configurations. Norco even has a web Build Your Ride program, where riders can select things like frame material, frame colour. And different suspension and drivetrain packages.

The combo reviewed here goes for USD 6,697, with spec highlights that include an SRAM X01 12-speed drivetrain, Rockton Lyrik Ultimate fork, Super Deluxe Select + shock, and Code RSC brakes. DT Swiss M1700 aluminium wheels are mounted with a Minion DHF / DHR II EXO+ combine the Sight, as an example. It previously had 130mm of travel and fell into the trail category. The newest version has 150mm of travel and a 160mm fork upfront.

norco website
norco website

Visit Norco Bike’s official website to know more.

Norco Bike Review – Construction and Features

Sight retains trunnion mounted shock as before and the Horst link suspension design, but it’s a more refined look, and there are improvements during a few key areas.

A chain protector helps decrease lap. Rubber pads protect the tube from flying rocks and scratches. The housing not goes under the rock bottom bracket. Internal cable routing, with a down tube, a zip-tie goes through to cinch down everything.
A full-size bottle easily fits inside the front triangle. There are two bolts under the highest tube which will be wont to secure a tube or tools.

norco bike
norco bike

Norco went with a 34.9mm seat tube diameter, a dimension that’s becoming increasingly common as dropper post travel amounts increase and seat tubes shrink, a scenario meaning the hundreds placed on posts are larger than ever. Thereon note, the dimensions medium and enormous frames accompany a 175mm dropper, and therefore the XL gets a post with 200mm of travel.

Norco calls it a term that I like. It’s fallen out of fashion in favour thanks to the enduro increment. Enduro became something of a catch-all term for all longer travel bikes. Still, now we’re beginning to see a split emerge – on one side, you’ve got bikes that fall under that all-rounder category. On the opposite, you’ve got even longer travel bikes which will still be pedalled to the highest but are more focused on the descending side of the equation.

Geometry & Sizing

norco bike size
norco bike size
  • Sight features a 64-degree head, and the large size features 440mm chain stays and 485mm reach.
  • Chain length changes the frame size to take care of a balanced ride regardless of the dimensions.• That way, taller riders don’t find sitting over once their dropper post is fully extended.
  • Seat tube angle steep is 77.7 degrees, instead of slacker go up the dimensions range.
  • Suspension Design

The leverage rate has increased to the previous model, enhancing the small bump compliance and grip. The anti-squat number is 126% off, and 110% at sag, numbers selected to offer are supportive platforms while climbing regardless of whether the rider is seated or standing. Leverage rate shifts from 3.2 to 2.6, a change of 18.75%. The goal of the Norco was to create a stroke without going overboard and smooth ramp the quantity of progression.

In the next segment of Norco Bike Review, let’s learn about this bike’s setup.

Test Bike Setup

Norco’s bike setup guide is as detailed it gets –set in person height and weight, then select from nine different skill levels commencing from beginner to professional. Be honest when choosing your ability level – you would possibly have dreams of being a professional, but that does not mean you necessarily got to the same suspension settings together.

norco bike handle
norco bike handle

The suggested settings include tire pressure and bar width recommendations. There’s even a button select that changes the setup offset. Some of the riders have pushed themselves generally forward, while others are centred or slightly rearward, which means different suspension settings are required.

norco bike gear
norco bike gear

That makes a top tube length 621mm, which means that it never felt too stretched.
Reach number 485mm could seem long on paper.


It also creates a central position over the pedals, and that it was ready to sit and spin my high sections that usually get up to wash. Even on flatter trails or when pedalling bent the trailhead, the positioning was very comfortable.
The 64-degree head tube angle means that the front doesn’t feel as snappy as something with steeper angles, except for the foremost part. I’m not usually faced with multiple fast uphill corners during a row, and therefore the trade-off is that the front wheel feels nicely stuck to the bottom, with no unwanted lifting when things get steep. Moreover, there’s unwanted suspension movement, with enough anti-squat to stay the shock from sinking too deep into its travel. And even out of the saddle efforts didn’t upset the bike’s calm pedalling manners.


In my opinion, considering all the above points, an individual should purchase Norco Bicycles. In the foothill bike and downhill ring they are one of the best out there. 

 Norco makes some high value bikes with tried and tested mechanisms. Therefore, in deduction, according to me, buying a Norco bike can be a very big asset to one. All the above potentials strike the quality of a good

I hope this article “Norco Bike Review” will be helpful for our readers. Checkout other Bike reviews on our page.

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