Are Look Bikes Worth Buying? Read Our Look Bikes Review [2023]

Are look bikes worth buying? Here is our honest Look Bikes review, which will indeed give you an insight into it.

The remarkable journey from developing skiing equipment to the manufacturing of clipless pedals. It is indeed one of the major factors behind the impeccable status of LOOK bicycles in this arena. Their pedals and bike frames which are being developed in high qualities, reassure the significance of the brand. Look bikes possess a history of success since the 80s, when its first bicycle model. The carbon-framed KG 86, was used and promoted by Bernard Hinault and Greg Lemond, who won the Tour de France. Their victory was a testimony to the excellence of the clipless pedals developed by Look, which has led to the worldwide acceptance of the company. The design of the clipless pedals has always been a source of inspiration as it is very convenient for road cycling. 

The shift of focus towards developing bicycles and their associated products has helped look to develop newer models with a variety of features. Bicycles suitable for roads, triathlons, tracks, and even gravels can be bought from Look. The company has developed different models of bicycles that incorporate different abilities and make themselves suitable for different terrains.

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Look Bikes Review

The following are the titans of Look that keep its flag soaring up high.


Fast, unique, and comfortable, the 795 BLADE RS is the latest model designed by Look, and one of the highlights of this model is that it is extraordinarily lightweight. With an overall weight of 1 Kg, we can undoubtedly say that this is highly suitable for racing, as its carbon fiber layup helps save the load compared to the other models.

795 blade rs
795 blade rs

Its upgraded version in 2021 has become the favorite of competitive riders, as its rigid and comfortable nature contributes to a fun and safe ride. The handling and the aerodynamics of the bike are preserved despite reducing the bike’s weight to a large amount. The thickness of the tube and the weight extension are reduced to achieve the same.

Its recently added features include disc brakes with immense stopping capacity in all adverse conditions. It is available in various colors as well as technical specifications. The price range starts at $3,250 for a Shimano 105. It rises to $11,000 for an SRAM Red eTap AXS.

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This is specifically designed for those who aspire to climb and conquer high roads. The bike frame is designed in such a way that it maintains the weight ratio with identical geometry. It is also capable of enhancing comfort and providing a lightweight structure. The key technological features are the optimized inertia section, the nanolayer construction, as well as the usage of high modulus carbon.

785 huez
785 huez rs

The carbon bicycle has always been in great demand as its properties add to the quality of the bicycle. High modulo carbon is used in the case of 785 HUEZ RS. Its recent update involves the addition of disc brakes as well as the omission of rim brakes. It is available from a price range of $3000 to $7200, where the most expensive model has a Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset embedded in it. 785 HUEZ RS is indeed a suitable choice for those who seek a bit of adventure.

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The different models of Look aim at the different roads where we set out with our bikes. The ones who are passionate about taking an off-road ride can certainly take this model as their companion. This model has a performance boost in pedaling, which helps the rider travel smoothly and safely in different kinds of pathways. Here, specific types of carbon are used for its structure, thus making it lightweight and ultra-versatile.

765 gravel
765 gravel rs

It is able to accommodate different types of wheels and tyres, and it has a well-developed carbon core. This bike is designed in such a way that we can go for an adventurous ride anytime. Also, It has 3D wave stays which improve vertical movement. Its seats are designed in a way that filters shocks. It also follows a direct drive concept.

We can avail these bikes from a price range from $3500 to $6200, with the carbon champagne glossy being the costliest of the lot.

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This is the all-rounder amongst the models. It is a carbon road bike with specifically designed components following an optimal geometry. It is a road bike that can also be transform into an off-road bike with ease. The model can adapt to different conditions that it faces. Its versatile nature has expanded its target audience to a large amount.  Its fully carbonized frame and fork ensure comfort while riding, whereas its tapered tubes contribute to its efficiency in the aerodynamic aspects.

765 optium +
765 optium +

It is available in a range from $3000 to $4500.

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The other bikes in the sports categories like track and triathlon. Which are of great demand as it has a history of leading athletes to gain laurels in sporting events. For more bikes related details, refer to 

With a successful legacy of contributing towards the world of speed, Look Bikes are undoubtedly the titans in the arena with a wide range of unique and impeccable products. Its products are reliable, and they assure comfort and safety in every ride. All these factors will certainly make you stand out of the crowd when you own a Look Bike! Hope our Look bikes review was helpful to you.