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Cycling is an excellent exercise for any child. It has uncountable benefits. Also, it will help your child from having a whole-body workout and keep him away from the screen. So if you want to introduce your child to an advanced level of cycling, gears are a must. For your little rider, check out this top 6 kids gear cycle list.

top kids gear cycle

Some of the best children’s gear cycles are BTwin Rockrider ST 500, Polygon Premier Ultralight 20, Woom 4, REI Co-OP REV Plus, and Guardian Airos. These gear cycles are of high quality, with great shift gears and powerful braking systems, ensuring your kid can experience ultimate riding.

To buy the most suitable gear cycle for kids, you must consider several factors to ensure their safety. Hence we enlisted several considerations and the best gear cycles available to help you make the best buy. So without delay, let’s look at kids’ gear cycles.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Kids Gear Cycle

Before buying a kids gear cycle, you should have a detailed insight into the following factors of a bike.

  • Size: Generally, cycles of 20-inch size are preferable for kids. Choose a small gear cycle for kids with average height. But, if your child is tall, you can select a 24-inch cycle. If you choose a ten-year-old boy gear cyclego for a 24-inch cycle. Also, pay attention to seat height. It’s better to choose a bike with an adjustable seat.
  • Weight: Lighter bikes will be easier to handle for your kids. However, gear bikes have increased weight than single-speed bikes due to the inevitable gearing system. gear cycle
  • Frame: The design of the frame varies for all bicycles. Choose the frame based on the usage of the bicycle. For example, an upright frame would be suitable if you want a bike for casual on-road riding. But, if your kid is an aggressive rider, choose a lean-forward frame.
  • Brakes:  Perfect brakes are extremely important for a child’s safety. Handbrakes with good stopping power are highly recommended.
  • Price: Bikes price usually increases for good quality bikes. Bikes with good frame design, high-end components, and standard brakes usually cost higher.

List of Gear Cycles For Kids

Following is the list of kids gear cycle to choose from:

Btwin Rockrider ST500

The traditional Rockrider models are single-speed, but the upgraded ST500 and ST900 models are geared. It comes with high-quality components and a highly responsive braking system.

btwin rockrider st500

The tires have a knobby design which gives great control on the ride. Additionally, it has a sturdy frame which comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Weight: 24.3 lb
  • Height of the seat: 23.25″ to30.25″
  • MSRP: 199$

Buy: Btwin Rockrider ST500

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Polygon Premier Ultralight 20

The Polygon Premier Ultralight 20 is the best bike available for up to $349 if you’re on a tight budget and want a bike for riding on easy trails.

polygon premier ultralight 20

The bike comes with a bright-colored frame and is specifically engineered with comfort for kids as the priority. It also has a comfortable seat and Kenda-multi-terrain tires for safe riding on all terrains.


  • Weight: 20.75 lb
  • Height of the seat: 21.25″ to 27.25″
  • MSRP: 349$
  • Shifters: Shimano 7-Speed Gear Shifters

Buy: Polygon Premier Ultralight 20

Woom 4

Woom 4 is the ultimate lightweight bicycle on this list of kids gear cycle, weighing around 18 lb. This 20-inch bike comes with 1.4″ tires which are convenient for long and off-road rides. It has independently functioning rear and front v-gears which offers great control over the bike on all terrains.

woom 4

 Its unique handlebar design makes it adjustable according to the kid’s height. Also, it offers a wide gearing range between 2.3 to 5.9, which makes it suitable for hill rides and paved trails.


  • Weight: 17.9 lb
  • Height of the seat: 22.1″ to 28″
  • MSRP: 499$
  • Gears: 8-Speed

Buy: Woom 4

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Guardian Airos

The Guardian Airos is built with a sturdy aluminum frame and offers stiffness to kids. The unique feature of Guardian Airos is its “Surestop” braking system. 

guardian airos

In addition to safety, Sure stop is also more convenient than dual-handed brake systems. All the usual bikes come with a front-hand brake which usually tilts when a kid suddenly stops the bike at high speed. But Guardian Airos has only a single front and rear brake levers.


  • Weight: 22.9 lb
  • Height of the seat: 22.5″ to 28.5″
  • MSRP: 499$
  • Gears: 6-Speed

Buy: Guardian Airos

REI Co-op REV Plus

If you are looking for an entry-level mountain bike, REI Co-OP REV Plus is the best kids gear cycle for you.

rei co-op rev plus

The frame is made of a sturdy element of aluminum. It comes with plus-size tires and tektro brakes that offer a great option for kid riders within a reasonable budget. The shifters of Shimano tourney revoshift and Shimano shift rear derailleur offer the smoothest turns on the road. And also, its high-quality components make it the ultimate high-end bike.


  • Weight: 24.5 lb
  • Height of the seat: 22″ to 27.2″
  • MSRP: 399$
  • Gears: 6-Speed
  • Brakes: Tektro mechanical disc brakes

Buy: REI Co-op REV Plus

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Prevalo Alpha Three

The Prevalo Alpha Three is an excellent sports cycle for kids who enjoy challenging roads. With the leverage of low gears and a 327% gear range, it stands as the ultimate bike for flat roads and uphill riding.

prevelo alpha three

Its frame is engineered with a low bottom bracket to reduce the center of gravity, making it easier for a child to handle the bike. It comes with a wide range of 9-speed drivetrains, making it the bike with the highest gears on the list. The crank’s length varies for each prevalo bike to ensure a comfortable journey for the little rider. Additionally, dual alloy chainring guards ensure safety from fingers getting caught in the chain.


  • Weight: 19.1 lbs
  • Height of the seat: 20.75″ to 25.75″
  • MSRP: 529$
  • Gears: 9-Speed

Buy: Prevalo Alpha Three


What are the fastest geared cycles?

The Canyon Aeroad CF SLX, with its mean speed of 25.3 km per hour, stands as the fastest geared bike. Ridley Noah SL follows with its mean speed of 25.1 km per hour.

What must be done to ensure a child's safety while riding?

The most important thing is a child's safety; hence make sure to teach them the road rules and make them wear helmets to keep them safe on the roads.

What bicycle is considered the safest?

The Babel bike, with its unique features of a seatbelt and safety cage, claims its bicycle to be the safest.

What bikes are suitable for a 6-year-old?

Usually, an 18-inch to 20-inch bike is suitable for a 6-year-old. As these bikes come in a lightweight range and with gears, it offers comfortable rides to bikes.

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The article enlists factors for you to consider before purchasing a kids gear cycle and the 6 best kid’s gear cycles. The list includes Prevalo Alpha Three, which is effectively safe for flat roads and hill climbing for adventurous riders; Guardian Airos, which has a sure stop brake system that offers the safest ride to kids; and Woom 4, which is the lightest kid’s geared cycle weight only 17.9 lbs. We hope the article helped you select the kids gear cycle that fits your child the best. 

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