IZIP Electric Bike – A Complete Guide at Your Fingertips

Are you looking for an E-bike and want to land up to the right one? This IZIP Electric Bike review can help you have better clarity of the products available for your purchase. No matter how diversified your expectations are from the E-bike you aim to buy, you will always have a variety to choose from – thanks to the range of models at IZIP.

IZIP is a South California-based electric bike manufacturing company that has been a part of the e-bikes conglomerate – the Accell group since 2012.

 It produces pedal-based electric bikes that look like traditional bikes, but the motors provide extra assistance whenever needed making the ride more comfortable and long. Their e-bikes have fully integrable electronics and drive systems from trusted brands. 

Why IZIP Electric Bike?

1. Motor – IZIP e-bikes are equipped with efficient motor systems from renowned brands like Bosch, Brose, and Shimano. The motor assists the pedaling process, making the rider make less effort from his side. The assistance by the engines can be varied as per need and is proportional to the rate of pedaling. Although assisted by the motors, the rider feels it quite natural.

2. Battery- When it comes to the performance of e-bikes, battery power is a must check. Choose the power rating as per the performance output you aim for. IZIP bikes have rechargeable, durable, and removable lithium-ion batteries.

izip meerkat bike battery
izip meerkat bike battery

3. Display and User-interface – The screen display is near the handle from which the controls are easily accessible. It shows the speed, distance covered, battery left, and assist level. The interface is quite user-friendly.

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IZIP Electric Bike Models Available in Four Categories

Let’s go briefly through each category and explore their uniqueness, and try to find out which one suits your needs best.


This category is for those who want to make their regular travel to work and home much more accessible and comfortable than before. Riding an e-bike to work can save your time from the day-to-day traffic you face and is a healthier alternative. There are three items on this list.

vibe 2.0 step thru
vibe 2.0 step thru

Vibe 2.0 Step-Thru is a customer favorite and most popular e-bike for commuting. It is a class 1 IZIP electric bike with a max speed of 20mph and battery power of 400Wh. Supported by Bosch active line mid-drive system, this model comes in both step-over and step-thru designs and is economical with a price of $2300. 


This IZIP electric bike category is for those who want to sail around and discover new places endlessly without being tired. Get comfy with these e-bikes and hang out and explore new realms of joy with your friends. Enjoy your weekend and freshen yourselves without being tired anymore. There are eight items to choose from in this category.

These e-bikes are most affordable and economical as compared to others. The maximum speed is around 20mph, which will allow you to catch the momentum around you and feel every glimpse of places you go.

izip zest e-bike
izip zest e-bike

The most popular among these is the Zest model. It gives a comfortable upright position to the rider. Switching between gears is smooth enough, and large tiers are suitable for bumpy roads and hills. The price is as low as $765.

For those who want to enjoy cruising in the wind, SIMI STEP THRU is also a viable option to choose from.


Go for these when you need extra space to quickly carry weights on your ride.

It has two bikes on the list.

izip tristar plus
izip tristar plus

With a max speed of 18 mph, Tristar Plus of IZIP electric bike range is suitable for such needs. It has a large rear cargo basket and thumb throttle option. However, it is pretty expensive but durable. Tristar is the cheaper alternative. 


Gear yourself up for the adventures you had planned, as going for them on e-bikes is a perfect choice. Ride downhills and uphills smoothly with more enthusiasm and less effort.

E3 Peak DS is an excellent IZIP electric bike purchase for mountain riders. It has a dual suspension system and a shock-absorbing suspension that makes the rides less bouncy. 400Wh battery-powered gives a max speed of 20mph and a range of 30-40 miles depending on the user inputs.

izip e3 peak ds
izip e3 peak ds


At IZIP, you also get the option to choose from the various sizes as per your body structure and what suits you. There are standard sizes available, but only one size option is present in some models. Many also have variety in color. So, get it cleared before you finalize any.

Placing Your IZIP Electronic Bike Order

Once you finalize your model as per your considerations, the next step is to purchase. Go to their official website for the same.

You can order online or get it from a nearby store if possible from your location. They provide free shipping to your address. The model can be assembled by the local dealer or by you itself- it’s your choice. As the company is emerging, you might get good after-sale services.

izip official website
izip official website

Warranty: The standard parts have a warranty period of 1 year.


E-bikes are a growing trend and a desirable alternative to traditional bikes. Although the brand is emerging, it has proved its eminence and reliability in the e-bike markets globally. Although it may be possible that your needs are much customizable, choose the best possible from the ones available. Whatever may be the purpose of buying, it will be handy.

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The company focuses on the comfort of the riders. Spending your money on an IZIP electric bike will come out to be fruitful.