Learn How To Lube Bike Chain [The Ultimate Guide]

Bike chains can be stubborn, and one should know how to lube bike chain. The trick is simple, i.e., to properly lube and clean them occasionally and regularly as and when required. Doing it regularly will prevent the bike from wear and tear and increase its performance eventually. Other than that, the next thing is to ensure whether or not you have a proper lube for appropriate weather conditions and choose the best.When you’re done with that and have a perfect lube, the hack is “clean and lube”.

bike chain lube
bike chain lube

Once you get the trick, you’re good to go. The following article is has three sections and is a complete guide on how to lube a bike chain. This is for people who have no idea of choosing the lube or cleaning the bike. Stick till the end to get your doubts resolved.

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Types Of Lubes

Before you start with how to lube bike chain, you must know about the types of lubes . Here are different types of lubes that you might want to try out

Dry Lubes

Dry lubes are the best when one has to cycle in arid climatic situations as it wears off easily in rainy weather. So, dry weathers suit such lubes well. Synthetic oils, additives, and career fluids goes in their making. While some people confuse wax lubes with dry lubes, that is not the case.

Some people might complain that dry lubes are not as effective because they deliver more friction. In comparison, some products in the market can prove such comments false. Moreover, they’re cleaner and attract less dirt. So, you might want to try them out.

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Wet Lubes

As the name suggests, wet lubes are for humid and rainy weather as they do not wear off easily. Moreover, they are made up of great quantities of high viscosity synthetic oils, thus less friction and easy movement.

There are no complaints from customers so far when it comes to ease of movement, but considering the cons, there is only one that attracts dirt and hence, pollutes the bike more than dry lubes. Anyways to ignore it, lube the chain thoroughly and wipe off any excess product before riding.

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Wax Lube

Clarifying that these are not similar to dry lubes, they have emerged in recent years and work great apart from weather conditions. They are paraffin-based lubes with additives as career fluid and PTFE. They have a good record of efficiency and longevity, and anyways, they’re less messy so that you can try these.

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Ceramic Lubes

Ceramic lubes are new in the market, and the users are still not clear on whether or not to use them. The makers claim that such lubes work better than wet or wax lubes the need of the hour. The prices are anyways higher than all the traditional lubes in the market.

Some makers say that such lubes reduce friction better than the oils found in wet lubes.

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When To Clean Your Bike?

The answer is always. It sounds confusing, right? It is not. The thing is, your bike meets dirt and dust daily when you take it out for riding. So, the cleaning should also be done regularly. However, there are two things that one should follow:

  1. Clean your bike regularly with a damp cloth and a soft brush (old toothbrushes work well) to clean off the dust that it may have met in the day and then apply lube to all the joints or you may backpedal it and hear the screeches and apply the lube wherever it needs.   

    bike cleaning
    bike cleaning
  2. Clean it once a month, wherein you remove the chain with a tool, clean it with a degreaser spray or a plastic scrubber thoroughly and apply the lube afterward.

Doing so would increase the efficiency and life of the bike.

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How To Lube Bike Chain: Ultimate Guide

Cleaning the bike thoroughly is necessary before applying lube because if you don’t do so, the lube will act as a dirt magnet and decrease the bike’s longevity. Another thing to make sure of is the type of lube you’re using. When you make sure the pre-preparations are done, you can start lubing your bike.

Follow the given below steps in case you are looking for an in-depth guide:

Shake The Bottle or The Container

This is the first step to lube your bike chain. Which helps in mixing the product thoroughly, and the lube spreads well. So, giving it a vigorous shake before using it is a must.

Squeeze And Apply

So, this is the main part, and you might not want to spoil it. The trick is to hold the bottle in one hand and start squeezing it while continuing to backpedal the bike. As the chain moves, spread the lube all over the chain. 

Put aside the lube and continuously move the chain to make sure every inch is soaked in lube thoroughly. This continuous movement also helps to recognize any screeches and drops of all the excess product.

Cleaning The Excess Product

The final step is to pick a damp cloth and start cleaning the bike again as it would wipe off all the excess product and leave the bike clean and tidy. To achieve this, hold the chain steady with one hand and continue backpedaling till you’re satisfied. You should never skip this step at any cost.


Lubing your bike chain is not such a hack. It is quite simple and you can do at home easily if you have the proper products. Some obsessives might want it to do at a bike store or a garage which you can skip. Once you’re aware of the right kind of products and the care your bike needs keeping in mind the weather conditions you ride in, you can do it yourself. We hope this article on how to lube bike chain has resolved your queries!

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