How To Choose A Bicycle? The Ultimate Bicycle Buying Guide

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone ask me what kind of bike they should buy, I’d be a millionaire. In an age where all the bicycle brands are available at your fingertips, it seems as though everyone wants to know how to choose a bicycle.

What is the best bike?

You could sit and research and read about bikes for years and still not find the best one for you unless you were to build it yourself, which is another story.

 All you’d need to do is find the ideal bike for your riding style and body type. It’s that simple! It could be a mountain bike, a road bike, a BMX bike, etc. Use the “How To Choose A Bicycle? The Ultimate Bicycle Buying Guide” below to help you pick the best bike for you.

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What Bike Do I Want?

 The first step is deciding what kind of riding you are going to do. Are you commuting to work, riding on dirt trails, or maybe even competing in marathons?

 Figure out what you’d like to use your bike for before you go shopping so that way it can help narrow down your search for a new bicycle. Take into consideration aspects like if it will be used for racing, touring, or just recreational riding. If you plan to do any commuting, it’s also important to check the weight limits of the bike.


What Type of Bike Should I Buy?

 The bike you get will depend on your personal needs and requirements. How fast do you want to go? Are you looking for a mountain, hybrid, or road bike? These kinds of questions will help narrow down your choices, which can make choosing a new bike easier.

types of bicycle
types of bicycle

 If you’re serious about racing bicycles, the best way to get the right bike is by visiting your local racing team’s shop and asking them which bikes they prefer. You can also ask around at local cycling venues or on social media.


How Much Do I Have to Spend?

How much do I have to spend? is the frequent question asked after “How to choose a bicycle?”  This is the most important factor you’ll need to consider. You want to make sure you can afford the bike. Otherwise, it will turn out to cost you more in the long run. The amount of money you’re willing to spend will depend on what kind of riding you plan on doing, how often, and how far you travel.

how much do i spend
how much do i spend

 If you’re buying a new mountain bike, consider your budget accordingly because most mountain bikes are very expensive.

 While most road bikes are cheaper than mountain bikes, they aren’t cheap by any means! Also, consider the components of your desired bicycle. The components can add up, so be sure to keep that in mind.


What Size Bike Do I Need?

 Are you a tall or short person? How much do you weigh? Your height and weight will determine which size bike will be best for you. If your bike is too small for your body type, not only will it be uncomfortable to ride, but it can also make things dangerous because of your lack of control.

what size of bike
what size of bike

 When choosing a new bike, the advice is to get the right bike for your body size. You’ll want one that fits snugly and isn’t loose at all. It should also allow enough room between the crossbar and top tube. The fit shouldn’t be too tight. Otherwise, it will feel uncomfortable.


How to choose a bicycle? – What Type of Bicycle Is Best for Me?

 Before making a purchase, consider the type of bicycle you want. Here are some types of thinking about: road, mountain, hybrid, or BMX. Road bikes are the most popular, but the others have their benefits as well. When shopping for a new bike, make sure to ask what the brand of the bike is made out of, whether it’s aluminium or steel.

 Aluminium bikes are more expensive but are lightweight and durable. Steel bikes are also quite durable but aren’t as lightweight as aluminium ones.

aluminium bike
aluminium bike

 Also, consider your frame type. Most aluminium road bikes offer three frame types: racing, sport, and endurance. Take your time to choose the frame type you most prefer before making a purchase.


What Features Do I Want?

 What features do you want? Do you want a bike with gears or one that’s single speed? If you want more gears, keep in mind that the more gears it has, the more expensive it usually is. You can find single-gear bicycles on the cheap, but if you prefer having multiple gears, prices go up accordingly.

key things to remember
key things to remember

 Also, ask about accessories like lights for night-time riding and special racks for carrying grocery bags or baby seats. Take your time to consider now before buying. If you ever feel stuck in the dilemma of How to choose a bicycle, then always remember It’s better to buy a bike that you love now instead of the one you can’t stand a month from now.


Am I Competing in Cycling Races?

 Are you looking for a racing bike? Well, if so, ask if the bike has a gear shifter. Some bikes only have one gear, and they don’t have shifters, so if you want to race, you either need to buy a bike that has shifters or get used to riding without them. Another thing that can be important is frame type.

cycling races
cycling races

 Most road bikes are 700c wheels, which are longer and wider than most mountain bikes. On the other hand, most mountain bikes are 700c wheels as well. If you want to ride on dirt trails, make sure the bike has disc brakes because these are better at stopping on the dirt.

 Make sure the bike has enough clearance for your pedals. If you are not competing in races, you can just go for an aluminium or steel bike without too many bells and whistles.


How Much Travel Do I Need?

 This is another factor to consider when choosing a bicycle. The more travel you have out of your suspension, the smoother it will ride over bumps, and if you have a lot of travel, it will help absorb shock from sudden stops.


 Make sure the bike has enough travel for your riding style. This will help you maintain control and comfort when riding over rough terrain. However, if you’re not going to do a lot of bumpy riding, don’t get the most travel. Most mountain bikes have around five inches of suspension, while road bikes up to 20 inches which is plenty for most riders.

We are almost at the end of this article, “How to choose a bicycle?” but before concluding, we will answer the most important question asked:

Is the Bicycle Safe?

 The safety of your bicycle is very important! Make sure that all the cables and wires are securely fastened and well maintained. When shopping for a good-quality bike, make sure all the wheels spin freely without bouncing or clicking sounds. If any of the parts make unusual noises or feel dull or rough in any way, they should be replaced.

bike safety
bike safety

 Make sure the tire pressure is correct before taking your bike for a ride. The tires should be checked at least once a week to ensure they are properly inflated. If you want to bring your bike indoors when the weather gets cold, make sure it has enough room to fit inside without much trouble.


 If you want a more affordable option, then choose a single-speed or an aluminium bike. If you’re really into biking and want more features, then get yourself one of those high-quality bikes made out of steel. Ultimately, the choice is up to you!

 I hope you found this “How To Choose A Bicycle? The Ultimate Bicycle Buying Guide” post helpful.

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