Hero Mountain Bike Review | Hero Cycle

Hero mountain bike is one of the most popular brands for MTB. They feature extremely stylish, strong, and charismatic bikes. Their price ranges are affordable for the majority of the people. The brand has been the biggest manufactures of mountain bikes over the years. From catchy colors to smooth rides, they offer everything.

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Hero MTB review

If you are looking for bicycles for some adventurous trips, these bikes won’t disappoint you for sure. 

You should definitely consider some of the cycles: Hero Count 26T (21 SPD), Hero Finisher 26T (21SPD) Front Disc, and Hero Attitude 24T SS FS Double Disc.

It is a complete list of hero bikes with their amazing specifications.

Hero Attitude 24T SS FS Double Disc

Hero Mountain bikes present Attitude 24T SS FS Double Disc as one of its coolest bikes. It is male-oriented and has a frame of 35.56cm. If you are looking for a cool, stylish, comfortable, and affordable hero bicycle for men, then this is it. The bikes offer highly effective brakes with an amazing disc system. 

hero attitude 24t ss fs double disc

The base specification includes suspension, gear with single speed, brakes, and front suspension. It comes in extremely attractive with an aggressive sporty design. 

The overall look is captivating. Apart from being amazing, It’s comfortable too. The bike has a comfortable seat and available pedals. With fresh and varied colors, become your star. Hero 24T has a variety of great cycles. 

The dimension of Hero Attitude 24T SS FS Double Disc has approx. 24T size. The price ranges from9.47K to 10K in India.


The main Competitors of Hero Attitude 24T SS FS Double Disc are Kross Viper 14T; Kross Viper 16T can be some good alternatives.

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Hero Count 26T (21 SPD) 

The second bike I recommend from the Hero Mountain collection is Count 26T (21SPD). A very stylish and gorgeous bike in Hero’s collection. It comes in full metal steel with a 26T x 2.125 frame range. 

A 24T cycle is extremely popular for its smooth movements and lightweight. Looking at the base specification, it has 19 kg weight and gear with 21 speed. It has dual disc mechanical breaks, and suspension is included. Comes with available pedals that are smooth and strong. 

hero count 26t 21 spd

Get immersed in the ride, which offers a flying feeling with a sporty look. It includes a side stand and loaded fender with a double base PU alloy seat for comfort.

It’s affordable and offers ultra-speed rides. The price ranges from 14.9K to 20k in India. Mountain bikes’ prices are mostly in the range of 10K-20K.


Kross Viper 14T, Kross Viper 16T, and Raleigh MONSTER 24 are some of the competitors of this collection.

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Hero Finisher 26T (21SPD) Front Disc

 Hero mountain cycle is famous for its unique style, fresh colors, and effective mechanism. The weight is 18kg and also offers effective breaks. Available pedals with front disc FD breaks. This is what makes the ride easy and quick. Mountain bikes that have thumb shifters are easier to ride. It is 21 speed geared bike with strong and sleek tires. 

hero finisher 26t 21spd front disc

The body is an 18& Hardtail (Patented New Design) fully Steel frame with a button-pattern style. The suspensions are spur and offer different colors for the bike.

The drivetrain includes front and rear derailleur. The handles have matte black finishing that makes the bike look extremely cool. It also facilitates the grip and the driving much strong. Some basic features are a dual-tone fender, PU with Quick Release Seat, and a Side Stand from a comfort point of view.


The competitors of Finisher front disc Hero Mountain bike are Kross Viper 14T, Kross Viper 16T, Tata Stryder Hector 27.5T, Firefox Bad Attitude 8, etc. Click here to know about GT mountain bike which is also considered as the best mountain Bike

The price ranges from 12K to 20K in India. If you are looking for bikes with a budget of 10k, this can be an efficient buy.  

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Hero Howler 26T (21 SPD) B

Hero Howler 26T (21 SPD) has speed 21 gear. The base specifications also involve threaded 26t suspension and dual disc brakes. The USP of this bike is that it comes with effective suspension. The V brake makes the cycle highly compelling and easy to control. 

hero howler 26t 21 spd

You need not worry about colors as they offer a variety of them. The extremely stylish dual-tone will catch your eye instantly. The average weight of 19kg, and hardtail frame with available pedals. Basic features are a side stand with PU Seatpost for your comfort. 

Every hero mountain bike has a unique drivetrain mechanism. IT HAS EVERYTHING from NA front and rear derailleurs to Shimano cassette freewheel and thumb shifters. The handles are black 620mm making it look amazing.


The major competitions are Roadeo Fugitive 29T, Roadeo Hank 27.5T, Omo Manali G7 Offroader, and Montra DTR 24 Disc.

The price range falls from 10K to 20K in India. It is available at 17K in India. 

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Hero Attitude 24T SS Rigid V-Brake 

Attitude 24T SS Rigid has been popular in the collection of Hero mountain bikes. The bike has a sweet touch of captivating colors. The gender is male, and the frame is 24T with 18kg weight. It’s light and swift in use. The base specifications include gear with single speed, rigid suspension, and V brakes. 

hero attitude 24t ss rigid v brake

The dimension and measurements of the bike are 24t in size with 18 kg weight. Every cycle rider knows the significance of the sleek body in a cycle. Hero mountain bike has a body of steel frame, rigid suspension, v brakes, and available pedals. 

Some basic feature includes a side stand and loaded mudguard PU Seatpost which offers comfort. The drivetrain is also highly effective. It has all kinds of mechanisms like NA Front derailleur, NA Rear derailleur, and 18 Teeth Cassette/ Freewheel. The bike also offers Cottered Chain, Single Speed Gears, MTB Type Handlebar, and NA Shifters.


Some alternatives are highly competitive to Hero Attitude 24TRigid V-brake. A few of them are Kross Viper 14T, Kross Viper 16T, Hercules Top Speed TZ130, Leader Stark 27.5T with Front Suspension & Disc Brake, etc. 

The latest price of this bike is 8.3K. Cheap and easily available. The price ranges from 7K to 10K in India. 

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Which cycle is best in Hero?

· Hero RX2 Sprint. · Hero Octane Endeavour (Sprint Pro) · Hero Octane DTB Plus. · Hero Sprint Next

Is Firefox a hero brand?

Firefox will operate as a standalone business under Hero Cycles. The company presently sells over 70 different Firefox bikes and 25 Trek models through a network of 160 company-owned and franchise outlets.



Hero mountain bike is one of the most amazing products from the Hero brand. The bikes are extremely style and cool. Anyone who loves to ride bikes would recommend Hero as one of the best brands for it. Their latest hero sprint mountain bike is effectively perfect for cycle lovers. Go check out now. 

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