Giordano Libero 1.6. [Review] Is It Worth Its Cheap Price?

Giordano has been a bike manufacturing team based in New Jersey.  With Italian history as its inspiration and the latest technological advancements as its focus. The one thing that makes Giordano bikes known is the safety they offer to you. Checking for all the details to the very last of them does ensure that you are provided with enthusiast-level bicycles. The company deals with road bikes, with features suitable to just about every level of rider. There are, of course, the road bikes most dedicated to these, and then there are Hybrid bikes, specialty bikes, and Lifestyle bikes. Viaggio Tandem Bike, Giordano G7 Hybrid Bicycle, and Giordano Libero Men & Women Road Bike, to name a few.

giordano bikes

Specifically focusing on the Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike, especially for its reasonable price and quality features against the other cheaper beginner models. It has got a chic design and includes a wide array of colors. Moreover, all sizes are under $500($449.99 for all sizes).


Giordano Libero : Good Aspects

It exists for road use by casual riders, fitness buffs, and weekend road warriors who want better quality than some entry-level bike. Its multi-reason use can be explained away by the available sizes – Small (for a person that is 5’1-5’8 feet tall), Medium (for a person that is 5’8-6 feet tall), and Large (for a person that is 6’2-6’5 feet tall).

It is a comfortable lightweight (weight around 26 lbs — 32 lbs for men’s bikes and 24 pounds for women’s road bike). The frame or the centerpiece responsible for holding all the components of the bike as one is from aluminum 6061, the best of all the aluminum alloy materials (strong enough to handle excessively rough road life). And aluminum 700c wheels which are highly attractive, durable, more aerodynamically for you to ride faster and tires, approximately 25 inches which not only are durable but provide less rolling resistance and excellent tire pressure the allows the tires to roll quickly and smoothly.

giordano libero
giordano libero


This model can boast about its 16 Speed Shimano Claris STI shifters integrated for their easy-to-use and easy-to-shift work ethic. Allowing complete control of the bike. Another feature is the wheel rims (even inferior often, still better than the Vilano Shadow).

The front and rear Shimano Derailleurs (perfect before a tune-up and provide smooth and precise gear changes). The Cranks (the 50-40 compact crank which is capable of assisting riders to climb uphill). The Drop-bar handles (durable, quite comfortable, and allow you to bend forward on the climb up the steep sections of the road allowing you to ride faster). And Handlebar tape (higher quality, although white exposed to getting dirty quickly) ensure the quality doesn’t compromise. 

For comfort :

The handlebars have soft padding keeping in account various hand positions, thus preventing hand and wrist pains. However, they do not offer the most comfortable positions resulting in neck and back pains risks.

Lastly, the Giordano libero 1.6 Road Bike also features a carbon fiber suspension fork which provides extra stability. It is easy to repair if during a crash or of something of the same likes bends or dents this suspension fork, thanks to them being robust and flexible. The material that they use has shock-absorbing properties. This enables them to absorb the shocks and vibrations, proving the ride to be a smooth one.

This bike showcases a performance counted way too high for a bike with a price under $500. It makes the ups and downs of the bike seem like a breeze even though the gear changes. Though this accounts for an upgrade of the bike if speed is the factor preferred.

The Giordano Libero 1.6 one also comes pre-assembled, as it includes some parts that you will need to assemble yourself. You can also choose to upgrade the tires according to personal preferences, as they are standard stock but reliable and fit for any weather.

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Giordano Libero : Bad Aspects

Now for things that might make you uncomfortable, the brakes, although being dual pivot caliper breaks and offering secure stops to an extent just like any other entry-level bike as in a good 2-5 feet clearance required for the full stop at full speed. But have to mention them being very cheap to be available at any local bike shop.

giordano libero 2
giordano libero 2

Some reviews have also mentioned the material used for the bike’s frame, the aluminum 6061, being pretty stiff, resulting in the bike being unable to absorb shocks and vibrations by the unevenness of the roads. It also makes it particularly tricky to repair than any other bike frame material. Also, it is that the tires for the bike do not perform much efficiently on all the uneven road surfaces.

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But even as the breaks leave something of a desire, the gears and shifters are great. Not to mention that Libero 1,6 is quite a beauty style for road use and is value for money; the sizes guarantee you find the one for you.

One can upgrade many of these parts if they wish to save money, which adds a cherry on top. If you find yourself looking for a road bike with some basic and extra features under $500 and to take your cycling adventures to a level beyond the present, the Giordano Libero 1.6 should be your go-to bicycle.