Giant Contend 3 Review (And other Contend models)

This versatile road bike combines agility and comfort, allowing you to push the pace and cover more ground. Contend was designed and built for prospective riders wishing to improve their road experience. It has snappy acceleration and a more endurance-oriented riding posture. This article will have a detailed Giant Contend 3 review along with an in-depth guide on other models.

The Contend 3 adapts to the foremost challenging and sophisticated circuits, keeping the rider comfortable and, therefore, the bike responsive. The Contend 3 also includes Giant’s new unique D-Fuse seat post, which provides even greater sustained comfort in rugged terrain. This enables absorption by absorbing as little road shock as possible while optimizing power output. The technology puts you, the rider, in control of every opportunity to move ahead of the competition.

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Specifications of latest model (Giant Contend 3 Review) :

In this Giant Contend 3 review you’ll see that, the Giant Contend 3 (2021) is a road bike with an ALUXX-Grade Aluminium Frame. It has a Shimano Claris drivetrain with 16 speeds. Giant’s Road Bicycle is equipped with Tektro TK-B177 brakes. The Giant Contend 3 is fitted with an ALUXX-Grade Aluminium Fork. It comes standard with Giant S-R3 AC 700x28c tires mounted on Giant S-R3 Wheels. It is also an entry-level road bike that is excellent for individuals new to road cycling.

giant contend 3
giant contend 3


The Contend 3 also has a small crankset that provides the ideal blend of acceleration and speed. You’ll adjust your power properly to accommodate both obstacles, whether you’re facing double-digit gradients or flattening out on a straightaway. Giant is a Taiwanese bicycle company founded in 1972 with the sole purpose of improving cycling experiences. Giant’s production efficiency has enabled them to provide high-quality bicycles at a reasonable price. Giant offers a diverse choice of bikes in all categories. MRP: $860, Frame: Aluminium, Fork: Aluminium, Wheels: 700c, Drivetrain: 2 × 8, GroupsetClaris: FSA, Brakes: Rim.

How heavy is a Giant contend? (Giant Contend 3 Review)

Even with a weight of 9kg, which is one among the few downsides to the Giant, and even that is one that you rarely notice until you hit the climbs, if you usually ride up to 20mph approximately, this may get you up to hurry smoothly and effortlessly, even with its 9kg weight, which is one of the few downsides to the Giant.

giant contend 3 (2)
giant contend 3 (2)


Even that is one that you rarely notice until you hit the climbs.

Is ‘Giant contend’ a good road bike?

The Giant Contend provides a smooth, economical ride with a rapid, elegant feel on the road. The D-Fuse Seatpost minimizes road shocks and vibrations, and the frame and fork clearance lets you use wider tires (up to 32mm) for further comfort.

giant contend 3 (3)
giant contend 3 (3)

The Contend 3 is the most reliable class, and it complements the Contend 2020 range. Contend you may use three for cycle cross and gravel riding because of the tire clearance. There are no boundaries to what this bike can do; how you choose to use it is entirely up to you.


Few bikes now have this versatility, as most are designed for a specific riding style. At this price, you have the best of both worlds, knowing that you can alter and set up your bike as needed at any moment. This is advantageous because not all riders have the financial means to acquire multiple bikes. The Contend 3 may be used in all four seasons, allowing you to cycle all year.

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Giant’s other Content Models, and which one is best for you?

Giant classifies the Contend line as an “all-rounder” that is to suit a broad spectrum of riders. New cyclists wanting to purchase their first road bike and commuters and sportive riders are all included. The Contend is for comfort rather than head-down racing, with a comfortable riding position.

giant bikes
giant bikes

The lower-spec range is for the novice rider who wishes to try road riding or commute by bike without spending too much money.

Higher-spec versions are for the endurance rider who wants a comfortable riding posture but don’t want to upgrade to a carbon frame but still needs high-quality components.

Giant Contend

The Contend 2017, 2018, 2019, etc., rim brake bikes are the entry-level Content models, with the same Aluxx-grade aluminum frameset and all-carbon tapered fork.

giant contend
giant contend


A 50/34t compact chainset is linked with an 11-34t cassette on both bikes, giving a wide range of gears suitable for beginner cyclists or riders who live in a mountainous location.

The Contend 1 and 2 are for beginner cyclists looking for a cheap road bike or those who want to upgrade without spending a fortune.

Giant Contend AR

If you are looking for a road bike that can also do some gravel riding, the Content AR series strives to give versatility.


Hill-friendly gearing is included on all bikes, with a 50/34 compact chain and 11-34t cassette. The same Giant Contend Aluxx-grade alloy frameset and carbon tapered fork are in all AR variants.

giant contend ar
giant contend ar

The Content AR series is  for riders who will spend most of their time on pavement but want a bike that can turn down a dirt or gravel road.

Giant Contend SL Disc 1 and 2

This is one of the most expensive variants in Giant Contend bikes.

giant contend sl disc 1
giant contend sl disc 1


Both bikes are with an enormous Aluxx SL-grade aluminum frame with disc brakes and a little 50/34t chainset with 11-34t gear.

giant contend sl disc 2
giant contend sl disc 2


The Contend SL Disc series is for riders looking for a higher-end frame with better components.



  1. What is Shimano Claris?

CLARIS provides easy-to-operate, precise, and light-action shifting with the SHIMANO 8-speed index system, strong brakes, and smoothly spinning hubs. A high-quality, low-maintenance 8-speed transmission offers the ideal range of gears for on-road cycling.

2. Which is better, Claris, Sora or Tiagra?

If you prefer a somewhat lighter and faster groupset, the Tiagra is a better choice. Choose the Sora if you want a combination of performance and value. If you want more excellent performance but don’t need an 11-speed groupset, the Tiagra is the way to go.

Shimano Claris is at the bottom of the Shimano hierarchy while being less expensive and beginner-friendly. Shimano Tiagra, on the other hand, has improved braking and shifting performance and is lighter.

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This was our Giant contend 3 review along with descriptions of other popular giant models. Giant bikes, although expensive, is still one of the best bike brands out there.