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As the world realizes the importance of sustainable transport, bicycles are reverting to the streets. Not just sustainability, bikes also stand as the best economic transport. Furthermore, cycling is an excellent recreational exercise for all ages. Dragon bike is an excellent option for all kinds of riders. Whether you’re looking for a touring or mountain bike, it meets all your needs.

dragon bicycle

Some of the best dragon cycles are dragon 29 sport for mountain biking, dragonfly designed for women, dragon Slayer pro, etc. These bikes suit for off-road riding and also for road rides.

The dragon bike series started in the 90s and has subsequently improved its design and engineering as per the requirement of the riders. Let’s look at the best dragon bikes in this article.

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How Did The Dragon Bikes Series Start?

Dragon bikes were started in 1993 by the Jamis company. This bike series is the most popular one of all the Jamis bikes. It manufactures bicycles that stand as one of the world’s best mountain bikes with ultimate speed on challenging roads. 

jamis company bikes

These bikes started with a hand-polished frame design, Rock Shox front suspension, etc. It has been subsequently upgraded to 3 VO- Complete suspension, which offers zero loss of pedaling power. And a powerful drivetrain and efficient impact control for smooth rides off-road.

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List of The Best Dragon Bikes

Following is the list of the best dragon bikes.

Dragon 29 Sport 

With its sturdy steel frame with a lifetime warranty, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and 100-120 suspension fork, it stands as the ultimate dragon bike for trail rides. It also stands as the best budget-friendly bike out of all the dragon series. It is available at the price of about 2000$. Below are the dragon 29 sport bike’s specifications.

Frame: Dragon 29 comes with sturdy Reynolds steel with internal routing for the dropper post.

Fork: It has a 100-120 mm suspension fork fitted with an air spring compression.

Brakes: This bike is powered with Shimano MT 420 hydraulic disc brakes, which offer a powerful stopping system. dragon 29

Gearing system: It has a Shimano SLX rear derailleur with 12-Speeds and Shimano SLX shifters that offer the smoothest shifting and turnings while riding the bike.

Handlebars: Handlebars are of measurements 35 x 760 mm and offer smooth maneuverability.

Wheelset: The wheel rims measure 29 inches and have stainless spokes enclosed by WTB vigilante 29-inch tires.


  • Good high-end components
  • Steel frame
  • 12-speed Shimano gears
  • Hydraulic disc brakes 


  • Bike is heavy
  • Bulky look
  • Pedals are cheap
  • Forks can be upgraded 
FrameReynolds steel 520
Braking system Shimano MT 420
TiresWTB vigilante 29-inch tires
Handlebars35 x 760 mm
Derailleur Shimano SLX rear derailleur
ShiftersShimano SLX shifters

Buy: Dragon 29 sport

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Dragon Slayer Pro

This second bicycle is one of the best dragon mountain bikes. With its high-end components and 27.5-inch tires, it stands as a standard trail bike. Slayer Pro has a price tag of 2500$. Following are the specifications of dragon Slayer Pro.

Frame: The Dragon Slayer Pro has a Reynolds 520 steel frame with the internal routing of a dropper post and a head tube of 44mm measures.

Fork: It comes with a 120 mm front suspension enabled with an adjustable rebound and air spring compression.

Brakes: This dragon bike in the series has Shimano SLX disc brakes.  dragon slayer pro

Gearing system: With its perfect combination of SRAM GX Eagle rear derailleur with 12-speed and SRAM GX Eagle shifters, riders find it easy to shift gears.

Handlebars: The handlebars are comfortable and measure around 31.8 x 740 mm.

Wheelset: tubeless TCS 27.5″ rims with stainless spokes are covered by 3.0″ wide WTB ranger fat tires.


  • Comfortable seating position
  • Good on bumpy trails
  • 36/22T chainring supports heavy load
  • Rear rack mounts
  • Sliding dropouts


  • The seat post is uncomfortable
  • Higher price
  • Little bouncy while riding
  • 29″ is more comfortable for tall riders.
FrameReynolds steel 520
Fork120 mm
Brake systemShimano SLX hydraulic disc brakes
Handlebars31.8 x 740 mm
Derailleur SRAM GX Eagle rear derailleur
ShiftersSRAM GX Eagle shifters
Tires3.0" wide WTB ranger fat tires

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This dragon bike is specifically designed for women and is a variation of Slayer. With its 26+ inch tires and unique feature of adjustable sliding dropouts, and build of high-end components, it is a go-to dragon road bike. Additionally, it has ample storage for carrying stuff for a trip. It is available in pro and sports versions. Following are the dragonfly bike’s specifications.

Frame: The Dragonfly bike fits the classic dragon series’ Reynolds 520 steel frame. This frame has the unique feature of being lightweight yet durable.

Fork: The Dragonfly’s pro version has an upgrade of 120 mm rhythm 34 float fork. At the same time, the sport version has a 120 mm rock Shox recon silver RL fork.

Brakes: The braking system is the ultimate Shimano M396 calipers and levers with RT 26 180 mm front brake rotor and RT 26 160 mm rear brake rotor.dragonfly

Gearing system: The bike has an SRAM NX derailleur enabled with 11-speed SRAM NX shifters.

Wheelset: It has WTB TCS 27.5-inch tubeless rims enclosed with WTB Ranger 26″ x 3.0″ tires allowing you to ride effortlessly with less pressure.


  • The bike has modern geometry
  • It offers an upright position for the rider
  • More number of mounts
  • Tire size is suitable for short riders
  • Quite an affordable price range


  • The bike is heavy
  • Rather tight tires and rims
  • Not a lot of color options
  • Sport version has lesser upgraded suspension and other features.
FrameReynolds 520 steel frame
Fork120 mm rhythm 34 float fork
Brake systemShimano M396
Derailleur SRAM NX derailleur
Shifters SRAM NX shifters
Handlebars 20 x 60 mm
TiresWTB Ranger 26" x 3.0" tires

Buy: Dragonfly

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Who makes Jamis dragon bikes?

Jamis Dragon bikes are manufactured by an American-based distributor, Joannou cycle Co which CEO Carine Joannou leads.

What is the top bicycle manufacturer in the world?

USA-based Trek bikes are the best bike brand in the world. It is followed by Taiwan-based Giant bikes and United States-based Specialized bikes.

How should one find the model year of a bike?

Though every manufacturer has its pattern of identification of the model year, it is usually seen that the first numbers on the bikes indicate the year and month of manufacturing. The following digits refer to the individual ID of the bike.

What is the oldest cycle brand to exist in the world?

Edoardo Bianchi S.P.A is the oldest cycle brand in the world. It started manufacturing bicycles in the year 1885 in Italy. It also manufactured motorcycles in its recent years of establishment.

Where can I get the bike's frame number?

The bottom bracket of the bike typically has the frame number printed on it.

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We hope you find the best bike based on this article in depth dragon bike reviews. The article enlists the best dragon bike. The list includes dragon 29 sport which is one of the best 29-inch mountain bikes; Dragon Slayer, which is good as a road bike; and dragonfly, which is specifically engineered for women riders.