Top DJ Folding Bike To Ride | Portable And Powerful

 Have you been searching for an electric and folding bike for your daily commute? You are the right reviewer because we have the best DJ folding bike. This article reviews detailed reviews of the best DJ electric bike based on features, value for money, performance, and pros and cons. 

Inflation is at its all-time high, and taking the subway or your car to work daily is not the best option. An electric folding bike can solve your problems. It’s affordable because it’s electric, so there is no stress over gas prices. It is foldable, so you can easily commute with it. The demand for electric bikes increases, resulting in even lower pricing. Have a look at this “Best electric bike under 1000 $” list to help you out while choosing one. But, you heard somewhere that electric bikes are not powerful enough and you would not reach the office in time, well we are happy to inform you that it’s a myth. DJ folding bike is a powerful one. 

Kindly keep reading till the end to find out what the things we do and don’t like about the DJ bikes are. 

DJ Folding Bike Review

Currently, DJ has just one folding bike on the market, but they made sure it is one of a kind. It goes by the name of DJ Folding’s bike, and let’s find out why.

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About DJ Bikes

DJ bikes is a Canada-based company that was started by a couple named Daniel and Jolin (and hence the D and J). It is a family business, and they manufacture electric bikes only.

about jd bikes

They go by the mantra that anyone can enjoy cycling, feel young and have fun. They have launched just one folding bike yet, but you can check out DJ Bikes’ official website to check out other bikes from them. 


Below are the specifications of the DJ folding bike


  • Dimensions (Folding): Length- 43 inches; Width- 22 inches; Height- 28 inches
  • It weighs 70.5 lbs with a battery and 61.7lbs without a battery
  • Its wheel size is 20 inches
  • A 750W, 48V power motor
  • It uses LG brand lithium ion, 48V 13Ah, removable battery
  • Battery charging time- 4 hours
  • Uses a 120-240V charging system
  • The frame is made of 6061 aluminum.
  • Fork suspension
  • Cushioned saddle
  • Adjustable seat height with a minimum of 33 inches from the ground and a maximum of 37 inches from the ground.
  • A fat tire with 1155 mm wheelbase and 20 x 4 inches dimensions. 
  • 20 inches rims
  • Black stainless steel spokes
  • Has disc brakes
  • Shimano gears with 7 speed
  • LED headlights with waterproof plug
  • Adjustable speed, with 50 miles (80 km) riding range
  • Can handle weights upto 275 lbs
  • Caters to heights upto 5 feet 2 inches and above.


DJ folding bike has a clean but sporty look and is available in pearl white color, suitable for all. The aluminum frame is sturdy and will last long. It has fat tires for maximum support, and it’s puncture resistant. One unique quality about the design is that it’s a step-thru frame and hence can be used by any gender, or even if you have mobility issues and face problems in mounting or dismounting on bikes with higher crossbars.

dj folding bike design

On the design topic, how can we not mention that this is probably the only foldable electric bicycle on the market? Foldability makes it easier to store in your car trunk or use less space in your house. The fat black tires compliment the white pearl design of the frame. The pedal and saddle pavement is such that a person that falls under the height range of 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 2 inches.

The manufacturers included two bike racks, one on the back and one on the front. Considering the weight capacity, you can carry a few bags, groceries, or anything. Pretty impressive for an electric bike to have such high weight capacity. One thing you should keep in mind is that the racks will not be able to handle the weight of your baby or big pets, so please try it in your backyard/neighborhood first and then take your ventures to the road. It also has an LED display that indicates riding distance, local time, speed, backlight, and top riding speed. 

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Folding bikes by DJ are powered by a powerful battery that is situated under the seat and can be removed and replaced easily. The power and brand of the battery used are mentioned in the specifications. You can buy the battery pack from amazon as well with the purchase. 

dj bike battery

The batteries get fully charged in just 4 hours, and you don’t have to hassle with taking them out; you can charge the bike while the batteries are still mounted. The charging percentage is indicated on the LED display. 

DJ Folding Bike: Speed and Performance

The speed and performance of this electric bike depend entirely on the motor, in that case. Dj does not disappoint. It uses a Bafang 750W 48V rear hub motor that gives it a speed range of 50 miles with speeds upto 20mph. The engine is strong enough for steep roads but cannot perform well on rough terrains. 

Unlike most electric bikes, you don’t have to wait for the motor to take up speed; instead, at peak performance slowly, this motor will give you approx 65-newton meters of torque, which is suitable for quick pickup. The Shimano gear shifter is pretty good, with 7 different gear speeds. It has disc brakes, which can be better with hydraulics brakes, but there are only so many features one can add to an already super functional bike. 

Safety Features

Its brake system is proven to be quick and safe for sudden brakes. It uses Tektro disc brakes which is a disc brake. Another unique feature of an electric bicycle is that it has 2 headlights, one rear, and one front. These LED headlights also make it convenient for late evening or night rides.

safety features

The fat tires help balance your bike, one of the best electric fat tire folding bikes. The step-thru design also allows for accidentally tripping on the motorcycle while mounting or dismounting. 

DJ Folding Bike: Value For Money

The price listed on the official website is $1,599 and with free shipping. Your budget for a bike can differ, and that will decide if this bike is suitable for your budget or not. 

dj folding bike value for money

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Pros And Cons

We have talked enough about all the good qualities of this bike. To list some, it is an affordable and efficient commute for an electric folding bike with all the additional features mentioned above. The only major issue with this model you might face if you are good at reading and following instructions is that it is a little bit too cumbersome to assemble. Read this article to learn about bike assembly. Any individual with a height above 6 feet 2 inches would find it difficult to ride this one. 


What are DJ bikes famous for?

DJ bikes are known for their collection of high-quality and long-lasting mountain bikes.

The maximum possible speed of an electric bike?

An average electric bike can go upto 20mph of speed.

How fast can a 750-watt motor-powered bike go?

A 750-watt bike can go upto 27- 28 mph.

What is the fastest bike in the market?

The fastest bike on the market is Delfast Top 3.0, which uses a 300 W motor.


I hope this article convinced you that Dj folding bike is the best electric folding bike on the market. Serves all the exemplary purposes for commuting and cruising, with a powerful motor and a quick charge battery with locks so that it won’t get stolen. Foldable for easy storage. With just a little help in assembling, it might be your most significant investment and saving this year. 

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