Dahon Boardwalk Bike Review | Cheapest Dahon Folding Bike

The Dahon Boardwalk bike is a foldable bike looks fantastic and comes equipped with a particularly well-refined but elegant design. This bike is exquisite in design and, in our opinion, will never look weird or obsolete on the road. Dahon boardwalk folding bike s1 is now one of the greatest desirable foldable bike options available — and for a good cause! Not only is the bike aesthetically appealing, but it also rides like an incredible beauty.

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Dahon Foldable Bike Review

Dahon does an incredible job making this beautifully elegant folding bike, which excels in practically every category. This is one of Dahon’s more affordable folding bicycle types, accessible for quite a low price. Nevertheless, this does not imply that it is badly made or performs any worse than more expensive versions.

To begin, the Boardwalk can be folded in less than ten seconds, which is significantly quicker than the typical bike. Not just because, but when folded down, it occupies minimal space. What else? Indeed, the bicycle is also surprisingly light. It is not the quickest folding bike available, weighing little more than 27lbs (12.4kg), but it is readily accessible and can be transported anywhere.

dahon foldable bike review

We consider the Dahon boardwalk bike one of the finest models for consumers who have not yet entered the world of folding bikes for these reasons alone! Dahon’s foldable bicycle only has one gear, so it travels like any other bike on the highway but struggles up steep inclines. If you aim to bike through a city, you shouldn’t have too many problems. It is the epitome of a city bike, ideal for commuting or traveling around the city efficiently. If you expect to ride your bike up steep slopes or off-road, you might be well off investing a bit more in a cycle with different gear speeds. Read this article to buy more amazing fixed-gear bikes.

Test Ride

Dahon boardwalk bike is a wonderful ride; its metal frame is amazingly powerful and will be very resilient in the long run. There are about no tremors on the bike, and it handles wonderfully even on less solid terrain.

Like all of Dahon’s bikes, the Boardwalk is built with excellence in mind, even though it is less expensive than most other models.


  • Clean look with a compact design
  • Affordable price
  • They offer rear shelf and fenders

test ride


  • It’s not a racing bike, so not much fast
  • Frame material is a little cheap
  • It lacks a locking mechanism on wheels

Dahon folding bike price is most affordable for everyone, and it’s not a bad choice if you’re a frequent rider or would only have to ride a short distance every day in the city.


I was hugely impressed with the Boardwalk S1’s sleek design and small folded size when I got it out of the packaging. Yet, it is larger than I imagined, owing to Dahon’s installation of a rear rack, rims, and utilization of the HiTensil framework. This is not a faster refresh material, and the inner tube looks quite thin. As a result, I will not encourage you to ride your bike on long journeys or uneven terrain.

Dahon boardwalk bike, like the Mu Uno, uses the only brake pedal on this bike, which also has a rear roller brake. I was already aware of the coaster brake from riding the Speedy Uno and Mu Uno.


The bike folds and unfolds very easily; however, there is no securing mechanism, so you must use the strap to connect the two motors when unfolding the bike. It will take longer, but it is completely alright for a low-budget film.

Furthermore, because the Boardwalk is one speed, it is not a swift bike. This is understandable, considering the Boardwalk is intended for urban riders who only require a basic bike for short trips. You may need to walk or ride uphill.

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Frame Material

After several Customer reviews, the body of the Dahon boardwalk bike is one of the great features of this bike. The Dahon Boardwalk’s frame uses chrome material for great finishing, making it practically unbreakable.

frame material

Moreover, the chromium structure is substantially lighter in weight when you compare it to a steel frame.


The Dahon Boardwalk folds 11 times by optimal result by 25.4 inches (31 by 79 by 66 centimeters). The folding measurements of the Dahon Fast Uno are 30 x 74 x 64 cm. The following image shows how well the bike looks when entirely rolled up.


The Dahon Boardwalk bike has no gear and thus only one speed, although Dahon claims on its merchant site that the cycle includes a front derail: Dahon Neos, RapidRise. Despite having only one rate, this bike is exceptionally speedy.


The Dahon Boardwalk is a perfect bike for city riders. As a result, it can be difficult to ride on uneven roads. However, if you never repair your foldable bike regularly, this will get damaged. As a result, I suggest the Bike Repair Toolset, which contains everything you need to maintain your Dahon Boardwalk regularly.

How To Fold The Dahon Bike?

Dahon boardwalk bike can be folded by taking these guidelines:

  1. Remove the special Dahon magnet latch from the framework.
  2. Fold all of it and unlock the magnetic clutch on the front of the bicycle.fold
  3. Change the seat level and bend the pedals.
  4. You fold your bike effectively.

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Is The Seat Adjustable? 

The bicycle has a simple Dahon seat that fits comfortably on the bike. The seat is flexible, and you can change it or modify it. If you want a lot more relaxed seat but don’t want to remove the Dahon seat, I propose the Bicycle Seat Cover. This is the most comfortable saddle pad in the sale.


In which colors is the bike available?

The bicycle is only accessible in obsidian, as per their product pages. If you don't like this hue, you may easily switch it with spraying applications.

Can I install training wheels on the bike?

On the Dahon Boardwalk, you can attach training wheels. You should mount the Holz 10252 Bike Training Wheels like other Dahon cycles. If you prefer a simpler style of teaching your baby to ride a bike, connect a trainer handling, such as the Cycling Trainer Handle by elements style, which can be added if necessary.


Dahon boardwalk bike proves why they are one of the best folding bicycle producers in the world. The Boardwalk S1 is another great addition to their enjoyable and entertaining folding bikes. It’s one of their less expensive bikes. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less amazing. This bike is perfect for someone who has never possessed a folded bike before and is capable of quickly navigating any town.

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