Co-Op Bikes Review – [Read Before Buying]

A pretty new bike company called REI Co-op Cycles has been around since 2017 when REI overhauled their former bicycle line and changed their focus to a variety of Co-op Cycles bikes available as their primary focus is on trial bikes, which reflects the company’s love of outdoor activities.

Co-op Cycles have a large part in why people want their bikes because they are in charge of creating, manufacturing, and selling them. They design the models, build them, and sell them all themselves. This means that they can offer great value for the price they’re asking. This has been very popular with customers.

Co-Op Cycles Offer road, hybrid, mountain, and kids‘ bikes. The brand also offers bike components, cycling clothing, and accessories.

Bicycle cooperatives (“bike co-ops”) have a perfect balance between price and quality, which is why we have dedicated this writing to them. They offer both versatile and style-specific bicycles that are affordable and enjoyable for the most part.

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Co-Op Cycles Types And Overview

There are three types of co-op cycles. They are, 

DRT – Mountain bikes

CTY – Hybrid bikes

ADV – Adventure/touring bikes.

 Co-op Cycles CTY – City / Hybrid Bikes

They are urban workhorses that can serve as your primary mode of transportation for many years. The Co-op City Cycles section has affordable and versatile models ideal for commutes and casual rides.

  • CTY 1.1 (MRP: $599)

The CTY 1.1 and CTY 1.1 Step-Through are the perfect commuter bikes for anyone who wants a simple yet durable bike for a comfortable commute.

co-op cty 1.1

With Shimano Tourney components, 24 smooth gears, and cable-actuated disc brakes, Co-op Cycle’s CTY 1.1 bike can handle various tasks for a city commuter bike. It is also available as a step-through bike.

  • CTY 1.2 (MRP: $999)

CTY 1.2 is the perfect bike for commuters who also want to do weekend rides that are longer and more leisurely. With the CTY 1.2, you get an advanced hybrid city bike that can be used for more than just commuting.

co-op cty 1.2

It features Shimano Acara and Alivio components and hydraulic disc brakes, and you also get 27 different gears to handle any urban terrain.

  • CTY 1.3 (MRP: $1,349)

We recommend the CTY 1.3 model to people who do not like to spend much time on maintenance and want a hassle-free bike to commute in the city. Despite its higher price, the Co-op Cycles CTY 1.3 offers many features you can’t get from the previous two models.

co-op cty 1.3

This bike doesn’t have a chain but has a belt drive with an 8-speed internal-gear rear hub. It’s effortless to maintain! Other than that, you’ll also get hydraulic disc brakes and a lightweight aluminum frame.

  • CTY 2.1 (MRP: $799)

This city bike is an excellent option for men and women looking for a bike that can handle both on and off-road conditions. With 63mm travel and Shimano components, this bike has 24 gears and Shimano hydraulic brakes to handle city streets smoothly.

co-op cty 2.1

The Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1 is an urban aluminum bike with 63mm travel.


DRT – Mountain Bikes by Co-op Cycles

In our opinion, the Co-op Cycles Mountain Bikes section is the best because it offers a variety of bikes. You can choose either hardtail or full-suspension, and the prices differ significantly. There are bikes for both beginners and more experienced riders, so let’s take a look.

  • DRT 1.1 (MRP: $599)

There is a men’s and a women’s specific model of the DRT 1.1, which are perfect entry-level hardtail mountain bikes for riders just starting mountain biking.

co-op drt 1.1

Both have 27.5″ wheels, Shimano Altus/Acara components with 24 gears, and hydraulic disc brakes.

  • DRT 1.2 (MRP: $999)

These bikes are ideal for beginner off-road riders and leisure off-road riders alike. This entry-level, women’s version of the DRT 1.2 features 27.5/29 inch wheels, Shimano Altus/Deere components, and Tetra hydraulic disc brakes.

co-op drt 1.2

Moreover, its SR Sun tour fork offers 120mm of smooth suspension.

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 Co-op Cycles Adventure/Touring Bikes

Many free-spirited individuals out there love to explore and test their endurance limits. Adventure Bikes are great for trips into the unknown by bike and for touring.

  • ADV 1.1 ( MRP: $1,599)

Whether you’re cycling to explore the world on a road trip or biking on gravel, the ADV 1.1 is an excellent option for bikers who don’t want to spend too much money on a road bike but want one that can handle both road and gravel rides.

co-op adv 1.1

There are 30 gears on this bike. This means you can overcome any hill when loaded up to the gills. It comes with sturdy front and rear racks, so you can get going right away.

  • ADV 4.2 ( MRP: $2,099)

Despite being the most expensive model, the Co-op Cycles ADV 4.2 is intended for expert bicycle travelers to cross continents.

co-op adv 4.1

This bike has a combination of Shimano SLX and XT components, as well as a comfortable suspended seat post that allows you to explore all of its nooks and crannies.

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We’ve seen in our detailed overview above that REI’s CO-OP Cycles builds an impressive variety of bikes as you can see from our detailed overview above. They are for every type of ride and rider, so nobody is left behind. The bikes are inexpensive and provide terrific value for the money.

The best thing about Co-op Cycles is that they handle the whole manufacturing and selling process, which allows them to offer their bikes at significantly lower prices than the competition.

The Co-op Cycles line is available at a reasonable price if you have interest primarily for quality and price since they’re for beginners and mid-level cyclists rather than professional cyclists. If you’re motivated by quality and price, you’ll be happy with the purchase.

So, yes, Co-op bikes are definitely worth buying!!