Best Cheap Bikes – By Categories (For 2022)


“Bikes can help you forget about your sorrows, but will they shatter your bank account? What if you found a good bike for a reasonable price? Do you think it’s not possible? Then you’ve got to your destination.” We often tend to believe that inexpensive bikes aren’t good and that good bikes aren’t affordable. Have … Read more

The Pro’s Closet Bikes Review – Is It Worth It?


Nick Martin, a professional mountain bike racer struggling to make ends meet, founded The Pro’s Closet Bikes around ten years ago. To accompany his income, he began selling his unwanted cycling gear on eBay and assisting his friends in selling their bikes and equipment. He got the concept for The Pro’s Closet from there. It’s … Read more

Thousand Helmet – Heritage and Chapter Series

thousand helmet heritage and chapter series

Thousand Helmet has a more convoluted backstory than you might think at first. We all have pals who refuse to wear helmets because they believe they make them look ridiculous, and one of Gloria’s friends was one of them. Gloria determined that something needed to change after the death of a friend in a cycling-related … Read more

Review of Rad Power Bikes’ RadRover 5: An Electric Fat Bike

radrover 5 bike

Electrified bicycles, sometimes known as “E-bikes,” have advanced fast in recent years. Electrical components are more tightly integrated, weights are decreasing, performance is increasing, and costs are decreasing. To be sure, they’re all awesome things. The integration is becoming so smooth that it’s becoming difficult to discern if a bicycle is an e-bike at all. … Read more

Seven Best Carbon Fiber Bikes | Performance and Comfort

best carbon fiber bikes

Carbon fiber has quickly become the most sought and popular material with performance-minded riders. It’s appealing since it’s light and sturdy, and riders can use it to create a highly stiff frame. One can also mold it, allowing designers to break free from the confines of standard circular metal tubes. There’s a confusing array of … Read more

Best Comfort Bikes | Top Choices For Pain-free Riding

best comfort bikes

Comfort bikes (comfort mongrel bikes) have a unique mix of factors and figures that help exclude the utmost pains and pangs associated with riding a bike. The best comfort bikes have an upright figure that will put you in a relaxed riding position that won’t put a gratuitous strain on your reverse, shoulders, and wrists. … Read more

Marin Rift Zone 29-2 (2022) – All You Need To Know

marin rift zone 29-2

Like Marin Rift Zone 29-2, off-road bicycles are pleasant for practising and interfacing with nature. Contrasted with street bicycles, they have the accompanying attributes: Fatter tires with a rough track for stability and toughness on rugged terrain landscapes. A more upstanding cycling position that allows you to view. Suspension frameworks on certain bicycles ingest shock … Read more

11 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes For Trails

best full suspension mountain bikes

Bikers, your search for good mountain bikes is over! Look at our list of some of the best full suspension mountain bikes and their features. See Also: How to Start Mountain Biking. 11 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for Trails Canyon Spectral CF 9.0 Travel- 150mm from and 140mm Wheel size- 27.5 Frame size- Available in four frame … Read more