Best Bluetooth Speaker For Bicycle In 2023

Well, what can be a better experience than cycling? Cycling while listening to your favorite podcast, music, etc., will add to your joy of cycling. So we have enlisted the best Bluetooth speaker for Bicycle.

Some of the best bike Bluetooth speakers are Avantree cyclone, Inwa, Zealot, and Ryoko. A bicycle Bluetooth speaker offers a great companion for your ride. However, noise-canceling headphones might be the best way to experience music. But riding a bike with a noise-canceling headphones can be dangerous.

bluetooth speaker for bicycle

Bluetooth speaker for Bicycle is the safest option for riding a bike since it keeps you aware of the road surroundings. You don’t need any additional apps to run. This Bluetooth speaker list includes options for the best bass, compact, safest speakers, etc. Additionally, the article contains considerations while buying a Bluetooth speaker for your Bicycle.

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Considerations To Select Bluetooth Speaker For A Bicycle

When choosing a Bluetooth speaker for a bicycle, you must look for the following features.

  • Mode of connectionDuring cycling, there is a probability of entanglement with wired speakers. Hence choose a wireless speaker or one with multiple modes of connection.
  • Battery: While cycling, you probably won’t find a charging point for your Bluetooth speaker. Hence choose a speaker with great battery life. speaker for a bicycle
  • Build: Choose Bluetooth speakers with a durable build and protective coverings to have comfortable off-road rides. Also, please have a look at its IPX ratings.
  • Audio: Choose Bluetooth speakers with loud audio and deep bass to listen to uninterrupted music in loud traffic areas.
  • Radio: While on a long ride, having access to weather conditions or news would be an added benefit for the speaker. Hence look for a built-in radio FM option on Bluetooth speakers.

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List of The 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Cycle

Here is a list of the 8 best Bluetooth speaker for Bicycle for you to choose from. If you prioritize compactness, loudness, or combination speakers, the list covers them all.


If you wish to have a compact Bluetooth speaker with great bass, Tribit speakers are the best choice. This tiny speaker is enabled with high-tech like TI amplifiers(Texas Instruments). Tribit speakers also contain XBass tuning tech. With the perfect balance of amplifier and tuning technology, Tribit speakers guarantee sounds with deep bass.


For the best experience, you can put on two Tribit speakers and enjoy your ride. This speaker contains silicon straps on its back. You can easily put it on a bicycle’s handlebar. Additionally, it comes with dust and water-resistant IP – 67 features enabling you to enjoy rides in all weathers.

Buy: Tribit 


If you are a mountain biker or enjoy off-road rides, Onforu stands as the best speaker. This Bluetooth speaker for bike handlebars is extremely compact and is enabled with shock-resistant technology. This shock-resistant technology makes it the ultimate off-road speaker.


Onforu speaker has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 tech and a powerful battery. Its lithium-ion battery lasts eight to ten hours with a single recharge. This speaker has strips to fix it to your handlebar. A clip is on its back, which you can fix to your backpack.

Buy: Onforu 

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This speaker for bike handlebars comes with multiple functions. It has 8-watt power, an inbuilt microphone with which you can answer your calls, FM, and a micro slot for an SD card.


This Bluetooth speaker for Bicycle comes with an auxiliary cable and Bluetooth 4.0 to connect wirelessly. The Clearon speaker is lightweight, with a weight of 300 grams. Its powerful lithium-ion battery has a life of 15 hours with just one charge.

Buy: Clearon

Avantree Cyclone

If your journey often involves riding on noisy traffic roads, Avantree Cyclone is the best option. Avantree is one of the loudest speakers with its two powerful 10-watt drivers. This speaker comes with accessories such as a bike belt, mounting clip, and a USB charger.

avantree cyclone

This speaker offers three modes of connection. First, you can use the wireless Bluetooth 5.0 or the auxiliary cable. Finally, you can also connect with a Micro SD card. Also, it has water and dust resistance tech, so you can access it in all weather conditions. Another feature of the Avantree speaker is unlike other speakers that go on handlebars, you can fix the frame of the bike with the speaker.

Buy: Avantree Cyclone

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This Bluetooth speaker for Bicycles stands as the most budget-friendly option. The speaker weighs about 100 grams but is the most durable of all. 


The speaker comes with a rubber covering on all its components. Hence it is a safer option for mountain bikers. Also, the rubber covering on the speaker parts ensures it is waterproof and can be enjoyed in all weather conditions. You can connect these speakers using Bluetooth, cable, or an SD card.

Its power-packed lithium battery gives about 10 hours of battery with a single recharge.

Buy: MakeTheOne


This tiny speaker comes with a versatile range of auditory functions. Zealot can be connected in three modes: Bluetooth, cable, or an SD card. 


It can function as a flash and also a power bank when needed. This speaker has a battery of 4,000 mHa, which offers backup for an amazing 24 hours. Additional features include an inbuilt microphone for a hands-free calling system.

Buy: Zealot

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This Bluetooth speaker comes with a shock-resistant case. It has a covering of metal that protects from Rocky surfaces and dust.


It has a USB charger and a battery backup of 3000 mAh, which can play for 10-12 hours with a single charge.

Buy: Alpatronix

Celtic Blue

This Celtic blue speaker has various features such as stain, water, and shock resistance. It has an LCD and an inbuilt radio option. The speaker has a power-packed 3000 mAh battery that lasts 30 hours, making it suitable for long rides. Celtic Blue is the speaker with the highest playback ability on this list. 

celtic blu

Also, it includes other interesting features, such as a D-Clip carabiner and 360-degree sound system, and when required, it can serve as a power bank. Additionally, this Celtic blue speaker comes with a lifetime warranty. You can also attach this speaker to your electric bike.

Buy: Celtic Blue

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Is it fine to play music while riding a bicycle?

You can play music while riding a bicycle, but it is better to use Bluetooth speakers to listen to music since it keeps you aware of your road surroundings.

Which headphones are suitable for riding a bicycle?

Headphones such as Shockz open run, Adidas RTP-01, ESC sounds series, etc., are suitable for riding a bicycle.

How should I keep my earphones while riding a bicycle?

Keep your earphones over your ears while riding a bicycle for greater stability.

How to connect apple AirPods to bicycles?

To connect apple AirPods to Bicycle, you should use the peloton exercise application and access it through Bluetooth.

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We hope you have a joyful bike ride with the best Bluetooth speakers! The article enlists the eight best Bluetooth speaker for Bicycle. The list includes Tribit speakers, which have deep bass; zealot speakers, which have multiple functionalities, Onforu speakers, which stand as the best option for mountain bikers and Celtic blue speakers, which come with a 30-hour-long battery life, etc. You can attach this speaker to any cycle, whether cheap or expensive. The list also includes considerations while choosing a Bluetooth speaker for a bicycle.