Bikes For Fat Guys | Top 6 In 2023

Many people do not consider weight as a factor while purchasing bikes. The lack of awareness ties them up with uncomfortable bikes. So we have summarized all the factors to consider before purchasing a bike for a heavy person in this article. Also, we enlisted the best bikes for fat guys for you to enjoy comfortable rides with.

Some of the best bicycles for big men are Mongoose Dolomite fat tire Mountain bike, Ancheer commuter e-bike, Schwinn Discover hybrid bike, and Sixthreezero Evryjourney. All these bikes for fat guys are anatomically designed for fat men.

bikes for fat guys

The article enlists bikes designed for fat guys in all categories, such as mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, e-bikes, etc. So let’s get started with finding the best bike through this article.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Bikes

It would help if you remembered factors such as the wheel’s size, handlebar’s shape, brakes type, etc., to choose the most comfortable ride for yourself.

  • Size of wheels: Wheel size is the utmost important factor when choosing bikes for fat guys. Preferable size of wheels is greater than 26 inches. If your weight is above 400 lbs, go for 29-inch wheels for higher control on the ride.
  • Wheel Spokes: The number of wheel spokes stands as an indirect determinant of wheel strength. Usually, the higher the number of spokes, the greater the wheel strength. Always choose bikes with spokes of more than 24.
  • Frame: While choosing a bike, prefer aluminum or steel frames. These frames offer higher durability than carbon frames. factors to consider before buying bikes
  • Brakes: No matter whom you want a bike for, safety plays the ultimate factor. Look for hydraulic or mechanical brakes. Anyhow, mechanical brakes cost less and need less effort to stop.
  • Handlebars: The flat-shaped handlebars allow you to evenly spread your hands, providing greater comfort than other shapes.

Best Bikes For Heavy Riders

Below is a collection of a few good bikes for fat men. The list includes cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, etc.

Bikes for fat guysBest for the purpose
Mongoose dolomiteMountain biking
Schwinn Phocus 1600 Drop BarRoad bike
Ancheer commuterElectric bike
Firmstrong BruiserCruiser cycle
Schwinn DiscoverHybrid cycle
SixthreezeroCruiser Hybrid

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Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Mongoose dolomite is the most affordable bike on the list of Bikes for fat guys, with a price tag of 400 dollars. It tolerates people weighing up to 350 lbs and heights ranging between 5 to 6 ft.

The frame is of metal-build ensuring stability for mountain rides.

mongoose dolomite fat tire mountain bike

The wheel size is 26 inches with four-inch thick tires. All these features add up to 48 lbs of weight. Additionally, three colored frames are available to choose from.

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Schwinn Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Road Cycle

 The Schwinn Phocus undoubtedly stands as the best bike for a heavy rider. The cycle’s frame is made of Aluminium which is lightweight but highly durable. The bike’s brakes are dual pivot calipers, ensuring effortless and safe stopping.

sachwinn phocus 1600 drop bar road cycle

The overall weight of the Schwinn Phocus road bike is around 30 pounds making it easy to handle for riders of all weights. Additionally, the bike comes with 16S shifters that allow bikers to have enhanced control on various terrains. If you have previously ridden road bicycles, this will offer you the most comfortable riding. But, if you are not habituated to road bikes, selecting other fat tire bikes is better. 

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Ancheer Commuter E-bike

If you are searching for the best e-bike, the Ancheer commuter e-bike stands as the best bike for big guys. This e-bike comes with a 250-watt motor which covers 17 miles per hour. Additionally, its battery is of power-packed 288Wh capacity. This battery can easily provide you with a 40-mile ride on one charge.

ancheer commuter e-bike amazon

The frame Of the Ancheer commuter e-bike is made of 26-inch aluminum material, which considerably reduces the e-bike’s weight but is still durable. Further, 21S gear and 17-inch wheels with knobby tires give riders a hassle-free ride. The e-bike also has a headlight on the front for a safe journey in the dark. The best part of purchasing this commuter bike is its five-year warranty service.

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Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Cycle

The comfort level of Firmstrong Bruiser is its most attractive point for fat men on bikes.

The heavy-duty steel frame is quite firm to ride. The wheel’s rims are made of Aluminium, and the spokes of the cruiser are made of stainless steel. 

firmstrong bruiser man beach cruiser cycle

This cruiser bicycle suits a restricted weight range of riders up to 350 lbs and a height range of 5.4 to 6.4 ft. The cycle comes in a well-designed shape and upright handlebars that provide a good grip to bicycle riders. But, the most beautiful engineered part is its dual-spring saddle, which stands as the most comfortable cruiser saddle.

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Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

If you are looking for a hybrid bike, the Schwinn Discover hybrid bike is the best on the list of Bikes for fat guys. The frame of this hybrid bike is sturdy 18-inch Aluminum. The bike comes with a 21S SRAM shifter for efficient turns while riding. With add-ons like Promax alloy brakes and front suspension, this hybrid cycle offers quite a ride.

schwinn discover hybrid bike


Additional features such as a padded seat, fenders, and upright handlebars make it a suitable hybrid bike for urban roads.

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Sixthreezero Evryjourney

This bike has combined features of a hybrid and a cruiser. Its highly customizable nature attracts many riders. It is the best commuter hybrid cruiser for both men and women.

sixthreezero evryjourney

Its saddle is adjustable to suit all heights of riders. Additionally, it has 4-speed ranges such as 1S, 3S, 7S, and 21S. However, 21S stands out as the most suitable for all terrains.

The Sixthreezero frame is of a 17.5-inch alloy of aluminum material. It can tolerate the weight of a rider up to 300 lbs. So, if you are looking for a multi-purpose bicycle that offers hybrid and cruiser features, this is the go-to bike on the list.

Buy: Sixthreezero Evryjourney

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Which mountain bicycles are best for fat guys?

Some of the best mountain bicycles for fat guys are Mongoose Dolomite fat tire bike, Merax Finiss, Merax FT 323 MTB, and Mongoose Malus fat tire bike.

Can a person who weighs 300 lbs ride a bike?

A person of any weight can ride a bike. From the perspective of a fitness routine, cycling is the best option. But ensure to select the right bike as per your fitness needs.

Is cycling effective in reducing belly fat?

Yes. Cycling regularly gradually reduces your belly fat. Cycling is classified as moderate-intensity aerobics, which, when practiced regularly, cuts down belly fat.

Are fat tire bikes best for heavy riders?

Bikes with fat tires have an enhanced ability to carry more weight. Hence, fat tire bikes are the best option for heavy riders.


It is quite a hurdle to choose the best bike for fat guys due to a need for more awareness of its features. Hence we have enlisted factors to consider while purchasing the 6 best bikes for fat guys. The article enlists Mongoose dolomite for mountain biking, Schwinn Phocus for road biking, Schwinn Discover as the best hybrid bicycle, etc. We hope the bikes in the article fit your purpose.

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