All About The Bike Repair Kit [Full Review]

As a wise man once said, “Maintaining a bike shows avid proof of a man’s capabilities”. I was kidding! Haha. No one ever said it: but this does form our main topic. Bikes need to be maintained, and there are specific tools created by the fellow ancestors that help us make quick and straightforward maintenance. Cycles have been around for decades and even its tools! Let’s shed some light on when to use these essential tools and, most importantly, these tools in general.  So, in this blog, you will get to know everything about the Bike Repair Kit.

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Pedal Wrench in Bike Repair Kit:

It helps you to remove those pedals from the bike. It may have a small role here, but it’s pretty crucial. The pedals are mostly made up of bakelite or any strong material.

bike repair kit
bike repair kit

With time, it either erodes or breaks happens. So to replace it with a new pedal, you have to remove it. So a pedal wrench can be pretty helpful. You all might know those bicycle chains.

Chain tool Or a Chain Splitter:

It’s technically something that splits a chain. You all want to shorten or increase its length by attaching an attachment; then, the chain splitter is the guy you want to call. 

Spoke wrench in Bike Repair Kit:

Spokes are those metal tubes/wires which join the inner rim of a wheel to the centre. Without spokes, the bicycle won’t even work.

bike repair kit
bike repair kit

Thence, spoke wrenches are pretty helpful when it comes to maintaining it. The mechanism of a wrench is more or less easy to understand. In layman’s language, a wrench helps you remove or join something. That’s it. 

 The ground pump or the air-fuel pump: 

It’s a pump that works using a straightforward principle of conversion of mechanical energy. All it requires is you to push a piston towards the ground as hard as you can. That forces the air, which enters via a small tiny hole on the side, into a tube connected to the tire opening.

bike repair kit
bike repair kit

That air moves into the tire, thereby making it firm and inflated. Simple, right? There are many electrical versions of this too. I didn’t use it much as I like to be old school, but the electrical variant does equally well in performing this task. It does require an external electric supply or an internal battery source. That might rank up the cost of maintenance, so if there’s a comparison here? Then definitely, go for the mechanical one.

Security tools in Bike Repair Kit: 

They may not be ‘tools’ tools, but they’re pretty crucial for maintaining a bike. Is keeping your motorcycle safe maintaining? Well, yes. There are multiple locks available in the market that you can purchase. Next are stood. Again, there are many stands which help you to park your bikes in place.

bike repair kit
bike repair kit

Another tool that will help you be safe is a highlighter. It shines when light is incident on it. Helpful if you’re riding the vehicle during the night. Cars, trucks coming from behind can instantly notify you. 

Cycling advice:

Cycling is one of the oldest ways of transportation that has shone glory across generations, and why? Want to be a pro at cycling? Well, cycling has its benefits. It’s cheap, not only for your wallet but also for the environment. Here is some advice you need to keep in mind:

Choose your cycle: 

This may sound a bit vague but here me out. This advice is only for the oldies out there who want to get fit as deer.

bike repair kit

I’d advise you to buy a cycle with a gearbox as it’ll not only help you drive your bike more but also put less strain on your legs. Burning calories is essential, not putting unnecessary stress on your leg muscles. 

Keep checking the brakes: 

Before sitting on your cycle, push the process a bit and test the brakes as soon as you displace the vehicle. If it works, then Bingo! You’re clear to ride it. If not, then check if the brakes are correctly aligned or not. I hope this helps!

Prefer tubeless tires: 

Speaking of myself, I’ve always hated that. No one likes to fill air into the tyres again and again. The solution to that problem is to add tubeless tires.

bike repair kit
bike repair kit

They don’t lose air. EVER! Because they don’t contain air. They may crack but just once in a blue moon. Trust me, this helps. 

Try to avoid foldable cycles

There have been a lot of cases where a foldable bike accidentally folds up whilst in motion. It happens if one of the locks remain unattended, and that’s pretty common. Try to avoid it if possible. 



In this blog, you have come across the various bike and cycle tips you could use in your day to day life to improve your riding experience.

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