Bike Fit – Everything You Need to Know [DIY Guide Included]

Have you bought a new bike? And is there something wrong with it? Are you not feeling well? That’s because you haven’t done the right bike fit balance yet.

Bike installation is a quick yet complicated yet complete process once you are done. It is essential in case you want to cover long distances of your bike without having to deal with distractions or dealing with stubborn injuries.

bike fit
bike fit

Bike balance can be a DIY project, or professionals can do it at a bike shop offering this service type. If you have the opportunity to visit a local bike shop that is suitable for installing a bike, it is best to refer to them. However, you will have to do it yourself; but, don’t worry, it’s not rocket science.

When performing a bicycle calibration procedure, it is vital to consider three main components – bicycle size, seat height, and rear seat adjustment. Next, we will look at these parameters and explain some critical features to fit your bike.

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How to Find Best Bike-Step by Step Guide 

Select the Right Bike Size. If you have already purchased a new bike, this step may be too late. However, if you are in the planning stage, remember that this is essential to finding the right balance.

Let’s look at some ways you can use to find out which bike size is right for you.

Bicycle Chart

Bicycle size charts are a solution for anyone who buys a new bike and needs to decide what size they need to get. Unfortunately, it is not a failure method, and you may have incorrectly received the wrong size if you blindly follow their plan. Some of the most popular bike sizes are as follows-

Mountain bikes usually use a standard writing system (S, M, L, XL) and are similar from one type to another. However, there may be differences.

bike fit
bike fit

Also, sizes can vary significantly from one product to another, or look at numerical measures. n Road bikes- are usually represented on both standard systems (S, M, L, XL) and numerical systems. So, your best option is to try your road bike at your local bike shop if possible.

Hybrid bikes- also incorporate two standard measurements and are usually easier to fit than road bikes. Hybrid bikes offer a more upright position which means there is more freedom from error than elite road bikes.

Bike Fit Calculator

A bicycle calculator is what you need to make the proper fitting to prepare the bike. These are online apps, which are offered by many websites.

bike fit
bike fit

This method is more accurate than just talking about a bike size chart because it takes a lot of extra dimensions. Moreover, it is straightforward to use. Some of the dimensions that they use include-

Bike Standover Height

Measuring bike height suspension is one of the oldest ways to estimate the correct bike size and is one of the easiest ways.

bike fit
bike fit

It represents the difference between the length of your inseam and the height of the bike’s tube (closest to the seat).

Bike Saddle Fitting

The installation of a bicycle seat is the next most crucial thing after purchasing the right bike. If your chair does not fit properly, you may experience knee pain, Achilles problems, back pain, groaning problems, and so on.

Saddle Height

Adjusting the height of your seat is very easy, and you can constantly adjust it immediately if you start to feel uncomfortable in it.

bike fit
bike fit

There are two ways you can do this. When sitting on a bicycle, place your heel on a small foot. Your heel should be flat at the base, where your leg is completely straight.

Alternatively, you can place your front foot (similar to the one you are riding) on the base and watch a slight bend at your knees while the pedal is in the lower position.

Saddle Setback

It is one of the most important fixes that will keep you down for long rides. The wrong inclination of the chair can also cause back pain and other problems, so it is important to correct them.

Saddle Tilt

The saddle reclining position, also known as the saddle fore/aft position, allows you to move your seat back or forward to fit snugly.

Handlebar Fitting

Improper hand placement is responsible for back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. It’s a place where your hands touch the bike and support at least half of your body weight.

bike fit
bike fit

So, finding the correct position is essential. You can change the access bar access, the hold bar height, or change the handle size.

Shoe Cleat Adjustments

If you use clipless pedals, you can continue learning how to adjust your cleats properly. You need to consider two critical changes: the fore/aft position and the angular position.

bike fit

The first correction is straightforward to correct, but the second requires a trial and error method.


So, here is your complete bike fit guide in which you can find the right bike size for yourself and can find a lot of informative stuff for yourself from the above article.

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