11 Best Upright Exercise Bikes to Get in 2021

The best upright exercise bikes gives you the same experience as a normal bike will give, but the thing is that this bike can adjust according to your workout routine, and this bike will also stand still while you ride on it. The best upright exercise bikes give you a more consistent workout when related to outdoor riding. It gives the rider an upright body position, the seats are smaller, which helps the riding in paddling, and the paddles are also positioned underbody.

Besides this, riding a stationary bike is one of the most convenient and safe forms of cardio exercise. It provides a better workout for runners who opt for running long miles and riders who train for a long ride. Not only for middle-aged people, but this bike is also ideal for seniors. They suffer from joint pain and arthritis; hence, they cannot ride outdoor bikes, whereas upright/stationary bikes give them comfort but put a lesser strain on their muscles or joints. It has also been proven that many people can burn significantly more calories by riding a stationary bike than running on a treadmill. 

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Best Upright Exercise Bikes To Get Going

One of the best things about upright exercise bikes is that they can be kept in a small area within our home. They are less expensive than other fitness types of machinery. Hence, you can take proper care of your body with the help of an upright bike. Here are a few best upright exercise bikes for home:

L NOW Magnetic Best Upright Exercise bikes

Another best thing about upright exercise bikes is that it has a unique design and bright color makes it flawless. This bike has eight levels of resistance, which you can adjust according to your choice. This bike is specially designed to switch between one resistance level to another while the rider keeps on riding the bike. The unique design of the best upright exercise bikes ensures that the bike does not gets overheated, which makes the bike durable. You can monitor your workout by looking at the screen, displaying speed, distance, body fat, RPM, and the calories you have burnt. It also keeps an eye on the heart rate through the hand pulse sensors.

l now



  • Eight levels of adjustable resistance
  • In-built screen to monitor workout
  • Safely supports up to 300 pounds


  • For some serious riders, the resistance levels are not adequate

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YING R JIAN Exercise Bike

Made up of high-quality steel, which makes this bike extra durable and sturdy. It has a combined flywheel and belt drive mechanism, which ensures a smooth workout every time. The pedals are also made up of a slip-resistant aluminum alloy, which provides extra strength and durability to pedals. It also has a pre-installed emergency brake, ensuring that no accident should happen to the rider on top.      

The bike has an extra-wide and padded seat, and the handles are made with good quality rubber, which prevents any slip of hands while riding. The seat is adjustable in all directions, i.e., up, down, forward, backward.

Ying r jian
YING R JIAN Exercise Bike


  • Made from strong and durable steel, aluminum alloy, and good quality rubber
  • Has a wide and paddy seat for comfort
  • Easily adjustable
  • Supports up to 260 pounds.


  • The seat might feel uncomfortable due to the different design.

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Xspec Foldable Best Upright Exercise Bikes

This bike is designed to ensure that our safe levels and comfort levels are higher. The structure is of heavy steel, which provides a strong body to the bike. The seat is vertically adjustable to increase the comfort levels. It has anti-skid handlebars and pedals, ensuring that the rider makes a fine grip of hand and feet. The bike offers eight levels of magnetic tension so that you can adjust it the way you like during the workout.

xspec indoor
Xspec Indoor Bike

This bike is also portable and can be handled easily. It can be folded, which gives you a better idea of where to place it in your home.


  • Made up of high-density steel
  • Comfort levels are higher
  • Folds up easily


  • The seat comes out during the workout
  • Caution while folding

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PLENY Foldable Exercise Bike

This is the best bike for everyone, but especially for seniors, it is preferable. I have an S arc design that makes it safer and comfortable for seniors. The large padded seat gives that extra amount of comfort to the seniors and helps them work out firmly.

The bike has an LCD monitor screen. It gives a track of speed, heart rate, distance, and RPM, along with the calories burnt. The frame of the bike is lightweight, and the bike is portable.

pleny foldable upright
PLENY Foldable Upright Bike


  • Steel frame
  • LCD screen
  • Large padded seat


  • Makes noise while pedaling.

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iDeer Life Best Upright Exercise Bikes

There is a belt-drive mechanism here, which provides extra smoothness. It is efficient, comfortable, and safe. Along with a high-tech LCD monitor, a 24-pound flywheel has a high amount of resistance and stability. It also has a safety brake system to prevent any mishap. 

ideer bike
iDeer Upright Bike


  • Built with a belt drive mechanism
  • Safety brake system
  • LCD monitor


  • Handlebars are not able to tilt back.

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Nordic Track S22i Studio Cycle

Nordic is one such quality product at a good price that is a top choice among the best upright exercise bikes. Not only quality and price, but the trainers and coaching with it are also superb. This bike has a 22-inch touchscreen that offers studio sessions on demand. The brand’s trainers can control your bike’s resistance, incline, and decline in the live interactive classes that make it easy and safe for people who struggle with it. 

nordic bike
Nordic Bike

Nordic Track S22i Studio cycle can cost you anywhere between $1,999.00 to $2,999.


  • Great for beginners
  • Exercise schemes
  • Monitor


  • No backrest 

​​Cockatoo imported Air Bike

​This bike is among the best upright exercise bikes and is also easy on your pocket.


This exercise bike helps you work out your lower body and has a good amount of impact on your upper body. Thanks to dual-action handlebars, let you exercise your arms along with your legs and core muscles. 

B’Twin 85034B My Bicycle

​This Btwin 85034B bicycle comes in a unique and attractive design with aluminum wheels of size 26 inches. Several manufacturers produce the bicycle in Asia and Europe. B’Twin brand has a new range of bicycles, including both road and mountain bikes. This bike has aluminum wheels that prevent rusting and reduces the weight of the bike. Some more features are the heavy-duty metal frame, an adjustable seat, and the two fingers braking system that decrease​ your hands’ stress. It is a great option among the best upright exercise bikes for home. 

Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Bike

 This bike has the capability of moving in any room and turning it into your gym. The seat has high-density foam padding on it and can be easily adjustable to meet the user’s requirements.

Powermax BX

The bike features an easy-to-read display to help your track progress as you go. It can hold a top weight of 110 kgs. You can fold the bike as you complete your workout. A feasible option on the best upright exercise bikes list.


  • Comfortable seating
  • Top weight 110kgs
  • Display monitor


  • Handlebars not flexible

Fitkit FK717 Steel

This bike is used to lose belly fat and for overall weight loss.

best upright exercise bikes

This bike helps you burn calories in less time because of its multilevel resistance system that provides the workouts with various intensities suitable for beginners and advanced users. This spin bike comes with a free diet plan. 


  • Great for weight loss
  • Various intensities for workouts
  • free diet plan


  • No backrest

Welcare WC1588 Best Upright Exercise Bikes

​This bike comes with all necessary features such as adjustable magnetic resistance, easy seat adjustment, and a pulse monitor. This will be a good purchase that would help you to tone your body muscles.

best upright exercise bikes

You can build body muscle and reduce your body fat with this best upright exercise bikes.


  • Good for muscle toning
  • adjustable seat
  • pulse monitor


  • Limited workout plans

Final Words

Regular exercise is mandatory if you want to stay fit. The person who starts to exercise daily will automatically create a positive mindset toward life. Daily exercises will also help you to feel fresh all day. In their busy lifestyles, not everyone has time to visit the gym daily, so you must consider the idea of creating a personalized gym at home, and if you are doing your workout at home alone, so there will be the minimal distraction that helps you to exercise more without feeling tired.


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