14 Best Indoor Exercise Bikes For Home To Get In 2023

Exercise bikes have a surprisingly long history, dating back to the 16th century when Francis Lowndes invented the first bike, known as ‘Gymnasticon’ in 1796. The Gymnasticon was listed as a ‘Machine for exercising the Human Body.’ Back then, the machine looked like a stationary bicycle, constructed from wood and metal, consisting of several wheels and flywheels connected to wooden treadles or treading-boards for feet and cranks for hands, along with a seat for comfortable exercising. Thus making it perfect for an at-home workout. This is how the best indoor exercise bikes for the home started gaining popularity.

With the start of a fresh year and people nearly going back to living their normal lives after the pandemic, the struggle of trying to stay fit will start again. From the fitness enthusiast who will again find it difficult to take out time for the gym to a couch potato who is worried about a relapse into laziness after the pandemic, will try to find a way to stay fit afterlife restarts. And here’s where the indoor bikes fit perfectly. They may be one of the best ways to get a good cardio workout in the comfort of your home.

Indoor exercise bikes get your heart racing and help you burn hundreds of calories – even while performing mundane day-to-day tasks, making it very in sync and convenient equipment.

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Choosing The Best Indoor Exercise Bikes

There is a huge variety of indoor exercise bikes in the market, for every budget and available space in the house. Instantly comes the question, How to choose?

While buying an exercise bike, one must make sure that the bike provides various exercise programs, including interval, cross, and aerobic training. One should also be clear about their fitness goal. They can choose based on these criteria. Look into several factors before purchasing your bike, which includes:indoor exercise bike

  1. Finding the right room for placing your bike: You might want to choose a spacious and airy room with the right ventilation.
  2. Measurements of the bike: You would have to check the bike measurements to return once you purchase them.
  3. Settings and Workout Programmes: This is very important because you can either get an exercise bike with very few workout programs or plenty of them.
  4. Brands and Prices: Exercise Bikes are available in a wide price range. It would help if you got the exercise cycle that is suitable for your budget.
  5. Resistance and Durability: The stationary bike, you must ensure, should be durable and resistant in taking the blow of your highly intensive workout.

These bikes can either be upright or recumbent or hybrid, with different pros and cons, and you can choose one according to your budget and fitness goal.

14 Best Indoor Exercise Bikes

Now, let’s see what are the best indoor exercise bikes for home right now?

Sunny Health Magnetic Belt Indoor Bike

This bike is one of the best-priced bikes with good resistance and durability. It is easy to assemble and has a steel frame of high quality. It also has an adjustable padded seat that allows a comfortable ride. What makes it even more attractive is the magnetic resistance system that allows cyclers to modify tensions as per requirement based on fitness level and gives the feel of a real-life outdoor cycling experience. It has no digital display but is budget-friendly.

sunny health bike

Also has handlebars with a chain drive mechanism for smooth and quiet workouts, enabling one to workout doing other tasks like listening to music, watching television, or even working from home. Overall, the ideal choice from the best indoor exercise bikes for home.

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Peloton Bike Best Indoor Exercise Bikes For Home

If you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for the best exercise bike for your cardio and want to splurge on high-end durable workout equipment, Peloton is the way to go. It has a sleek and stylish design and pedals and flywheel that turn extremely smoothly and very silently. The 22 inch HD touchscreen monitor that displays all details, including ride time, current speed, distance covered, resistance intensity, and calories burned using sensors, keeps you updated.

peloton bike best indoor exercise bikes

It also has built-in speakers that easily connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to help track and monitor progress, which pushes you to do more. Even the enjoyment end is taken care of as the interactive features, and a top-notch collection of on-demand and live cycling workouts are a bonus on a paid subscription.

Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

It is a decently priced foldable 2-in-1 upright and recumbent exercise bike. Has a unique compact design that makes it easy to fold when not in use. Provides quality exercises with ten easily adjustable magnetic resistance levels, providing a wide range of intensities that allow you to challenge yourself without emptying your pockets.

lanos folding exercise bike

It also has a cushioned adjustable seat with a quiet flywheel and device holders, heart pulse sensors, and a large LCD monitor that displays distance, speed, time, calories, and pulse rate, making it extremely convenient and informational. Gives the best value of the best indoor exercise bikes for home.

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Like Fitness Leike X Bike

An ultra-quiet folding exercise bike can be used as both an upright and a recumbent exercise bike. However, it is short on space & has wheels to carry it anywhere with ease.

Leike x bike

It provides good enough intensity with ten levels of magnetic resistance tension control system, which can adjust according to your fitness levels. It also has handlebars with heart rate sensors that monitor your heart rate in real-time and displays information on time, speed & distance, helping you track your progress. Its portability makes it one of the best indoor exercise bikes for home.

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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes allow you to reduce discomfort by allowing you to recline further, not straining your back. Schwinn 270 bike has an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue and gives you a tough full-body high-intensity workout in just a few minutes. As you pedal harder, you increase the challenge, motivating you to take charge and challenge yourself.

schwinn 270 recumbent bike

It also has a heavy-duty commercial-grade construction with progressive wind resistance technology a single-stage belt drives to provide a challenging yet smooth workout experience. Along with that, it has 25 levels of resistance and a variety of pre-programmed workouts combined with built-in speakers, LCD, charging point, and an adjustable fan. Above all, it is among the best indoor exercise bikes for home.

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Proline Fitness 335L Recumbent Bike

The Proline Fitness 335L Recumbent Bike is an indoor bike suitable for those who experience back pains while working out. It has a comfortable and wide seat for an added support. This bike is highly recommended to those who are still new to cycling and is not yet sure about the exercise routine they want to try.

proline fitness 335L

Moreover, this recumbent bike makes sure that you are seated in a better spinal position to avoid being hunched, just like upright bikes, with a low-impact total body workout suitable for the newbies.

Therefore it reduces pain and soreness while working out but increases your stamina and can build strength. It weighs around 30 kilograms with a Belt Drive System and a Magnetic Resistance Mechanism.


  • 6 Default Exercise Functions
  • Manual tension with eight levels
  • Flywheel:5 kg
  • Comfortable Back Rest
  • Hand Grip Sensor to examine the heart rate
  • Brush Floor Adjustment for Rough or Uneven floors
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Maximum weight for usage: 110 kg

The 335L Recumbent bike offers you the maximum benefits and would be ideal for those who are still trying to figure out their routine that fits their style. If you want to keep it simple at first, then you need to try this Proline Fitness 335L Recumbent Bike.

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Dolphy Best Indoor Exercise Bikes

The Dolphy Exercise Spinning Bike is another durable bike with amazing build quality. It is popularly known for its smart release braking system that is extremely beneficial for older people who may hurt themselves accidentally. It is highly reliable among the best indoor exercise bikes for home.

dolphy exercise bike


  • Tablet Holder & Bottle Holder
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Height & Position Adjustable Seating
  • Resistance Control Knob
  • Superior Braking System
  • Quiet Belt Driving System
  • Flywheel: 10 Kg
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Max User Weight: 180 kg
  • Product weight: 25.3 kg

The 180 kg maximum person weight gives you a sturdy and secure train bike. Adjustable anti-skid cage pedals, emergency brake lever, and water bottle holder create a secure using situation. The mobile bracket permits you to get pleasure from exercising with music or while watching a video, and the transport wheels would help you transfer the equipment.

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Cockatoo CFB-01 Smart Series Fan Bike

The Cockatoo CFB-01 Smart Series Fan Bike is a classic fan bike that helps you improve cardio and a holistic workout for strengthening your muscles and increasing your stamina. It is ideal for people who want a low-impact but total-body workout. It is suitable for anyone who is a beginner as well as a professional athlete. The 17″ fan design reacts to the amount of speed and forces applied.

A broad non-slip, self-leveling foot pedals with adjustable straps keep feet secure during slow or fast pedaling, which provides more stability while working out.

Cockatoo cfb bike

2-way adjustable seats can make a comfortable and ergonomic workout experience. The belt drive mechanism reduces vibrations and noise during the pedal stroke, making for a smooth and quiet ride.


  • LCD monitor, which tracks calories, time, speed, and distance
  • Resistance Control Knob
  • 17” Inch Fan allows for more air resistance for an effective workout
  • Maximum User Weight & Height accommodation: 110Kgs /160-195cm
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • Mesh Belt Transmission Mechanism
  • Larger Foot pedals

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Kobo MB-2 (Magnetic Exercise Bike)

The Imported Magnetic Exercise Bike provides a leg workout and also improves your overall cardiovascular fitness. This bike is designed to attain equal upper and lower body workouts.

kobo mb-2

It is a perfect machine to attain your cardiovascular targets. The seat can adjust as per your comfort. The machine functions easily without any noise. Working out on this machine will help you burn a good amount of calories and unnecessary fat. The machine can be used by people of all ages, without any assistance. It is a good choice among the best indoor exercise bikes for home.


  • Lightweight and Compact size
  • Adjustable seat and handles
  • Supportive Saddles
  • 8 level resistance adjustable system
  • 4 Kg Magnetic Flywheel
  • LED Digital Computer Monitor with the six functions: Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Scan & Hand Pulse
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg

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Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

The bike introduced by Exerpeutic comes in handy when you want to work out but don’t have enough space to store your workout equipment. Though it has a sturdy design the Exerpeutice Folding Magnetic Upright Bike can be folded easily up to half its size. It is surprisingly strong. It can hold up to 136 kgs.

exerpeutic folding bike

The bike has a large cushioned seat, adjustable for people ranging between 5ft 3 inches to 6ft 1 inch. It comes with a multitasking LCD that indicates the distance, speed, time and can even track your calories. It comes equipped with built-in pulse sensors in the handlebar, which monitors the heart rate and displays it. Has eight levels of tension that allow you to set your workout level. 

Many Amazon reviewers praised the bike as it is easy to set up and is within the budget. One of the Amazon buyers claimed it to be “compact, silent, and the best purchase.” But many reviews also claimed that this is not an upright bike. It is more recumbent than upright. Therefore, it is one of the best indoor exercise bikes for home.

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The DeskCycle is among one of the best under-desk exercise bikes. It makes into our list because it offers eight levels of resistance, a quiet operation, and facilitates a smooth pedaling motion. The display screen supports more than sixteen hours worth of activity, including speed, time, distance, and calories burned. It gives a good comprehensive view of the best indoor exercise bikes for home.deskcycle

DeskCycle also offers an upgraded version DeskCycle 2, which has an improved display and adjustable pedal height. Does not have any constraints when it comes to weight limit or height range. It is an excellent choice for multitasking. The only downside to this bike is it offers a relatively smaller pedal.

Despite this downside, the Amazon reviews for DeskCycle reads, “I have averaged about 50 miles per day and have lost 4 pounds in one week. Well built and silent.”

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Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Speaking of exercising bikes without discussing the seniors renders the whole endeavor worthless. The Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike offers a low-impact, gentler workout than upright bikes, thus, making them one of the best exercise bikes for seniors. It renders more lumbar support via reclining on a cushioned bank.

marcy exercise bike

It reduces the pressure falling on the hip-joints, knees, and ankles. The bike features a comfortable padded seat and handles for extra support. The pedals have adjustable straps to ensure feet remain securely in place. LCD lets the users view time, distance, speed, and calories burned. Offers level eight resistance. And has a weight limit of 136 kgs and a height range of 5’3 to 6’1. The bike is easy to assemble. One of the buyers raving about how easy it was to assemble, writes, “I’m a 72-year-old woman, and I was able to get it upstairs and put it together by myself.” Therefore, it is one of the best indoor exercise bikes for home.

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Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Equipped with moving handles and protective pedals. Provides a complete body workout. Suitable for users weighing not more than 100kg.

reach air bike


  • Belt-Drive System.
  • Cushioned Adjustable Seat.
  • Non-Slip Pedals with Strap.
  • Speed, Distance, Time, Calorie Monitor
  • Cross Training Bikes with Moving Handles

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Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro Spin Exercise Bike

Equipped with heavy flywheels. Supports speed stability and consistency. With the extra addition of a resistance knob, one can increase or decrease the resistance as per the workout.

There are also sensors on the handle grips which monitor heart rates. Also comes with a simulation app and a device called a pedometer to track daily workouts.

lifelong llf45 fit pro



  • Noiseless operation
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Low cost
  • Adjustable seat

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In conclusion, before choosing, make sure you read all the instructions and the information given in our article. So that’s a wrap for this exercise cycle buying guide. If you want to get fit and work out at home, then buy one of these now! The list also has 5 of the best indoor exercise bikes for home available in the market. You could also choose from any one of them which fulfills all of your criteria.

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