Best Diamondback Mountain Bikes: An Overview [2023]

Diamondback launched its first MTB in 1982 called the Ridge Runner, making it the first production of mountain bikes. In 1998, their global hit Diamondback Runner (DBR) was launched, earning many awards and recognitions worldwide. Since then, they have constantly improved in Mountain bike scenes.

What is an MTB?

A Mountain Bike (MTB) is a bicycle that has an exclusive design for off-road cyclings like sand, rough trails, terrains, mountains, etc. Mountain bikes and ordinary bicycles may share similarities, but the features that enhance the durability and performance of rough terrains make them heavy.

The sport’s origin was around the 1970s when people used older single-speed balloon tires to travel down the rugged hills. It was the late 1970s where bicycle manufacturing companies started manufacturing MTBs with lightweight but high-tech materials. One such bicycle manufacturing company was the Diamondback Mountain Bikes company. The predecessors of Diamondback were the ‘Centurion Bicycles’ that was first introduced in the United States in a year or 1969.

mountain bike (mtb)
Mountain Bike (MTB)

Diamondback was founded as a BMX brand in the year 1977 in Washington. Diamondback is a bicycle with high-end characteristics that is said to be one of the most well-known brands in the world. After the purchase of Diamondback by Derby Cycle corporation, the merged Raleigh and Diamondback were sold at staggering prices. They have spread the fame from that moment and became a significant part of several advocacy groups, including the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). Currently, Regent L.P. owns Diamondback, which also owns Mavic cycling brands and Redline Bicycles. Their most significant innovation in the field of cycling to date is the Knuckle box suspension, for which they have their patent. Aside from a series, they also offer an excellent option of bikes. You need good-quality biking accessories to have the best experience.

Categories of MTB

They are available in many countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Since 2016, they have expanded their line, covering dual sports, women, youth, comfort, hybrid, hardtails, and many more. In every category of their manufacturing, they have separate models for both men and women. Purchasing of this brand of bicycles is through independent distributors.


There are several categories of the MTB:

  1. All-Mountain Bikes
  2. Hardtail Bikes
  3. Full suspension Bikes
  4. Fat Series

To understand more about each of these categories, let us look a little more into what these categories are.

All-Mountain Bikes:

These bikes give riders the strength to pedal up notorious terrains. These bikes have full suspension suitable for all mid and long-range travels.

all-mountain bikes
All-Mountain Bikes

The series of Bikes included in this category are Mission, Release, Clutch. Hence, they are comfortable for both beginners and demanding athletes.

 Hardtail Bikes:

For those who seriously take biking, a hardtail bike is the most recommended one. Mainly avid drivers choose this series- The overdrive series.

hardtail bikes
hardtail bikes

This category of cycles is for people who love smoothly going on rough terrain.

Full Suspension Bikes:

This category has three bikes of the most popular Diamondback series- Recoil, Atroz, and Option. The Recoil and Option are currently discontinued.

full suspension bikes
Full Suspension Bikes

The Atroz is a mid-level complete suspension bike and hence, new mountain riders go on a smooth ride to the mountains.

Fat Series:

This series is the ‘F-Series because of its gigantic tires with features to float over any trail, including snow and sand. The El Oso and El Oso Grande are those that belong to this series.

fat series
Fat Series

Even though the selection of a bike is based on the budget in hand, there are still a few aspects that one should look into when buying a Diamondback Mountain bike.

  • Design and Type: The bikes of Diamondback have simple suspension and accessible hardware that is relatively straightforward. You can choose any all-mountain motorcycle if you are a professional and try out its endurance. The critical design in the brand’s full-suspension bikes is the Knucklebox suspension. It increases pedaling efficiency and bumps compliance which makes the trip safer.
  • Performance:  Fixation of the suspensions enables the nullification of shocks through rough terrains both in the front and backside. It is comfortable for the rider to ride through rugged trails. Brakes in these bikes have to be stronger than the regular bikes to support gears. So, choose breaks that respond immediately, offering a precise performance—lastly, the wheels. Diamondback MTBs start from 26 inches and go up to 29 inches for the wheel size. When the wheels are narrower, the bike is speedier but has low resistance.

Top Models of Diamondback Mountain Bike in 2023

We have curated a list of Best Diamondback Mountain Bikes in 2023 which will help you make a better decision.

  • Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 with dual suspension.
  • Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Comp 27.5 Hardtail Mountain bike with Rockshox Front Fork.
  • 5C Carbon full suspension with a high-end carbon frame by Diamondback Bicycle.
  • Diamondback Bikes’ Atroz 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike has a front fork with 120mm of travel.
  • Diamondback Bicycles Lux ST Women’s Hardtail Mountain bike with the Shimano 3×8 shifters gives you 24 speeds. 

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Being in the top brands, Diamondback is always a preferred go-to bike for a mountain biker who is a beginner and a professional. Despite affordable prices, they have high-quality material and very durable construction. Moreover, They have a guarantee to have a balance between the cost of their products and their quality. we hope this list of Best Diamondback Mountain Bikes helped you weigh your options.