Best Cycling Apps To Get In 2023 [Top picks]

Cycling is always a good job. The living world that has been cycling uniformly is blessed with a healthy life. Some people truly enjoy cycling, and using the best cycling apps will boost their performance. I believe some of the apps are marvelous since we have been using these for a long while. And that will also go longer with the best services they are providing. However! It depends on what you want or need, of course. 

Many cyclists like to compare performance on training routes like Strava. I use Strava sometimes too. But as I am more of a distance/endurance cyclist, the application I use much more is Ride With GPS. I use it primarily to plan, map, and share routes with other riders. It is the dominant application in the Randonneuring community, and with its very recently introduced iPhone and Android apps, I imagine it will be even more broadly used.

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Why Get the Cycling Apps and Which One to Get?

Technology has always assisted humans in reaching the greatest. Comes in handy with workouts. Tech has played a tremendous role in the life of cyclists too. Now they can record their rides, monitor their training, plans their routes, and can help to refuel too! A tap on your phone will now council to improve your road trips also. Cycling apps aren’t less than the biggest blessings for cyclists around the whole world.cycling

The question that arises now is – “Among the thousands of bicycle apps in our hands, what are the ones on which we can trustfully?” Weather prediction, fashion a tourniquet, and connecting with millions of other cyclists worldwide are actions to lend trust to. We all cannot rely on unknown apps for all these actions.

List of 10 Best Cycling Apps

There are hundreds of cycling apps having their unique property and facilities. However, only a few among them float at the top of the lists while others sink and disappear.

To reach out the most suitable for you, we have analyzed all the apps available and sorted a list of the five best and trustworthy apps on which you can trust blindly, and the use of them will lead your cycling journey flawless.


The name of this app is enough to describe the popularity it enjoys among the people. Strava stands the first choice for every cyclist, beneath accepting that it stands incomparable in its services. 2023 gave a huge growth as the latest feature add-on in this app results in the most compatible, user-friendly, and high-quality product as it stands today. Strava is an ultimate companion for cyclists around the world.

Anyway, of your ability, Strava is an outstanding and is one of the best bike tracking apps. Using this free app, you can easily hold on to the track of your performance by comparing key statistics such as your distance and footstep. You can also lose your competitive side, and attach with friends, participate in Strava’s monthly dare.

The free version will display your position, count kilometers, elevation, time, calculate calories based on your weight (plus your equipment). It allows you a lot of useful information on good quality graphs. But the feature that got me is the Competitive segments. There are many segments in all cities on which your performance is measured and compared to other Strava users daily, yearly and total ranking.


Premium version (about $10 monthly) has many more features targeted at professional and semi-pro users, mostly to connect with power meters and heart rate monitors to calculate efforts, recovery times, etc. It also has a beacon mode which transfers your position in real-time to your friends or family. That’s why I think it is the best.

Have a much more comfortable cycling experience by equipping yourself with the best cycling shorts.

Download : Android | IOS

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Nearly on-par with Starve, MapMyRide has more than 600 different types of activities, including track rides and routes, field plans, and more. The most highlighting attribute of this application is the segment leader board, a unique property you will find only in this app. The additional and incomparable fact of the MapMyRide app is that it always provides extra features in the free version compared to other apps.

 Training plans, audible feedback, and mid-ride performance updates are only personalized features only provided by this app. Therefore making it an agreeable and assuring choice for the users.


 Perhaps you find your same daily route boring sometimes. Map My Ride is the best way to create new ones. When you come across a good route, This app allows you to save and share features as you can save and share it with your friends so that they can access it too.

 It allows you to see your friends’ activities too on your activity feed, join challenges to compete with others, climb the leaderboard, and win prizes.

The next, which is a really useful feature, is the audio feedback. This gives you your statistics, like the number of calories burnt and the pace you’ve been travelling on. All these features make MapMyRide a must on this list of the best cycling apps.

Download : Android | IOS


Komoot is yet another mapping service for cyclists which provides an excess of quirky extras that are super useful for cyclists. Primary features of this app include pinpointing places of interest, quality cafe stops, and beautiful roads for other users to explore all around the world. These features are exclusively provided by this app, making it yet another stand in this list.


Users can also optimize their route to fit a certain terrain, choosing between bike paths, road riding, mountain biking, gravel, and more on this bike app. Premium users gain access to voice navigation, offline maps, on-tour weather, and multi-day planning. This adds count towards the unique feature it handles perfectly.

You can even use this app flawlessly by mounting your phone on your bicycle.

Download : Android 

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TrainingPeaks is one of the most popular bike tracking apps used for tracking athlete performance and cyclists routing. The free version serves the best use for athletes, but if you wish to get every facility to its best and without compromising anyone, you have to upgrade to the Premium version for approx. £7.69 /$9.92 a month ( coaches have their pricing index, which starts at approx. £14.72 / $19 a month ). Having the ability to calculate and analyze the fitness measures and perfect service, the premium version is the best.

Coaches can input workouts, or if you’re self-coached, you can use it yourself. If you currently neither, you can even buy training plans or find a coach directly on the platform.


TrainingPeaks can hardly be defeated when it comes to tracking and analyzing your fitness. With the careful calculation of algorithms, prediction of fitness, fatigue, and form using an equally complicated set of acronyms, it provides the greatest facts compared to any other can do. It includes CTL, TSB, and everyone’s favourite: TSS. Competitors have struggled to match both in-depth analyses that TrainingPeaks offers.

Download : Android | IOS


Busby provides some of the best features among the various other biking apps such as incident detection, incident prevention, alerting other road users to your whereabouts, and easy-to-use near-miss reporting.

Bubsy has the most reliable feature of giving 30 seconds for the user to respond to every incident they face. In any incident user gives no response, then their location is sent to emergency contacts so that help can arrive quickly.


 The Busby app incorporates ‘Road Radar,’ which can provide commercial fleet drivers with an audible warning that says a Busby road user is nearby. This helps in preventing any potential incidents and human errors.

Download : Android | IOS


CycleStreets permit you to request different routes depending on what suits you foremost. Here this app will provide you with a variety of useful information, including your speed and distance covered. Using a live map, you will be able to track your trip and receive directions to view where you are at all times.


 It also provides many free useful data such as maps, split intervals, and bar and pie charts to summarize your cycling workouts to ensure that you are monitoring your progress. You can be a pro using this bike tracking app.

Download : Android | IOS

Run Keeper

Run keeper is the go-to bike app. You can also track running. You track everything from your general indoor workouts to cycling things like walking, hiking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, skating, swimming, wheelchair, rowing, Nordic walking, sports, etc.

run keeper

It’s a great alternative. It got a great design, awesome mapping features, great social features. It got some great charts on it. This can be a great option.

Download : Android | IOS

Google Maps

Google Maps lists among one of the top apps for navigation. How could it not make it to this list of the best cycling apps? A user can use this app confidently to reach their destination. This app is free to use. As per research, this app is used more frequently when compared to other apps. Google maps keep updating the traffic flow of the particular route to avoid traffic. 

google maps

This app is useful for all means of transport. Users need to select the cycle icon while cycling to get the best route. So it calculates the time and distance which needs to be covered. Audio instructions give proper guidance. Google Maps have various options like Default, terrain, or satellite types. A cyclist can opt for any of the types which are convenient to use. Users can explore the nearest services like restaurants, coffee shops, medical, etc.

Download : Android | IOS

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 Cyclemeter GPS

The unique feature of this biking app is that a user can set voice prompts to listen to stats or comments from friends on social networking platforms. This app is available for iPhone users or pixel devices.

cyclemeter gps

Some of the features of Cyclemeter GPS are Graphs, maps, splits, zones, intervals, etc. Also to track the performance and announce it, Cyclemeter GPS is the best app. It can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Download : Android | IOS


An App designed for indoor training compatible with IOS and android users. It is an online virtual platform where users can ride through real cycling routes, which are digitalized as the actual ride. Zwift calculates the heart rate, speed, and distance. Also allows connecting with fellow cyclists. You can do the live stream for indoor activity. 

zwift app for indoor bicycling

You can create your Zwift group of riders. Also after every ride a report having every detail is given. It is also to track the performance. Hence this is one of the best ways of motivation in uncertain situations and gets an opportunity to compete with other bicyclists.

Download : Android | IOS


So these are some of the best cycling apps to boost the bicyclist’s motivation. These apps also help you ride the cycle and cross miles by finding the best navigating routes. Also, keep track of the ride, record, compare the stats, and share it with competitors to join you for the ride.

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