Best Bontrager Tires To Get In 2023

Shopping for a new pair of bike tires can be intimidating and often easy to get swamped with the different choices and ranges brands have to offer. Bontrager is one of the best bike tire manufacturers, and they have a versatile line-up of mountain and road bike tires to choose from.

best bike tires
best bike tires

The Best Bontrager bicycle tires are tubeless and have dependable traction with lightweight puncture protection, giving you high performance and durability to rely upon. Be it the road or a forest trail, these tires have so much to offer and give you a secure and smoother biking experience.

Best Bike Tires: How Do I Choose?

The brand has a wide range of tires for different terrains and conditions. When you have all these amazing options to choose from, you end up being overwhelmed and lost. There are so many choices depending on if you need tubular or tubeless tires? How many treads do you need? Or even the different sizes and widths. Here we bring what you need to know before you start shopping for your tires and help you in choosing the best Bontrager bicycle tires.


Step one is deciding how many treads you will need. Now, Tread is what tells you how much grip your tires can provide. Bontrager offers six mountain bike tread options; lower numbers give you a lighter and faster ride best suited for roads. The higher numbers have larger grooves that give you more grip in loose terrain.


After figuring out which Tread, the next step is deciding the width of your tire. Wider tires have less pressure and grip better. Tire pressure is adjustable, and the wider tires have more volume and perform better at lower pressures.

 We have listed some of the Best Bontrager bicycle tires for mountain and road bikes.

Best Bontrager Bicycle Tires for Mountain Bikes

There are two types of mountain bike tires, XR and SE, manufactured by Bontrager. The XR gives you a wider range of terrains to ride. These are lightweight, Tubeless Ready with Inner Strength Casting, giving maximum durability. The SE tires have Core Strength Casting which provides puncture protection and are the perfect choice for rugged and rocky terrains.

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mountain bike
mountain bike

We have covered some of the best Bontrager bicycle tires in the XR type.

Bontrager XR5 Team Issue MTB Tire

This tire is suitable for rocky and wet conditions, and it has an aggressive tread for cornering and braking traction, even on demanding trails. Their prices range from 3000- 48OO INR and are offered in two colors. These are Tubeless Ready (TLR) and have puncture protection. In addition, robust Inner Strength Casting provides lightweight sidewall protection, and the Lightweight 120 TPI casing gives great tire performance.

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Bontrager XR4 Team Issue MTB Tire

The XR4 tire has remarkable traction for loose, rocky, wet, or dry trails. They cost 4500- 7000 INR. Aggressive tread design again provides confident cornering and braking and is Tubeless Ready (TLR). The 120 TPI tire has aggressive traction with a supple, fast-rolling feel.

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Bontrager XR3 Team Issue MTB Tire

This MTB tire is a race tire that gives outstanding performance in a variety of conditions. They cost 4500- 7000 INR. It’s got aggressive side knobs that give perfect cornering and traction across multi-trail surfaces. Lightweight 120 TPI casing and fast-rolling center tread maximize speed, and the tread depth varies with size to adapt to the terrain.

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Best Bontrager Bicycle Tires for Road Bikes

They manufacture several road bike tires, and here are some of the best Bontrager Bicycle tires for road bikes.

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Bontrager R3 Hard-Case Lite TLR Road Tire

This Lite tread TLR road tire has a TR-Speed compound designed for speed, traction, and durability costing $59.99. Hard-case lite with enhanced Nylon105 beaker strap offers lightweight protection against punching, excellent riding, and extra strength.

r3 hard case
R3 hard case

The lightly-treaded design has a low rolling strength resistance and excellent grip. The rapid, lightweight architecture provides momentum and trust. The fresh Bontrager R3 Hard-Case Lite pipes have been covered, regardless of whether you already have a bike with minimal space or have a dirt bike and are searching for an all-day-long road tire.

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Bontrager AW3 Hard-Case Road Tire

It is perfect for commuters and road riders as it rolls fast and has durable Hard-Case puncture protection, and they cost $59.99. The Proprietary TR-Endure compound provides excellent traction in all conditions with puncture protection. In addition, the tread life is long-lasting, and its flat protection is 78% better than its predecessor, which makes the AW3 one of the best road tires.

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Bontrager GR2 Team Issue Gravel Tire

The GR2 Gravel Tire is designed to give excellent traction on even the most rugged roads. They cost 4750 INR and are issued in two colors. It’s fast-rolling with consistent traction for a variety of road conditions. The Inner Strength Casting provides lightweight puncture protection, and you can also go tubeless for better performance and a smoother, faster ride. Bontrager makes tubeless setup simple, and they make your ride comfortable and even help seal punctures before they become flats.

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Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3

The Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3 wheelset was the ideal comparison whip for the tires. The Perles stretch without equipment comfortably over the rims — just the standard tricks. The Zipp wheel/tool combination makes it simple to install. Removal is a little harder but still free of tools.

The 25mm R3’s are narrow and fast with a rough ride. They are made for pace with an interior-dimple pattern and seemingly narrow width. However, it rolls quickly and corners well because the frame has little clearance. 

Bontrager measurements around the board, but it is frankly shocking to see these tires measure precisely just slightly below their indicated sizes. Wet traction is fine and trustworthy. 

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Shipping and Delivery 

While shopping online can be confusing, Bontrager offers tools, guides, and support staff ready to help. They answer Queries through emails, online chat, DM, and even calls. From there, after picking the tires, they have three delivery options.

  • Free standard shipping on all orders that are above $49
  • They also ship to your address
  • You can pick them from the store, and they also ship directly to the store.


This was our list on best Bontrager bicycle tires for mountain and road bikes. The brand has a wide range to choose from, and the tires are made specifically for different conditions. So make sure to do detailed research and pick the one that suits your daily needs. 

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