Best Bikes For Kids To Get In 2023 [Best 5 Bikes]

Every child remembers his first bike. The endless hours of a wait involved, flaunting it to your friends, the long rides to school, races, sometimes even scabbing your knee. Some of the fondest memories in a child’s life are made on the bicycle seat. With an endless collection to choose from, children are often spoilt for choice and might even come to regret it. So, it is an important decision and it’s better to choose the best bikes for kids. To help make an important choice easier, here are the five best bikes for kids in 2023.

Best Bikes For Kids

Without further ado, let’s look into the best bikes for kids

Hero Octane Astra II

It’s like they say. The form is temporary, but class is permanent. The Hero Octane is an old warhorse that epitomizes everything we love in a good bike. A lightweight aluminum chassis provides the perfect balance, disc brakes for extra safety, and a sophisticated design loved by many. We sure do love a revamp of the old classics, and the Octane never disappoints.

octane astra

The Astra II takes the Astra I and upgrades the rims and braking system to ensure extra safety on busy roads. It also comes with extra parts and a year of free service at Hero’s service center. The best part? Most affordable from the best bikes for kids.

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Hercules Hybrid

The BSA Hercules is extremely popular, and it’s easy to see why. Much like the Greek hero, this bike is sturdy! The bike is built for those long weekend drives with your friends. The Hercules Hybrid combines durability with style for the perfect long drive. It just keeps going. Their state-of-the-art gear-shift technology ensures smooth shifting between gears to help tackle those tiresome inclines.


This one is undoubtedly one for the sports fans out there. The extra-durable rim means you don’t need to spend endless amounts of time and money replacing it. Hercules also provides free servicing at their service centers for a year. All in all, a great bargain among the best bikes for kids!

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Firefox Phoenix

With a sleek design, a sturdy rim, and a lightweight chassis, the Phoenix glides across the asphalt. With the critics starting to question Firefox’s reputation, the Phoenix has helped them rise from the ashes.

The Phoenix will help you set the town on fire! It’s easily the fastest yet also the smoothest bike on our list. But what’s turning heads in the design. Designed by Austrian engineers and precision-manufactured in Firefox’s very own Dutch workshop, the bike will keep going regardless of the weather.

best bikes for kids

No rust, no damage. The steering system helps you navigate those sharp turns, and the disc brakes prevent accidents on those blind corners. Although it’s a little expensive, Firefox has provided a two-year warranty given the recent pandemic. This includes free servicing and the replacement of any broken parts, no questions asked.

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Montra Aviator

This is for those who think out of the box and are not afraid to make a statement. Montra has always been known for its innovative and bold designs. The Aviator is just the latest in a long and glorious line of exclusive, unique, and best bikes for kids.

Just one drive on the Aviator is enough to elucidate that the Aviator lives up to its parent company’s name. The German-made titanium chassis is super-light, while the steering and gear-shift technology allow for greater control throughout the entire journey.

best bikes for kids

This also means that the Aviator will still look brand new even after ten years. What’s mind-boggling is the abundance of accessories on the Aviator. The headlights allow you to take those early-morning drives, and the bottle-holder enables you to go long without tiring out. Montra allows you to play around with their accessories and customize the Aviator.

As the accessories are sold separately, you don’t have to pay for the fancy gimmicks you don’t need. They also give you three fully paid service visits to sweeten the deal. Overall, an ideal option among the best bikes for kids.

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Schnell Shadowfax

The German maestros are at it again. Doing what they do best. Their tried and tested classic design has produced some phenomenal bikes in the past. Considered to be the gold-standard, they’ve carved a niche for themselves in the world of bicycles. The Shadowfax is the newest feather on their cap.

best bikes for kids

The classic design combined with bold, contrasting colors and the award-winning Schnell braking and gear-shift system provide a smooth, comfortable ride. The Shadowfax has raised the bar for Schnell, giving us one of the best bikes for kids.

Also, their state-of-the-art service-centers treat you like royalty. The Shadowfax’s introductory offer also includes three free service visits with all the works. Schnell’s bikes have always been reasonably priced, and the Shadowfax is no different. An affordable bike and also free service from a company with a history of making quality best bikes for kids. So what more could you ask for?

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So the above is our list of the top 5 bikes for kids. Now that you have gone through the list, you know which one to choose. Choose the best one that also suits your wants and needs.

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