Best Bike Locks To Get In 2023 | Top 5 Picks

We all know the euphoric feeling we get when we purchase a brand-new bike. The aesthetic metallic frame, the robust and sturdy tires, and the soft saddle all entice us to take it out for a ride now and then. However, the safety of the bike when it’s left unattended is at risk whenever we park it in a public location. For the best road bikes we recommend the best bike locks.

5 Best Bike Locks To Get In 2023

In North America alone, over 2 million bikes are stolen every year, which means that a bike is stolen every 30 seconds. Thieves use all sorts of techniques to get around bike security.

With bike thefts becoming more common worldwide, trust me when I say that bicycle locks aren’t something you want to spend a cheap amount on. Keep that in mind. Take a look at these five locks you should definitely get to ensure the safety of your beloved bike at the highest level.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 With Flex Cable

Why lock just one wheel when you can secure both? All sorts of locks fill the bike lock market. However, they usually only focus on locking a single wheel. Unlike those, this Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 lock comes with an added flex cable extension that makes it easy to lock the other wheel too. The new U-shape locks in two places in the key cylinder and the tubes are 13 millimeters thick.

kryptonite evolution mini-7 with flex cable

 Since this is the “mini” version, the space inside the U is less, making the cable quite sturdy. This ensures the safety of both wheels without you having to carry an extra lock for the same. It also has a max performance shackle made of a steel alloy. Which is made to resist hand tools such as bolt cutters.

If that doesn’t already impress you, the lock also comes with an anti-theft reimbursement offer and a lifetime warranty from Kryptonite. All this contributes to it being one of the best bike locks. This has also been mentioned by NY Times in “3 Best Bike Locks 2021”. To read that article, Click Here.

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Hiplok Gold Multi-Purpose Chain Lock

A lock shall serve only the sole purpose of security, right? While security is the primary factor to consider while looking for a lock, why not take it a step further and accessorize the lock too? This is exactly what this wearable multipurpose chain from Hiplok does. Taking the usual chain lock and adding some suave to it. This lock doubles up as a stylish belt you can wear while riding your bike. The Hiplok Gold Multi-Purpose Chain Lock is the best bike lock if you want security but also care about appearance.

 hiplok gold multi-purpose chain lock

Don’t be fooled by its appearance, though, because this lock is pretty sturdy. It contains an impact-resistant nylon sheath which encloses a 10mm chain and a hardened 12mm shackle made of steel. It also has three keys included. These keys are uniquely coded to each lock and are replaceable through Hiplok’s key registration scheme.

If you’re going to ride an expensive bike, why not look fashionable while doing it. In this list of the best bike locks, you should absolutely check this one out.

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ABUS 770A SmartX U-Lock

Even after locking your bike, are you the kind of person who still worries? If this sounds like you, then the ABUS 770A SmartX U-lock is for you. This lock comes with a 13 mm square shaft shackle and a built-in 3D vibration detection feature that triggers an alarm if someone tries to tamper with it. This makes it stand out in the multitude of bike lock reviews you will find, making it one of the best bike locks . It’s definitely not just any one of your normal alarms either, but one that has a volume of 100 decibels and goes on ringing for 15 seconds, after which it gets automatically reactivated.

abus 770 smartx u-lock

As if that feature itself wasn’t enough to convince you. This lock also has a smart locking system equipped with Bluetooth for keyless locking. This feature makes this lock that much more user-friendly and convenient to use.

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Kryptonite New York LS Heavy Duty U-Lock

Sometimes being simple, reliable, and sturdy does the trick, and this bicycle lock does exactly that. If you do not want to spend extra bucks on any additional features, then this Kryptonite New York Heavy Duty U-Lock is the one for you. This lock comes with a 16mm hardened steel shackle, which is one of the thickest you’ll find in the market for a U-shaped lock. That level of thickness is enough to defend the lock from bolt cutters and leverage attacks.

kryptonite new york ls heavy duty u-lock

 Moreover, if you misplace or lose your key, don’t worry. Kryptonite will cover for you with their Key Safe program, which has worldwide shipping. Along with this, you also get a lifetime warranty and a $4000 reimbursement protection offer for up to a whole year.

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Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain

This one will blow you away  if you’re looking for a strong chain to lock your bike with. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain Lock stays true to its name. Because once you lock your bike with this bad boy and you can forget about any interference from a thief. This magnificent beast comes with a 14mm 6 sides linked chain made of hardened 3t-level manganese steel. Therefore making it a must-buy on this list of best bike locks to get in 2023.

kryptonite new york fahgettaboudit chain


The durable nylon sheath encloses the steel which prevents it from dust and atmospheric moisture. Along with this, there is a high enforced cylinder operating in a disc-style which is built with anti-drill technology and an anti-pull protection system.

The lock uses a double bolt-enforced locking mechanism which grips down hard for massive holding force. Thus with all these brute features and more, it’s safe to say that sometimes an old-school use of force does the trick for security.

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So, this was our list of best bike locks you should buy. Go through the list once more and choose the best one that suits your wants and needs. 🙂