Best Bicycle Brands You Should Check Out- Our Top 40 List

Searching for the best bicycle brands? Bikes have always been practical and considered more accessible to finance than a new car. When compared to a car, it has tiny manufacturing footprints. It does not produce meaningless pollution and saves taxpayers money, reducing road wear. These are an absolute effective alternative to a car. Even riding a bike can help you stay healthy as it is signified as a cardio exercise.

best bike brands

It saves place as a dozen bicycles can be kept in a single automobile-sized place for parking. Even the bicycles do not use gasoline for their work. It can sometimes be faster and more efficient enough than a car. The maintenance cost of a bike is much less than a car. We should opt for a bike keeping the above reasons in mind.

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Our Top 40 Picks For Best Bicycle Brands

Below are the names of some best bicycle brands that may help you select the one that suits you:

1. Bakcou : 

This brand makes the most potent bikes, sometimes used for hunting purposes and are available in markets. These bikes are mighty, and to date, no match has been found for these bikes.

2. Bianchi : 

This brand makes superior bikes. Usually known to be ridden on roads, these brand bikes can ride on mountains and are also referred to as fitness bikes.

3. BMC : 

This brand is a Swiss Brand and has made one of the best quality bikes for ages. This brand of bikes offers rides on gravels, mountains, etc. A cyclist dreams of bikes of these brand as it is very powerful.

4. Brompton : 

The best words to describe the bikes of this brand are foldable, reliable, and compact. But everyone may not be very comfortable with these bikes, and these brand bikes are the dream bikes of the commuters.

5. Buzz Bikes : 

Designs the e-bikes based in Ohio, etc. This brand focuses on the best quality but is affordable at the same time. Not a very well-known brand.

6. Cannondale : 

America’s most famous and most successful brand. It has its headquarters in Wilton, and this brand has designed some of the best models of bikes on the market. Its one of the best bicycle brands.

7. Cervelo : 

This brand produces classic road bikes that are, to date, one the speedy ones in the market and are perfect for the amateurs. This brand manufactures gravel bikes, track bikes, etc.

8. Co-op Cycles : 

REI’s cycling brand designs bicycles, apparel, etc. Primarily designs bikes for the kids and is famous for trail models. This brand is quite pocket-friendly and you can buy it online. Its one of the best bicycle brands.

9. Devinci : 

This brand designs bikes which can be ridden on aluminum roads as this brand mainly focuses on the excellent performance of its bikes.

10. Diamondback : 

This brand is a brand of the USA which was founded in Washington. Previously, it used to manufacture BMX, but to extend its scope, it started manufacturing MTBs. The bikes of this brand are mainly used by the athletes who are professionals and who win medals in different championships.

11. Electra Bikes : 

A USA brand originated in Vista, California. This is a reputed brand that started about 25 years ago and mainly designs city and electric bikes. This brand is trendy and ideal for daily commutes and normal ridings.

12. Evil Bikes : 

This brand is slightly different from other brands because of its innovation and performance. This brand is based in Seattle.

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13. Gazelle : 

A famous brand manufacturing good-quality bikes, based in the Netherlands. This brand also manufactures electric bikes, casual riding bikes, etc. The bikes of this brand have a unique quality and a unique appearance. 

14. Ghost Bikes : 

It is a German brand started by two friends. The company soon grew, gaining popularity as Ghost Bikes. This brand manufactures bikes of different varieties, such as entry-level mountain bikes, bikes for professional cyclists, mid-range, etc. It is one of the best bicycle brands.

15. Giant : 

This brand has mainly started in Taiwan and manufactures bikes of all price ranges. This brand is the biggest brand of bikes and includes bikes like electric, gravel, etc.

16. Golden Cycle : 

This brand is known for making high-quality bikes. They manufacture bikes that can fit the urban lifestyle, and this brand includes bikes like road bikes, electric, etc.

17. Haibike : 

This brand is famous for manufacturing electric bikes which give a fantastic performance. This brand is a German Brand and is famous for making trekking bikes.

18. Himiway : 

This brand is a pocket-friendly brand and has started its journey recently, in the year 2017. This brand manufactures MTB of entry-level, and this company aims to provide affordable bikes which are pretty comfortable and are of high quality.

19. Huffy : 

This brand has many electricians, commuters, cruisers, etc. This brand of bikes is budget-friendly and aims to manufacture high-quality bikes.

20. Ibis Cycles : 

This brand produces one of the best quality mountain bikes and is one the most successful brands to date. The price of the bikes is relatively high and is worth the high price. This is definitely one of the best bicycle brands.

21. IZIP Electric Bikes : 

A brand of the USA that manufactures electric bikes. The headquarters of this brand is in Southern California. This brand offers electric bikes at a reasonable price, and the bikes are comfortable enough for a long ride.

22. Juiced Bikes : 

This is a new company, and its bikes provide good performance, and the bikes are easy to handle.

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23. Juliana Bicycles : 

The brand produces bikes that give high-performance and are mountain-ready bikes for women. This brand produces the best bikes for women on this date.

24. Lectric Bikes : 

Manufactures electric bicycles that are foldable and are pretty affordable. The company is USA-based, which had shaken up the market by introducing the Lectric Bike model.

25.  Liv Cycling : 

This company is known as the sister company of Giant, and they aim to make bikes for women only. They have lots of varieties to offer to every female cyclist.

26. Look Bikes : 

This is a French Company that was previously used to supply the cycle parts. Then it started manufacturing bikes using clipless pedals and is not a very popular company.

27. Momentum Bike : 

This company is newly originated but lacks nothing. It is a sister company of Giant and has its goals set. It manufactures electric bikes, but this company also has a cargo model. This is one of the best bicycle brands

28. Niner Bikes : 

This company is one of the most popular companies in the USA, as it manufactures bikes for off-road riding. This brand has many cycling technologies, and the bikes are of steel frames and grade carbon.

29. Norco Bicycles : 

This is quite an old Canadian Brand that has a wide range of models of bikes for men, women, and kids. The models include MTB, Urban, Electric, Gravel, etc.

30. Orbea Bikes : 

This is the biggest cycling company in Spain and is one of the most popular companies. This brand manufactures bikes for cyclists of all levels, and the collection includes mountain, urban, top-tier bikes, etc.

31. Pinarello Bikes : 

One of the most successful companies of Italy that mainly produces gravels, TT, and road race bicycles.

32. Pivot Cycles : 

The base of this company is the USA and was originated in Phoenix. This brand is one the most known and authentic brands because the performance of the pivot bikes is always one of the best performances.

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33. Priority Bicycles : 

This company is unique as it manufactures bicycles of low maintenance but is of high quality. These bikes are mainly for urban areas and off-road riding.

34. Public Bikes : 

The base of this brand is the USA, and this brand has a mission, that is, to help the US city look like Amsterdam. This brand produces cheap bikes with low maintenance.

35. Pure Cycles : 

This brand started producing single-speed bikes, which looked incredible and attracted more people to ride bikes. Pure Cycles also manufacture bikes with gear facilities, and they have an effortless design and are affordable.

36. Quite Kat : 

This brand is famous for manufacturing electric bikes, which are very powerful, and these bikes are a fascination of outdoorsmen who like to hunt, camp, etc.

37. Rad Power Bikes : 

The base of this company is in Seattle, and the market for these bikes is in the USA. These bikes are budget-friendly and are made for regular use, and these bikes can be folded and are hybrid bikes.

38. Retrospec : 

Very ordinary bikes are made by this company that can be folded and can be used daily.

39. Ridley Bikes : 

This is a brand of Belgium that has manufactured bikes for over 20 years. There is a wide range of collections, including road bicycles, gravels, electric bikes, etc. They even make bikes for mountain ridings.

40. Roadmaster : 

This brand has its base in the USA, which produces a good collection of bikes. The quality is maintained, and the bikes are pocket-friendly.

41. Rondo Bikes : 

This brand is originated in Poland, and the size of the bikes can be adjustable. The bikes are made keeping in mind the daily usage of the bikes, and the bikes are pretty affordable and are also used in races.

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These were our top 40 best bicycle brands. There are many more brands of bikes such as Niner, Cruz, Bianchi, Scott, etc. But the brands above are the best ones among many more brands.