What Are The Best Adult Tricycles? [Updated 2023]

No matter what obstacle keeps you from riding a traditional bicycle, you still have hope. There is nothing quite like an adult tricycle to get the same type of workout and satisfaction you get on a two-wheeler. Here, we would be looking at the best adult tricycles. 

Many people look at the tricycle as just a kid’s toy, a means of transporting cargo, or a tool for carrying people, and that’s not all it is!
Unlike a bicycle, an adult tricycle has three wheels instead of two and is pedal-driven. Usually, tricycles have two rear wheels and one front wheel, but models have two front wheels. Those who feel traditional bicycles don’t fully meet their needs can turn to adult tricycles as a good alternative.
In addition to offering a more straightforward form of exercise gentler on the joints, adult tricycles provide more excellent safety and a more enjoyable riding experience. Their terrific features are complemented by a wide range of conveniences that make them the perfect fitness tool: baskets or gear and more comfortable seats than you would find on a bicycle.

Before buying, consider these features:

Before buying an adult tricycle, you should consider these factors of the best adult tricycles

  • Wheel size: Most adult trikes are determined by their wheel size. Stability can be improved with smaller wheels.
  • Storage basket: The baskets on adult trikes range from the front to the rear to the sides.
  • Handlebars: A curved handlebar suits riders with a normal range of motion and good
    upper body strength.
  • Performance: Your choice of adult tricycle will directly affect its performance and how
    you intend to use it.
  • Suspension: It’s always best to have an adult tricycle with a suspension system
    because of your proximity to the ground.
  • Assembly: To make the tricycle work, you’ll need to assemble it at least to put the
    wheels on and put the basket on.

Best adult tricycles:

To make your life easier, we recommend adult tricycles here. Take a look at the list below to understand better which is best for you.

Schwinn Meridian:

Besides producing leisure bicycles, Schwann makes tricycles as well, making them one of the most popular tricycle manufacturers in the world. The Schwann Meridian is a long-lasting steel trike that can withstand heavy use. Whether you plan to use your Meridian to cruise around, go shopping, go to the gym, or exercise, it will never let you down.

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Raleigh Tristar IE:

The Raleigh Tristar IE has three wheels for effortless pedaling, but it is also equipped with an electric motor and battery that enable faster, more comfortable travel.


A low step geometry allows it to be stepped on and off easily, and a metal basket at the rear keeps gear and goods in place.


Kent Bayside:

There is a fully steel-framed, one of the best adult tricycles, with an adjustable Shimano grip shifter, so if you get the chance to go up hills, you’re prepared.

kent bayside
kent bayside

Kent Bayside is an excellent option for those who need some gear flexibility. The integrated basket is ideal for storing groceries if you go grocery shopping. Since it has a front suspension fork and fender, it is sure to provide you with a pleasant riding experience regardless of the weather.


Mobo Triton Pro:

The bike’s low center of gravity, direct steering, and high seat makes it an ideal choice for riders with back or knee pain who prefer to reposition at their leisure.


The frame of the Mobo Triton Pro has an extendable frame to fit almost anyone. Instead of handlebars, the Mobo Triton Pro has two more exciting levers.


Mantis Tri-Rad:

Besides being foldable, it also features 6 speeds and a single-speed and 20-inch or 24-inch wheels. This is a great trike for those looking for a gear-driven tricycle. Thanks to the low-cut frame and parking brake, it’s easy to mount and dismount. A large spring seat makes riding long or short a comfortable experience, and a folding frame makes storing it easy.



Adult tricycles are the perfect way to stay active if you feel comfortable riding a bike. The standard bicycle is not ideal for everyone, so tricycles are a great alternative. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options; hopefully, we’ve made your decisions a bit easier.