Airborne Skyhawk Bike DJ 26 | A Complete Review

If you are searching for a dirty jumper bike for street and urban stunts, your search ends here. This article talks about a fantastic dirty jumper bike by airborne bicycles named Airborne Skyhawk DJ 26. We reviewed this bike based on features, performance, value for money, and specifications. 

Dirty jumper bikes are every adventurous mountaineer’s dream. You can also use street mountain bikes for stunts on rough terrains, and they have a different kind of suspension that helps the bike perform better in actions. However, these bikes can be used for biking activities like park jumping, dirt jumping, and street and urban street stunts. 

Kindly keep reading till the end to figure out what things we don’t like about the Skyhawk bikes. 

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Review On Airborne Skyhawk Bike

Below is the complete review of the Skyhawk DJ 26, a dirty jumper bike. 

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Below are the specifications of the Skyhawk bicycle.

airborne skyhawk specifications

  • The wheel size is 26 inches.
  • High-quality 6061 aluminum used for making the wheels of 32 hole, 36 mm width with a double wall of brand Kendra Kranium. It weighs 25 lb.
  • A robust frame made of hydroformed 6061 series aluminum.
  • 4- panel padded Pivotal saddle for optimum comfort
  • Handlebars are 780 mm wide, have a 35 mm clamp diameter, and are capable of 2 inches rise.
  • No gears mean single speed, which is necessary for stunt or jumper bikes.
  • It has SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brakes.
  • It has a hardtail suspension and a 100 mm front travel
  • Pedals are 9/16 inches.
  • It has a mushroom style and flangeless grips.
  • It has an alloy pivotal Seatpost with 27.2 mm diameter and 200 mm length.
  • Tapered FSA headset, of dimensions 1-⅛ inches to 1-½ inches 
  • Also has a bottom bracket made of a sealed European spline spindle.

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Airborne Skyhawk: Design

Airborne Skyhawk DJ 26 bike’s design is majorly inspired by their previous BMX bikes. It is developed as the new signature model for airborne. It has a clean look with features that make it the best dirt jumper 2023, and they are not gendered biased; in other words, it is a unisex bike.

The company discontinued the black model in this bike because they released an upgraded and better version of his bike. The aluminum frame gives it the balance between being lightweight so that you can perform stunts efficiently and still be durable if you fall.

airborne skyhawk design

The designers gave it a bright look by making the cables internal; hence nothing if hanging out of the frame and potentially getting stuck to a tree or bush while riding up a mountain and causing any casualties. The Airborne team claims they have more differences than just looks to offer to the riders. But for the look part, you get a new makeover with the frame color as metallic dark green. It has a stable BMX bike feel and is easy to carry around and fly high in the air without losing balance. The upgraded model has a mixture of a low-profile frame with a head tube fixed at the same certain angle with all the same other parts. 

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As emphasized above, it is designed to take on the legacy of BMX bikes; that’s how you know Airborne Skyhawk bikes give all the features without making them heavy. According to the manufacturers, the standout feature is that it has an FSA tapered headset that gives it optimum durability and smooth flexibility. 


The 26 inches of Kenda Kratium wheels give shock absorption, traction, and low rolling resistance. The Manitou circus expert fork and BMX-bred cranks contribute to the shock absorption. This model uses 30/14 gearing and double alloy rims with sealed bearing hubs. This bike Skyhawk also offers single speed. It is suitable for all terrains like jumping in woods or mountains or skateparks with wooden jumps. Unlike other bikes with complex features, this bike is extremely easy to assemble

Likes and Dislikes about Airborne Skyhawk DJ 26 Bike

So far, in this Airborne Skyhawk review, we have only focused on the technical parts and what the manufacturers and the bike offers. Let us see if it stands up to its claims. The things we like or dislike are based on genuine customer reviews on this bike. 

likes and dislikes about airborne skyhawk DJ 26 bike

We love that it is a unisex bike, and you don’t have to hunt for a goof mountain jumper bike based on your convenience when you get all in one. It is a perfect bicycle if you are still practicing your biking stunts and are an aspiring pro bike stunt person, and it is the best fit for pro bikers as well. Customers also like the one-size geometry of the bike. Read this article to learn how to lube bike chains.

Not to our surprise, we just found one little problem with this bike that a customer faced, and that was, after assembling, the new front chaining gave them a tight spot during rotations. And they received a faulty headset. 


Why do dirty jumper bikes lack rear suspension?

A dirty jumper can't use a rear shock because the rear suspension will absurd energy, making jumping and pumping and the stunts less efficient.

How much does Skyhawk DJ 26 cost?

The older black model was available at $999. The new green model costs $1499.95 on the website.

Does Airborne Skyhawk DJ 26 come in different sizes?

Unfortunately, the designers have made it with one geometry and one size. That is to maintain the legacy of the BMX bikes.

How much does a dirty jumper bike weigh, and what is the wheel size?

The Airborne Skyhawk bike weighs about 25 Lb, and its wheel size is 26 inches.


I hope this in-depth review of the Airborne Skyhawk DJ 26 bike gave you enough insight into this fantastic dirt jumper bike. Let us know what mountain bike you would like a review on. Happy dirt biking.  

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